12 Days of Beauty | Target Advent Calendar 2017

I don't know about you guys but I love

advent calendars something about them

play brings me back to my childhood I

always had the chocolate advent

calendars where every day you'd open up

a little door counting down to Christmas

and there'd be chocolate inside it was

never a good chocolate but it was a

chocolate nonetheless and something

about that like I just love advent

calendars and now I feel like the beauty

world just embraces advent calendars and

you can find them everywhere especially

around the holiday time so I actually

did this exact video last year with

targets advent calendar but I think I

found it

after the holiday it's like I didn't

know it existed and I found it online on

sale in like January I think this time I

found it right when I came out and I

hope to have this up in time for you

guys to buy it yourself and count down

with me to Christmas so this is the

targets 12 days of beauty exclusive gift

set and it is humongous you guys last

year's was big too but I feel like this

here's is like even bigger

so basically target threw together a

little advent calendar with little doors

it's only 12 days not 24 days but there

is a mixture of beauty products in this

a mixture of different brands so they

actually outline everything on the back

for you you got Maybelline you got elf

you got Pixie you got Real Techniques

and really really really good stuff so I

thought this would be a really fun video

for us to kind of open all the doors

together this is only $15 which i think

is a huge steal I mean looking at the

products that are inside of it $15

really is not bad and yeah let's hop

into it so I found this online but

Target did say that it was available in

stock like at the Target into your knees

so okay door one is Jet Set it is a

teeny tiny well it's not teeny tiny it

is a deluxe sample size of the

Maybelline Great Lash mascara this is

like old school this like brings it way

back oh I feel like they change their

wand it's kinda like slanted now this

used to be the only

Scarah that I would ever use now I use

you know a lot more and there's a little

thing cool keep my Skara in your

carry-on a little touch-up is all it

takes to look alive and alert number 2

mistletoe magic this might not be as

easy as I thought it was gonna be

ooh you know what I've had my eye on

this product definitely full-sized it's

the elf lip exfoliator and I've been

wanting to buy this and I just haven't

um so in mint maniac basically it's an

exfoliator but like in lipstick form so

you can just exfoliate your lips this

would have worked really well today I

have really dry lips right now so number

three is fruit fix you know what I don't

know if this is gonna work I might just

have to pull it out I am gonna board up

little doors are not my friend okay

breathe fix oh my god we're here - so

this will help it's by the brand husk

argan oil healing shine hair treatment

actually was going to buy this oh it

smells kind of smells like and it smells

really really good

um when I was on the hunt for his stuff

and I didn't so that's good for is

pick-me-up it's the AK here I cream I've

never heard of this brand before this is

a pretty decent size it's one fluid

ounce which typically eye creams are

right around one food out oh yeah that

is totally full size interesting what is

this hmm I've never ever heard this

brand before

number five is instant glow it is the

pixie glow tonic I've actually used this

before and I stinking love it number six

is the I pronounce things wrong all the

time you guys Vichy VI chy Laboratories

that's probably about right what is this

skin fortifying daily booster

moisturizer ooh

no mineralizing water plus hyaluronic

that's it love me some hyaluronic acid

oh it's like a wait what is this I don't

know what this is but it's a cute little

sample maybe I'll open the door for that


it says mineral which water with

hyaluronic acid helps fight signs of

aging caused by stress pollution and

fatigue I guess you put it on night time

number seven is photo-ready next product

it is definitely full-sized illuminating

stick this I really like mix stick

products I have one of their blushers

that's like a lip or cheek sting and a

stick form like this and I really do

enjoy it quite a bit this one looks like

it it's like purpley oh that's really

pretty that would look really pretty on

cheeks I'm already wearing highlight

today but okay eight is a hair mask I

actually need a hair mask and although

this is a foil packet there is a lot in


it's the Nexus hair mask Nexus is

actually a really really good brand

protein complex man I just got a glance

of this highlight on my hand so pretty

okay number nine is time travel ah wow

this is the perfume what is this honest

Beauty organic facial oil oh it's a

facial oil but it looks like a perfume

doesn't it interesting that's a very

interesting way to give any facial oil

sample number ten is multitasking

must-haves again Pat highlight I don't

know if you guys can see it as well as I

can really pretty I have actually used

this before and I do really like it it

doesn't compare to the Beauty Blender

but you could definitely use it like

instead of the Beauty Blender it's like

a good second and I love the fact that

it has this flat side to it so you can

like put it up against your under eyes

really well love that that's in here

number eleven is party

eyelashes this is obviously full-sized

eyelashes these are the I'll or natural

those are really natural like I'm not

even too sure that you see those

definitely not what I'm wearing today I

mean look at those cute all right today

number 12 is fresh start

oh these doors are not easy to open it

is a Pacifica Tempest if ACCA's seafoam

complexion face wash remove makeup

cleanse and tone all-in-one coconut

water and sea algae complex

no Thursday seal on that yep hmm smells

really good this is a really good advent

calendar and mean considering the fact

that it's only $15 and you get such a

variety of products this would be so fun

to open like during the month of

December whether it's every other day or

maybe day 12 through 24 or whatever or

you can do like I didn't just open it

and treat yourself but not bad for 15

bucks definitely recommend it if you

guys know of any other affordable Beauty

advent calendars let me know some of

them are quite pricy

I know tarte usually has one that's

around 70 dollars soap & Glory has one

this year but it's like really expensive

lush has one I know like ciaté has I'm

so like they're all over the place but

they just vary in price range so if you

know of one that's in the like 25ish

dollar range let me know down below let

everybody know down below so we can chop

them out and I hope that you guys

enjoyed this video I'll talk to you next

time bye