Advent Calendars 2018 Day 1 | Ashens & Nerdcubed


hello ho ho buddy Chris was again in

there Wow Germans Germans why so the

story goes we've all just fine advent

calendars and it says that four of them

are German we only knew that one of them

was German before they were and the

weather isn't Germany's are forfeit

Canada for this year yeah

so the main counters we will be opening

are all German yeah

and we're gonna say we went for nice

calendars the see a good ones but I'm

not entirely sure it kind of ended up

like that we're gonna be odd

we found some old thing we didn't go for

like terrible we went for unusual hmm we

start we get something should we show

yes the trophy for the winner why did we

have to thousands of these maybe I don't

know [ __ ]

what's it said they've gone back was it

called the Scrooge era sale Vera Vera

Vera Vera back I've actually lost it

very very bald made in China and Germany

no that's not that far off one of them a

season the first well let's write is

everyone's favorite pensioners breakfast

is not a joke this was called pensioners

breakfast we have no [ __ ] clue many


what why would a pension I have a

different breakfast anybody else maybe

the denture cream denture cream for

breakfast just smear or other breakfast


yeah it's all in German we don't know

anything about it but it's called

pensioners breakfast and how can you

resist a pensioners breakfast that

sounds like a sex manoeuvre it does

something really bad are you made a

right pensioners breakfast are ya just

conceptually I think that is the way

that's one of they were come across yeah

what do you want a bit of everyday a bit

of a pensioners breaks do they have to

what it is it's just my fried egg and

beans do they have to wait until day 24

or 25 in or get their breakfast do you

know we haven't tasted checked actually

some of them end on 24 someone end up 25

sometimes oh sure this one's a 24 that's

of 24 this is all very even so it's

gonna be a 24 24 here okay I'm just now

thinking if this is food things what if

they're in date because I don't get this

in the fridge or anything oh well since

I'm sitting in like Amazon's warehouse

for ages it can't be anything has

changed to the close-up cam which I know

comes easier Thome pitha

yep that's good that is no teddy bear

teddy bears must not eat a pensioners

breakfast you heard it here

what can teddy bears not aid things from

a people you know they do yeah non

picnic this is non picnic got no pink

waivers in here yeah thank God for that

right next up we can perform the dark

outs with this magic advent calendar do

you speak any German I know yes

so yeah magic and mystery 24 we go deal

with a 25 no movies this [ __ ] yeah able

to sleep it's is there an app yeah and

if you look at there that looks a bit

like the child's from outnumbered if you

remember your sitcoms

it looks like me it really is

oh look at that although I see I put

some people have homes and say like that

a bush sour [ __ ] let's say sour Bush

oh yeah yes run forward to that I'm

guessing things like those old Marvin's

magic sets that kind of stuff yeah

Daniels like it yeah next up Oh

remote-controlled helicopters the advent

calendar so you build controller that's

gonna be frustrating on day 23 for you -

there's a dodgy bit here that's because

all the instructions tell you what was

in each day so you've had the whole

thing word for you I didn't look like

fake I blurred my eyes like this there's

pictures of double-a batteries does that

mean we need double-a batteries or it

comes of double-a batteries i I don't

know there's six of them so I we don't

need them oh [ __ ] we're breaking the law

only for Germany for use in all EU

countries why the Germans think they did

you heard him it's could be a weird

everywhere so only Germany but that

barcode is valid so if you scanning like

Spain doesn't just know somebody take

selfies stuck with this isn't like an

illegal transmitter going on some

frequency it's gonna crash planes into

the Wi-Fi bloody hell now this is chris

spence one I'm enjoying the small design

also similar advents calendar and good

translation for

that's a bit portion it so this calendar

contains - spoilers a detailed Porsche

model so if like this much building you

build port model yes I've just read in

the six piece kit what do we get the

other days much more Welch's of Porsches

instructions stay 13 oh it keeps you

like a day you skipping something which

days this was like a whole book of

Porsche information awesome says a lot

of texts but it's in German and then in

English German box number three contains

okay that is a separate box in the back

I think it does oh that's actually what

we're building is there anything in that

it just feel quite empty boxes were

qualities in here and then masters boxes

yeah that's a thing isn't it

um so interesti looking at this when you

start removing the little sub fall down

yeah we got put them back in to keep the

prettiness go okay that makes sense I do

like the way each number is like a

racing yeah that's really [ __ ] nice

pace the nicest advent calendar I've

ever seen

depends what's in it

like Hot Wheels it's like a micro

machine shall we show the final calendar

the punishment calendar yes

so whoever gets the worst thing on a day

is gonna have to open Playmobil post

could be cooler and the power of fingers

look pretty cool

just as some days you'll get just like a

bucket and a ladle it must be Chris nice

enjoy what God feels Christmas idiot art

department yeah dude perhaps and a ghost

before pirate mouth and says Christmas

there's only two figures by the looks of

it that's palm tree painted it looks

very painted or photoshopping yeah well

we are assuming this is what's actually

in there may be different this smashed

up but it's fine I can hear things

rattling around inside

nobody has opened it nicked it I hope

the president has taken his own things

back it's just well this is a yes should

we start opening some we bloody should

it's the first of December today yes

Pence's breakfast that's gonna be first

pensioners breakfast day number one all

right okay it so what the pensioners eat

for breakfast fortune cookies what it's

a chai latte

Oh too close cam it's a it's coffee or

something so chai lattes mighty teeth

flavored milky coffee we're India yeah

open this with the scissors

well pensioners would use their teeth

remove them oh no yeah he's a child yeah

it's a milky coffee with me see there's

some dust yep

Oh No I'm pretty sure they put it in

with some boiling water I mean I'm sure

if you put it in some boiling water and

then it would be nice yes tea everyday

in Germany for pens for breakfast

pensioners just have about 15 cups of

tea and coffee I've just realized

assessment as I fear I game your licks

frost yuk pensioners breakfast fresh

neck sounds like breakfast is reckless

it's for a pensioners breakfast at all I

don't know Spanish and French in some

preparations of tea beverages with the

taste of chocolate flavor mmm put the

content of the sachet 25 grams into a

cup at 150 millions of hot but not

boiling water stir well always ready to

drink this is me not fundamentally

misunderstood what chai latte is all

these years is it just chocolate tea or

something - it may be not just tastes

like a chocolate hot chocolate doesn't

try mean tea yeah the taste that will be

Taylor's like a chocolate bar off the

forest floor got your hands on that

floor right I think we need to okay


there's two this is that magic these

days is he wizzy let's wish we had a

bigger wand wand what we want as magic

high frame rate right instructions

entirely in German oh he's avoiding it

because there were pictures of rabbits

actually two rabbits in here on day

favor will be impressed yet there's no

English at all a good day one wand and

gloves except you don't get the gloves

look at these tricks look that's a

little bit disappointing I think you're

winning the spell because at least you

can drink that it might be nice for as

this is pensioners thank you most

opinions of my family are kind of

obsessed with occasionally shames me


I wonder see what's in the helicopter

don't enter where they want anyone is

it's a weird shape it's getting looks

like a crumbles and I'd be an allen key

oh it's gonna be a bloody allen key down

I bet you're in oh [ __ ] Oh whole box is

dissolving but it's not an Allen game

there's a bit of sellotape running over

the topic which is well that makes

things nice things I guess impress me

it is Oh see oh dear oh this is


oh I should make him what it is - what

was it Cole got it excited it looks like

a very important puppet slightly longer

than the cup oh we can go to your

Bolivia backwards so that there hrunta

system surely it does look like that's

important it's got flimsy little wires

indicated there with the word wire those

are some of the thinnest wise I've ever

seen a consumer product there we go

that's I got today honestly prefer the

tea I've left the close-up cam on

tungsten lighting setting so it's gonna

look blue well that's what I bring to

the table today

mum mum can you get something else

that's identity long if not I'm actually

gonna be quite disappointed so day one

it is the big box or as we call it in

German I can argue with that

so this is presumably the base for the

cars got a grill for speaker you tend to

Porsche most of the shell of the Porsche

yeah can we construct something out of

this well they want you losing your

[ __ ] back in the forfeit today black

hole and its first pitch to the nuts how

shake the point is gonna be like that

it's gonna be bloody Taiwanese me so day

number Bill Radley Kevin I'm killing

time because I can take number one it's

here I literally hand on anyone believe

you have to push it a rat sauce he's a

very very positive ways well that didn't

take long did it


hello friends that was day one of our

advent calendar openings the rest of the

days will be appearing on the secondary

Channel extra ashens has linked below

and in one of those stupid cards and

they're now replacing annotations with

entirely that don't work properly hmm

YouTube what a piece of [ __ ] yes