how to start your acting career from nothing! acting tips! everything you need to know!

hey guys so I'm pretty sure this quality

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sorry if this video is actually a mess

because if you can't tell my physical

appearance is declining my followers are

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declining my video ideas are declining

I'm really sorry I haven't done an

active video in a long time and just to

be totally honest it's because there's

not a lot to say about acting like I've

made a lot of the videos that there is

to make and I kind of want people like I

want my YouTube channel top obviously

help people and stuff but I also want

people to watch my channel for me and

I'm like that doesn't that sounds really

like narcissistic whatever I am but it's

fine I'm just kidding but like um I want

people to watch it for my for me for

like my personality and stuff like

that's why I have a YouTube channel it's

so that I can like relate to you guys

and I feel like if I'm just giving

advice you guys will not really care

about me and just take my advice you

know what I mean and I want this career

to follow me all the way to when I'm an

adult and I'm gonna run out of acting

video ideas you know so I want you guys

to watch me for me too so that's really

dumb and I'm sorry I love everyone on my

channel also before you guys comment I'm

not an actor and actress whatever you

guys can check out my I'm DB I'll have

that link down below where you can see

projects that I've been in like I'm not

just someone pretending to be an actor

and actress I actually have experience

you don't have to be famous to be an

actor actress I like I literally think

anyone can call themselves an actor or

actress if they're acting you know you

don't have to be famous a lot of people

mistake that famous actress actress

actress actress

my first step is then I have coming to

you guys today also I have a lot of

other videos like how do I get started

in a small town and stuff so if you guys

have questions on something that I say

in this video most likely the answer is

in another video that I have posted that

out anyways first of all the first thing

you should do is get off your button

start acting like that sounds really

obvious but a lot of people I see just

sit around and say I really want to act

I really want to be an actress like my

gosh I really want to act and like be on

stranger things you know but that's not

gonna happen if you just tie them up

that's not gonna happen if you just sit

around and talk about it you actually

have to do something so instead of

complaining take action man just do it

you know go for it don't just sit there

and talk about it play out my first

thing second get acting classes acting

it's very confusing industry there you

can watch people like me who do videos

on it to help you but acting is a very

hard industry to break into so it's very

nice of a mentor so I would suggest

finding acting classes not just that you

can be where you need to be to be going

to auditions because if you go to an

audition room and you really never taken

acting classes unless you're just

naturally amazing they're gonna know

that you're just a starter and that you

aren't really ready to be going off to

auditions because sometimes people do

overacting and they don't realize they

are like that you need to make sure that

you're ready to be at that point to go

out and be auditioning so find an acting

coach just google it find someone that

you know that is or find an acting coach

that knows more about acting than you

ask them your questions you're gonna

need someone to guide you through this I

basically did it by myself but it took

me several years to get to a point that

would have taken me like a month if I

had an acting coach

so I really really suggest going out and

finding help they're not gonna come to

you usually sometimes they have talent

scouts that would come up to you but

nowadays it's mostly all online so i

really suggest finding someone to help

guide you through

acting career journey you know come get

on the boat with me hmm

anyways next get head shots head shots

are probably the most important thing

about getting your acting career started

nowadays that is so dumb I hate that

that's a big deal

but if you don't have a perfect headshot

that shows your brand they're not you're

not gonna get auditions most likely it

shouldn't be that way it should just be

based off Talent but nowadays it's

really about the headshot so you really

want to make sure you have a great

headshot I have a video on headshots

that you guys can check out but I would

suggest making sure because headshots

can cost a lot of money make sure you

spend your money on the right person

don't like just go cheap slightly

cheaper for someone that's not as good

or reputable you can look at agencies

and they'll tell you which headshot

photographers that they allow their

talent to get pictures say goodbye again

find that acting coach that will tell

you yes they're good no they're not good

it's really important I have a video on

head Johnson so I can't go into that too

much otherwise this video be forever

long my next steps are kind of like all

just like do it all the ones so you

should be trying to get an agent as soon

as you get a headshot be trying to get

an agent I have a video on this too so

you need to be like researching agents

researching agents in your area if you

if you live in a small town

don't research agents in Hawkins Indiana

you know I mean places that don't have

so because there's not gonna be any

there and you're not gonna be one of you

with them anyways so think of the

biggest city near you and look up

agencies there because somewhere that

you can travel that's where you're going

to need to get an agent but agents might

not catch you unless you have experience

so you can get auditions without having

an agent they just might not be as good

or you might not cast get cast in them

because you don't have an agent but I

would suggest I have a lot of different

websites that you can use actors access

is one of the best ones agencies always

have you sign up for actors access

southern casting call project casting be

careful what you accept in one go

audition for know you're eating into

also college films

those are really good you should

definitely try to get into college films

because they have really good quality

cameras and stuff but they can't pay for

like Jennifer Lawrence to act in their

film they don't usually have people that

are big names in their films but yes

they have really good quality and pretty

much anyone can audition so find a

college near you that does film and look

for like open casting calls I was in a

movie for a college that's a good thing

to have on your resume just be building

a resume be doing theater if you can

there's a lot of things you also you can

sign up for scene vault which is an app

I have not personally use this yet but

use anything you can to get exposure and

to get out there so scene ba I

definitely suggest you could film it

from home film auditions and basically

it is AB where they choose the top 10

people every month who perform the

script the best and they like feature

them do everything you can't just be

researching it like live in the art be

watching other actors and stuff on TV

watch how they perform film yourself

performing a script and watch it back

and say like oh could have done this

better could have done that better and

all about immersing yourself in the in

the industry you also want to find your

brand before you get a headshot you want

your brand so your brain can be like Pam

from the office or Jennifer Lawrence

like Katniss Everdeen you know what I

mean like there's serious people and

then there's like funny people and like

people who can play both so get like

headshots for each you know to me you

want to find your brand like do you look

like you could be a nurse do you look

like you could be a doctor you know find

what your brand is what you look like

and what kind of roles you would play

and then try to portray that in your

headshot don't like dress up as a nurse

obviously or like Katniss Everdeen but

like try to portray that in your face

and watch those actors that you usually

play roles that you're like oh I could

see myself playing that role watch them

and watch how they play those roles and

like sometimes you can find their

headshots online then my last tip is

just practice practice practice practice

you know do everything you can to be

creating your craft and getting it the

best it can be

you know a lot of you might be teenagers

and your parents don't want you to act I

have a video on like trying to convince

your parents but

it's gonna be hard like acting is rarely

just easy for someone where they just

spit all the sudden have their big break

it takes a lot of years of working and

figuring stuff out and trying over and

over again and learning from your

mistakes I mean I've learned so much

that it's crazy you know you really need

to just focus on it and just keep trying

and keep pursuing because acting isn't

easy it's not an easy industry to get

into everyone wants to be an actor but

the people that actually try and

actually like go for it

are the people that are gonna succeed

you know go for it like really go for it

don't just sit around and say you want

to act and be like but I don't know how

really go for it you know people might

make fun of you for starting out as an

actor an actress or be like ha you want

to be an actress that happened to me but

like once you find what you love and you

love it you're gonna have that moment

where you book a role and you're like

okay it was all worth it you know we're

lucky people that want to act are lucky

because they find something that they're

so passionate about and some people they

never find that in life you know they

work a nine-to-five and they're just

like with their life like it's okay

they're like okay it's fine we have

something we're really passionate about

in a life that we can live that is so

amazing like that we just love and would

die for so we're lucky we're born with

the passion inside of us that some

people aren't born so it might be hard

you might have a lot of troubles and

you're doing it but you know you guys

can do it but yeah I have an Instagram

you guys can follow me I try to answer

most of your questions I do a lot of

live streams where I help people through

that because that's my easiest way of

communicating with you guys because I

can give like longer answers but I love

you guys thank you guys for watching

guys are my favorite people but yes