Countdown Calendar 2019 | Young Living Advent Calendar 2019

hi friends welcome to the channel my

name is Heather if you're new here today

I am going to be going through young

livings countdown calendar that they

just released last year they had an

advent calendar but this year they

changed it up a little bit it's a

countdown calendar so it actually has 12

different boxes filled with goodies so I

can't wait to see what's inside if you

don't want to see you want to be

surprised then turn off the video but if

not please join me today I'm super

excited to see what is in here so if you

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so again welcome to the channel so let's

get started so this is how they Young

Living ships the box so it comes like

this it's a really pretty box you can

kind of see the trees the outline of the

trees on there and then you open it up

and you have 12 different boxes so it's

kind of like a half month countdown or

you could start it maybe mid-december

and countdown to Christmas if you want I

think I'm actually going to start it at

the beginning of December so let's see

what's in box number one okay so we're

gonna pull it out

I like these boxes it's super sturdy so

you could definitely reuse this calendar

next year you could fill it with

different things and it would just be

great to keep so they made it it's

extremely sturdy and nice I'll put it

right here alright so again this is box

number one let's see what we have in

here in box number one oh this is one of

my very favorite oils we have Northern

Lights black spruce or some people call

it in lbs this is actually a super high

frequency oil and it smells so good I

love pairing it with orange oil or just

diffusing it by itself it has a great

smell and again its high free

see so it just is good for overall

energy so back to what is in box number

one so let's put it back in here okay

box number two box number two we have

cinnamon lip balm if you haven't tried

young livings lip balms they are the

bomb they're really good cinnamon is one

of my favorite it has just said I call

it like a gentle cinnamon smell it's not

super overpowering and the lip balm is

really smooth and just great to have in

your purse I also give these to my kids

and put it in their backpack this time

of year so that was a good one all right

moving on to number three all right what

we have in number three oh this is a

great oil for all year but especially

this time of year we have a big bottle

it's a 15 milliliter bottle of

peppermint I use peppermint in so many

different ways probably one of my

favorite ways is to put a drop in my

brownies especially during Christmas

time it all you need is one drop and it

just gives the brownies like a subtle

hint of peppermint flavor it's great I

also love using peppermint when I have a

headache I'll put a little bit on my

temples it's great in our allergy roller

you can do peppermint

lemon and lavender you can either

diffuse it or put it in a roller and

it's great for allergy season so lots of

good uses for peppermint and of course

that smells like candy canes so great in

a diffuser this time of year all right

number four what do we have in number

four it's in a pretty green bag let's

see what we have

oh this is a pretty Christmas ornament

it's a seat to seal Christmas ornament

from The Young Living Foundation and it

feels like it's ceramic I can't really

tell but it's kind of heavy actually so

really good quality that's really pretty

and I like the green ribbon it comes

with so we'll hang that on the tree okay

so we are on to number five number five

is a small end I wonder what's in here

let's see I'm excited about this one

number five is a red shot so this is

something you can add to your Ningxia

these are great I don't think you can

actually buy these so this is exciting I

might have to keep this one for myself

okay number six so we are halfway

through another big one number six Oh

going along with the red spot it's a

Ganesha shot glass so it feels like it's

a silicon material that's really cute so

this is for your ninja this is I take

one of these shots in the morning and

one in the evening that's all you need

so that's super cute and again a lot of

the stuff you can't buy so it's kind of

fun to see what's in here

this is a great all-around oils such as

fresh this is in number seven this is a

15 milliliter you can use this for

literally everything I put it add a few

drops in my theives cleaner

I add some when I'm mopping the floor I

defuse it

and my water to drink just like one or

two drops it's just a great all-around

oil to have made with all the citrus

oils it's just super fresh smelling

you'll love it

alright number eight open another bag

let's see this one's a purple bag oh

it's a lava bead diffuser bracelet so if

you've never used one of these diffuser

bracelets you take your favourite oil

and you can just put a few drops on the

actual lava beads and when you wear it

it will just naturally diffuse so it's

like you're wearing a diffuser so I find

that when I add the drops it'll last a

day or two so you can change up what you

put on here every day next we have

number nine and these are some good ones

okay this might be my favorite so far

we're in a big one here it is a reindeer

thieves sanitizer holders my kids are

gonna fight over this look how cute that

is just a little reindeer let's take it

out these are perfect for backpacks or

lunchboxes I think it was a couple

months ago in our essential rewards I

got a few other woodland animals but I

love this reindeer is super cute and it

already comes with the hands purifier in

there so that's perfect alright let's go

back in here

number ten all right number ten we got

lavender this is what I always call the

Swiss Army knife of oils lavender can be

used for so many different things we

love it for sleep i diffuse it in the

kids room and our room it's also great

for skin emotions just literally

everything so lavender is always good to

have on hand actually care carry a

bottle of just lavender and my purse

with a rollerball on it and use it for

skin problems especially for out at the

playground somebody get this grape I'll

put a little lavender on them and it

helps a lot a right number 11 we have

the satin facial mint scrub this goes

out of stock a lot because it's super

popular when it comes back in stock I

will typically buy five or six at a time

this stuff is great it smells wonderful

and it has kind of these little I don't

know what you call it microbeads in

there so it's great for exfoliation of

your skin this is awesome even my

husband uses this so that tells you how

good it is so that's a great one to have

and then oh my gosh you're already down

to the last one I can't believe it all

right number 12 what do you think it is

I have no guesses it's a small one so

I'm gonna get some oil let's see a great

one for this season we have mer mer it's

just a great one for emotions great for

this time of year of course it was in

the Christmas story so mer is a

wonderful ending to our countdown so if

you have any questions please feel free

to put them in the comments let me know

what was your favorite number

I think I'm still going with the the

reindeer but let me know in the comments

what number was your favorite what was

your favorite were you surprised and

will you be getting a countdown calendar

so I hope you guys have a great day and

I will see you in next time