Anti-Ageing Skincare - When & What to use? | Chetali Chadha

hi my beauties welcome back to my

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today i'm gonna talk everything about

anti-aging since you guys had a lot of

questions about

when to start anti-aging products what

are the correct products to start with

what age should you be using what and

how can you push the entire process

of aging i'm going to be talking about

everything in detail

not just that i'm going to very simply

put a little bit about the skins anatomy

as well because that's very important

for you to understand before you get

into the

entire anti-aging in skincare game in

general i promise to not complicate it

and in fact make it more simpler for you

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let's dive right into this video first

let's dive in and talk about the skins

anatomy and understand the three main

layers of skin and i promise like i said

to not complicate this

in fact simplify it for you guys so that

you understand

when to use anti-aging products what are

the right products and how they

penetrate into your skin

the first and the outermost layer of the

skin is called epidermis it has three

main cells the brick-like cells are


keratinocytes built up the biggest part

of epidermis the keratinocytes produce

keratin which is a tough fibrous protein

and its main purpose is to provide


against various external damages such as

uv rays heat

bacteria and fungi the second main layer

of the skin

is called dermis it is the thickest part

of the skin

dermis has many important components

like hair

hair muscles sebaceous gland nerve nerve

endings sweat glands and sweat ducts all

these important structures are

surrounded by a tough fiber called


collagen fibers bind water giving the


its strength underneath the dermis

there's a thick

fatty layer called hypodermis which is

the third main layer of the skin

it contains coarse bundles of collagen

the appearance of the skin

is also affected by the hypodermis and

changes in

fat content and hydration level and can

show up as lumpy or wrinkled skin now

anti-aging in my opinion is done

in three different stages of your life

and it starts as

early as your teenage days so the skin

care routine that you will follow in

your teenage days

could ideally be a very simple one at

that i have done

a full video on what my recommendations

are for a skincare routine for teenagers

i'm going to link that video right here

but it's got to be simple the first step

should be cleansing that's really

important then

toning then moisturizing and then using

a sunscreen which is very very important

the last and the most important thing


a lot of teenagers forget is having a

good diet

now why do i say this is the prevention

stage is because if you take care of

your skin

in your teenage days likelihood is that

you will have to spend

a lot less money and time later in your

life because you would have done a lot

for your skin

while it is at its prime and at its best

now couple of things that i can suggest

in this video i have done a full video

on face washes on moisturizers on

toners so i'm not going to go into the

detail of it in fact i'm going to link

it right above here but i am going to


very quickly some of the things that i


work really well for teenagers for a

face wash for example if you want

something that's

budget friendly i highly recommend the

himalayan meme face wash

this is really gentle on the skin now

it's up to you which is the kind of face

wash that you like to use for your skin

because it could be different if you

have acne prone skin if you have

very dry skin combination skin again

i've given options in my top 10 face

washes video

which like i said i'm going to link up

the toners that i think

work really well for teenagers because

at that time you don't really

need a lot of hydration but you need

something to maintain the ph of your


the best thing to use is a rose water

and i personally like you already know

love the karma ayurveda rose water it's

pure it's steam distilled

works really well also will hydrate your


the second toner that again is

affordable and something that i really

would recommend

if you have acne prone skin or active


is the vilva tea tree toner and this is

basically tea tree water it really would

help prevent acne as well

uh the moisturizer i have two here one

which is extremely pocket friendly

and something i've spoken about in the

past as well is the pons

super light gel really really like this


i still use it have used about two tubs

this is also

almost about to get empty and the second

one is a little bit on the higher end of


but again if you are someone who can

splurge or want to splurge

this is something that i personally

really like and i feel works on many

different skin types

i'm talking about the clinique 72r surge


now you don't necessarily need to

splurge the only thing

you need to keep in mind that you're

hydrating your skin

you don't need to go overboard you don't

need to overspend but you definitely

need to keep up

the hydration the last step of your skin

can that's irrespective of your age but

if you're a teenager and you took care

of this in your teenage

days trust me guys you would land up

saving your skin with

so much trouble in the future and that

is using a sunscreen

i cannot stress enough on the importance

of using

a sunscreen whether your indoors are

outdoors and the one that i really like

is the lush shield sunscreen gel spf 40

this is perfect spf whether you're

indoors or even

outdoors and this has a pa triple plus

it has broad spectrum uva and uvb

filters please make sure that your


has broad spectrum uva and uvb filters

now the reason why your skin gets

damaged in the teenage days if you're

not wearing a sunscreen

is that the uva uvb rays penetrate into

your skin so not just on your top most

layer of the skin

which is epidermis but further down into

the dermis as well

and hence it damages the skin if you

guys remember

a little bit of a recap from what i

showed you about the skin anatomy

the dermis has the structure of collagen

around it

now if you're not wearing sunscreen on a

daily basis

at the teenage days you will end up

spoiling your skin now i don't just mean

early signs of aging

you can also have a hyperpigmentation

early in your life

and lot of other skin concerns so

wearing a sunscreen

irrespective of what your age is is

really really important you can also

consult your dermatologist to see what

sunscreen works for you

other than love shield the other

sunscreen that i really like is the


and the other one would be sun cross

all these three sunscreens work really

well and you can pick

any of your choice like i said but do

not forget to wear a sunscreen whether

you're indoors and outdoors

a lot of people make this mistake

because these days we are

indoors and i have stressed on this fact

more than enough

that even indoors because we have glass

windows and glass doors all around the


uv and uvb rays penetrate glass as well

so if you're not wearing a sunscreen

indoors and you're doing

everything to protect your skin all the

good skin care everything

goes down the drain guys so in your

teenage days in specific

i see a lot of teenagers don't wear


this is one important tip that you got

to keep in mind

and lastly taking a good diet

we are in a fast-paced life we tend to

eat up

a lot of junk food i am not saying that

you should not

indulge yourself but keep it low when it

comes to sugar because that eventually

will age your skin a lot

faster also try and exercise keep

yourself fit because your sweat glands

need to sweat and hence they will keep

your skin a lot more cleaner keep a


good diet at least six days a week you

can binge on at least once a week but

ideally eat good home cooked meals i

have done a video on what i eat in a day

which i'm going to link

right about here so you can refer to

that video as well

moving on to the next stage and that is

from your 20s until your

30s now this is the age where you will

not just do prevention

of aging you will also maintain your

skin now in addition to whatever we've

discussed you also

definitely have to cleanse stone

moisturize and use a sunscreen

in addition to this you can use a

vitamin c

serum which i feel is a beautiful uh

product as a serum it reverses some

damage i have spoken about vitamin c

at length and i am going to be doing a

video on serums

but i personally really feel that it's

an excellent anti-aging product as well

a lot more milder and you can use

vitamin c from anywhere between 23 24

years of age not just that it also works

on a lot of skin concerns

like hyperpigmentation being one of them

and one of the most common concerns

in india in particular the other

important thing to note

is increase your hydration which you use

into your skin meaning use a more

hydrating moisturizer

you could even use facial oils but i

really highly recommend using

something which has humectants in it

basically what a humectant does it it

absorbs moisture from the air into your


the other important question that comes

out very often is can you use retinol

of course you can use retinol and a lot

of dermatologists

recommend using retinol as early as 20

years honestly for me i never felt

gravitated towards using retinol because

i felt a vitamin c

serum worked very beautifully for me and

it has multi-purpose benefits

so it's not just anti-aging it will

reverse some damage

it also brightens the skin also takes

care of

a little bit fine lines if you have on

your skin any sort of scars

also if you have hyperpigmentation so

vitamin c is something that's a lot more

milder and worked a lot better for me

having said that

if you are someone who wants to go the

retinol wait definitely can

i will be talking about at length uh

about the serums that i personally

really like but obviously the vitamin c

serum that i have recommended more than

enough on my platform

and like quite a lot is the glazed

vitamin c now since this is out of stock

quite a lot

the other alternative equally good in

terms of formulation

is the suganda antioxidant vitamin c

serum i don't have it here but i have

used an

entire bottle of it and i have my second

bottle going on right now

really really like that vitamin c as

well beautiful formulation

generally just like suganda formulations

as well

last but not the least uh definitely one

more thing that you can include in your

skin care in your

late 20s in my opinion would be a

chemical exfoliator

now i have done a full video on

exfoliations both chemical and physical

form of it and i'm going to link it

right above here

now all of the things that i'm sharing

with you none of this is necessary guys

please see what your skin

wants and what your skin is adhering to

what your skin is accepting please do

patch test

on each and everything when you

introduce it into your skincare if you


questions please do ask your

dermatologist and especially if you have

very sensitive skin

now chemical exfoliation is something i

started very recently

before that physical exfoliation worked

very well for me in fact even

now i like to go on and do physical

exfoliation a lot more than i actually

use chemical exfoliation

so it really depends on your skin what

your skin needs

again i've spoken about ahas and vhs at


in my exfoliations video so you can

definitely go ahead and refer to that

video the third stage would be

your 30s to 40s which is the time when

you want

aging reversal so this is the time

especially later

in late in your 30s when you will start

seeing signs of aging on your skin

in the sense when you will see a little

bit of fine lines and crow's feet now i


feel that if you have taken care of your

skin like i said and especially

if you want your sunscreen very

religiously in your teenage days you

are likely to not face this problem in

your early 30s

but if you are someone who has

absolutely not won sunscreen

in your early 20s and in your teenage

days you are likely to face

uh early signs of aging and that is

something that i've seen very commonly

in friends and family

now a couple of things that you can do

of course a vitamin c serum like i said

is anti-aging

i feel chemical exfoliation for an aging

skin helps as well especially if you

have premature signs of aging but again

the kind of chemical exfoliation that

you will need is something that's

dependent on your skin

in general if you are someone who has a

little bit of a tough skin or you do get

a lot of flaky skin it's a good idea

to just exfoliate your skin it's up to

you whether you want to use a chemical

or physical exfoliator again you can

refer to the video

which i'm going to link right about here

the other thing that i feel you


should increase and increase by leaps

and bounds

is the hydration into your skin again

something with humectants

and that's really going to boost up the

hydration into your skin hydration is

point number one

and that starts from 20 years of age if

you just

increase hydration that's going to give

you great results

and the other thing that if you want to

include a serum could definitely be like

i said from 23 24 years of age a good

vitamin c

serum and you are good to go not to

forget irrespective of your age you have

to wear a sunscreen

in your 30s to 40s a good thing to do

about practice to do is use a facial oil

at night

now there are a lot of anti-aging oils

vitamin e oil is something that you can

use at

any age it's the mildest oil you can

even use as a teenager if you are

someone who has

very dry skin vitamin e oil in winters

for me works beautifully even

in summers except if it's very very

humid it does not work on my combination


otherwise it's an excellent oil its

anti-aging benefits

it also will treat any sort of scars

acne scars on your face

the other oil that i really like is

safflower oil again i am going to do a

video on facial oils my favorite oils

that's also coming up very soon

but safflower oil is something that i

absolutely love

and lastly a good erosive oil rose up

oil obviously has anti-aging benefits

and i am going to show you a couple of

options that i have here

no surprises the brand that i'm going to

talk about is

dave herbs because i absolutely love

how beautiful their oils are so this is

the vitamin e oil from devi herbs the

other oil is the safflower oil

again from the brand devi herbs i have

also shown their rose up oil which you

can include in your skincare

the other good thing that you can do is

at night when you've used

this facial oil any of the facial oils

of your choice

you could just use any massaging

technique you could either

use your hands just simply your hands or

your thumb

to massage your face or the best thing

to do

is if you have the budget uh and you

want to you could invest in a facial

roller there are jade rollers and there


your rose squats roller there are also

washers so you could use some sort of

a facial roller or sort of a facial

massage technique

now that is really good in order to

absorb any sort of hydration into your


and if you're using any sort of facial

massaging technique it helps

all the skincare that you put on your

face penetrate

deep into your skin so guys with that

it's a wrap i really do hope that you

enjoyed watching this video on

anti-aging and how can you prevent

premature aging and

push the entire aging process all

together lastly would definitely want to

stress on the fact

save yourself all the trouble and wear

sunscreen each and every day

especially if you're a teenager and

you're listening to me make sure that

you're wearing a sunscreen irrespective

whether you're indoors or outdoors

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