Tips To Avoid Taking Antibiotics For Treating A Fever

hello everyone I'm Mahesh gentleman

co-founder of sepilok accom and thank

you all very much for sharing our video

on acupressure for heart health and

making it go viral the more we share

such ancient wisdom the more we can

avoid hospitals and medicines there's so

much talk of antibiotic resistance these

days and doctors are cautioning against

us using antibiotics blindly especially

when we self-medicate rather than

consult a doctor this is a perfectly

valid fear since overuse of antibiotics

exposes all of us to more dangerous

strains of bacteria that begin to adapt

to our medicines and survive longer but

why do we use them surely no one likes

taking medicine it comes from the desire

for instant results we can't bear to be

patient for even a single day any more

or give our body a chance to fight the

bacteria or the virus on its own now

some situations can be charged with high

emotions so it feels like not giving

medicines would be completely wrong for

example parents tend to panic at the

first sign of fever in their child this

is but natural and no one can bear to

see their child in distress but what

most mothers don't realize is that every

time we use a paracetamol to bring down

a fever we start a chain reaction

towards antibiotic use and weaken the

child's immune system deeply for the

future so if you want to avoid

antibiotics rule number one don't bring

down the fever with a paracetamol like a

panadol or a Croson let me explain why a

fever is one of the most beneficial

things that your child can experience

during their childhood the bacteria or

the virus is causing the child's

distress typically by replicating itself

every few minutes the fever is the

body's way of slowing down the process

of germ multiplication it is a high

fever that often prevents a second virus

or a bacteria from invading your child


she is weakened from the first attack as

always when you bring down a fever with

a paracetamol it leads to a cold a cuff

or a chest phlegm in the next day or two

which is the secondary infection which

could have been avoided if only we don't

take the paracetamol at this stage when

the child has the chest infection the

child needs a trip to the doctor and the

child needs an antibiotic so treating a

fever with medicines to bring down the

temperature gives a free license to the

virus of the bacteria to spread in an

unrestrained manner the truth is all

naturopathic doctors will tell you this

you don't have to panic even if your

child's temperature gets to 102 or 103

degrees Fahrenheit or if you're watching

this elsewhere in the world 38 or 39

degrees Celsius this is actually the

correct range of for fever they repeated

fever reduction during the childhood can

suppress the immune system each time you

don't allow the child's immune system to

do its job you push the child towards

the likelihood that the next infection

may need antibiotics I don't want to

alarm you unnecessarily but in

epidemiological research studies that is

whole social studies repeated fever

suppression with paracetamol has been

linked to increased risk of cancer later

in life children whose fevers are

allowed to run their natural crows grow

up to be a much stronger with better

immune health than kids who get fever

medicines each time so does this mean

that you sit around and do nothing and

what your child suffer absolutely not

there are simple things that you can do

at home to comfort the child when the

body fights the infection naturally

while this works for kids it's relevant

for grownups as well who incidentally as

we all know behave like children each

time they have a high fever so here's

what you can do number one hold and

comfort the child not only does this

help her calm down and be less irritable

the soothing feeling comes the immune

system and lets it do its job in peace

number two a simple cold compress

dipping a clean cotton towel or a small


cold water in applying it to the

forehead to the back or the nape of the

neck the armpits and the soles of the

feet can all help to bring the fever

down at the surface level and comfort

the child number three if the child is

ready to eat give the child something

bone broth is ideal because it's rich in

nutrients and even a couple of spoons

will do the trick

but if not bone broth if you're

vegetarian anything the child is willing

to eat even a few bits of any kind of

food will help to bring the fever down

to a hundred and 103 level at which you

don't have to medicate number four high

fevers be 103 are not dangerous per se

but at high fevers the metabolism speeds

up and the risk of dehydration is higher

this can cause hypoglycemia or low blood

sugar and if you leave it untreated it

can even lead to fix so to prevent this

the simple thing is give your child

fresh fruit juice diluted with clean

water 50-50 mixture of something like an

orange juice and water will work just

fine you can even use pure coconut water

without any dilution this will help to

keep the cells well hydrated and keep

the blood sugars in a normal range

number 5 if the child is unable to

produce a high fever or has a cyclic a

fever which comes only late in the

afternoon at around 4 or 5 then there is

a good chance that the virus will try to

assert itself again the next day at the

same time to break this cycle cover the

child up in blankets to produce a higher

fever by doing this you will often find

that the patient sweats and the fever

breaks along with this the child will

get a full night's rest and the

infection will usually lose its strength

by the next morning number 6 use a

simple color treatment to help your

child to fight the fever it almost

sounds unbelievable but parents tell me

it works like magic at least 75% of the

time so take a simple norm you know

water-based non-toxic sketch pen and

make the marks as I'm showing you so on

the index finger the middle joint make a

mark that runs all the way around it


and that's how that looks you can see it

once I show it to you close-up that's a

simple black color that runs all around

the index finger on the middle joint

okay and you do the same thing on the

other hand as well so usually since

you're making it for another person you

will find it's a lot easier to do since

I'm a right-hander I'm finding it a

little cumbersome to do it on my right

hand using my left hand but there you go

so you can see that too next you make a

similar marking at the base of the thumb

only the left thumb this time the entire

left thumb all the way around it you

make a black color marker okay and

that's it so how does this work well

color therapy works by having a certain

frequency at which all the colors

vibrate and our body is made up of cells

as well and those cells also vibrate at

certain frequencies and over time it has

been studied and understood which colors

vibrate at what frequencies so making

these black marks on both of the middle

joints of the two index fingers and the

base of the left thumb all the way

around can help to reduce the infection

in your child's body thereby naturally

bringing down the fever not suppressing

it so if you would like to not use

antibiotics with your child learn to be

a little bit patient use these simple

home tips that we have shared with you

including the color therapy and you will

be able to not have to resort to

antibiotics to help your child during a

fever so stay tuned subscribe to our

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and information so that we can all live

vibrant and healthy lives with the least

of medicines and visits to the hospital

wish you all vibrations

and well-being