How Allergy Vials are Made for Allergy Shots

If a person has bad allergies, it can cause symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and congestion.

Allergy medications can be used to help with

these symptoms, but such medications do not cure allergies.

However, A person with bad allergies can undergo

allergy shots which has the potential to cure allergies over time unlike medications.

Ultimately, allergy symptom relief can be achieved with allergy shots without the need for medications.

How are allergy vials made in the first place?

Based on the unique allergy test results for a patient, serum is made according to the

severity score for each item.

Starting with highly concentrated vials, more dilute solutions are made in a gradual fashion

for each allergic substance also known as allergens with the last vial #6 being the most dilute.

Collectively, these series of dilution vials are known as an allergy board and is the foundation

from which all allergy serums are made.

For this particular patient, he had moderately severe allergies to cat, and as such, a moderately

dilute solution of cat, vial #4, is placed into the patient's allergy vial.

Next, grass allergies are mild, so a more concentrated solution of grass from vial #2

is placed into the patient's allergy vial.

For trees, however, given the high severity score, a highly dilute solution of trees from

vial #6 is placed into the vial.

For dust which came back moderate and mold which was only mildly allergic, less dilute

solutions from vial #3 and #2 are placed into the allergy vial.

This final vial containing the concoction of allergens is what is used for allergy shots.

On a weekly basis, more and more of this serum is injected into the patient's arm.

Once the maximum amount has been injected,

a new allergy vial is made that is slightly more concentrated.

In making this new vial, the next more concentrated solution of allergens is used to make the vial.

Given the initial red vial representing cat used the 4th diluted red vial, this time,

solution is obtained from the next more concentrated 3rd vial.

Same goes for the rest where the 1st green vial is used instead of the initial 2nd vial

5th blue vial instead of the initial 6th vial

2nd purple vial instead of the initial 3rd vial

and finally the 1st grey vial is used instead of the initial 2nd vial.

This new more concentrated allergy vial is than used to inject into a patient's arm.

Once the maximum amount has been injected, a new vial is made from even more concentrated

solution of allergens.

This cycle is repeated over and over again until only solutions from the most concentrated

vials are used to make the vial.

From this final vial, the maximum amount is injected on a weekly basis for years.

Slowly over time, the body's immune system becomes desensitized to the injected allergic

substances with symptom resolution.

At this point, no more medications are hopefully required!

The successful conclusion for allergy shots is when an allergic patient no longer has

allergies, no longer needs to take any medications, and allergy testing comes back normal!