How to | Start An Allotment - The BIG Clear Up

what is going on guys and good morning

welcome to part 1 of my series on how we

clear an allotment plot in a very short

space of time and make way for a

beautiful garden where we're going to be

getting some crops so what's on the

cards today is we are arming ourselves

with a few rubble sacks and half decent

pair of gloves and we're going to get to

work clearing the rubbish there's quite

a bit on this allotment plot so I'm just

going to get straight to work bagging it

up and taking it down to my local tip

and once the rubbish is cleared we can

then move on to the second step which is

going to be probably digging this over

and getting it a little bit level and as

we go we'll dig out the plants but yeah

today's job is going to be clearing the

rubbish and tidying it up really so yeah

if you're just taking on an allotment

plot as well and anything you find that

might be usable slabs and Forex you know

would that's not rotten just put to one

side to make way and for use you know

later on in the year or whenever you get

round to it anything that's not useable

just bag up and get rid of it if you

find anything you think might be quite

useful to somebody else just give it

away other plot holders and are usually

more than happy to take your unwanted

items providing they can make use out of

them so yeah stick around guys and I

will put you on a little bit over time

lapse and I'll just show you how much

rubbish we can get in an hour


I'm not the only one that likes to cook

on the allotment law we will get rid of






so I've managed to get about six rubble

sacks full up now with rubbish to take

to the tip when my car is working again

currently I'm just sort of assessing

what the next steps gonna be and I think

what I'm gonna do is clear a space

beside the rotten shed just to pile up

all of the wood that's currently you

know supporting the beds the raised beds

because it's rot and it needs to be

burnt ideally or I'll do some kind of

permaculture with it and put it in the

base of the raised beds that I'm

planning to build here so yeah I'm just

gonna clear the back of the plot and

then start this mantle in the rotten

wood around the beds and moving it to

the back of the allotment plot so then

we can sort of just tidy down as we go

so all of the wood is rotten but I just

found something that I could use this is

solid concrete I'm not sure what it was

useful originally but I could use it

possibly for some edging along the edge

of a flowerbed possibly yeah that's a

good find guys I mean it's heavy but

come in handy for something I'll put

this to one side

now guys the three stage compost build

that you see behind me has seen better


it is completely rotten so I am gonna be

adding it to the pile of wood that I'm

either gonna burn bury or take to the

tip so let's make a start ripping this

thing apart I was easy

yeah very very brittle would make it a

little bit of a stack as I go

watch out for any nails that might be in

the root

and we're also gonna get rid of the

fence and the front of the plot because

that's also rotted

if I clean this gate down pressure wash

it and then treat it

I can potentially get another use out of

it so I'll save the gate for a later



I know someone on site that might make

use of this I'll run that over



guys that is what we've done in two

hours of work we've managed to get

nearly all of the wood and and you know

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do

with it yet some people in the comment

section of one of my previous videos

were talking about using it in kind of

like a permaculture kind of way by using

it in the beds I kind of like that idea

now this would if it was treated it

wasn't anytime soon it's completely

rotten through meaning that you know a

lot of the chemicals that were probably

in the creosote or paint or whatever and

yeah take care guys thank you for

watching episode 1