Boston Apartment Hunting! All you need to know before moving!!(Transportation, Rent, Neighborhoods)


like a bit hi guys so welcome back to my

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time and time again so you're on this

video because you searched for something

like Boston apartments or moving to

Boston or Boston apartment hunting so

this is why I'm making this video today

I moved to Boston in 2018 like around

November and these are the things I wish

I had known before moving here and

things that would have helped me made my

transition a little easier so before

jumping into this I just want to tell

you guys that if you're interested in

finding out what sort of apartments you

can find in Boston there is a previous

video that I've already made it's called

sweet digs what $1500 will get you in

Boston and I'll put a link down below

and I'll also put it in n-screen

so if you want to look at a specific

apartment that you can get for like

around $1,500

that's your video but in this video

we're gonna talk about the four main

things that the four main questions I

had before moving to Boston let's start

with number 1 which is transportation so

I'm gonna be completely honest with you

pre-pandemic times I would have said do

not bring your car because the public

transportation system the MBTA is still

reliable in fact is still running it's

not like they have shut down the public

transportation system it's still going

but it's going on right now at reduced

capacity order to reduce frequency

because of the pandemic if it was

pre-pandemic times I would have said do

not bring your car if you already have a

car but right now having a car has

actually been good because when I want

to go to shopping I can just take my car

to the grocery store pile my stuff in

and bring it back so if like you're

moving here this fall and if there are


distancing things that are gonna

continue I would say now with the change

reality yes bring your car

so before pandemic you could have done

without it now if you have it it would

be good to bring it if you don't have it

don't worry about it too much

also downsides of having or bringing a

car here in Boston so the moment you

come in you would have to buy

Massachusetts plates or something like

that you would have to register your car

if you're living in certain

neighborhoods like the one I live in

like Brighton then you would have to get

a resident permit and to get a resident

permit you would have to have a

Massachusetts license plate so there are

downsides to bringing a car here that

resident permit has to be renewed every

year in Massachusetts your car has to be

inspected every year so there are a lot

of like kind of nuances of bringing a

vehicle already in Massachusetts it's

doable but there are certain costs that

come up with it every year and then

there are certain things that you just

have to keep in mind like and also in

certain neighborhoods there is street

cleaning so every like second or third

Friday you would have to move your car

from like you know though this side of

the street to the other side and vice

versa so the nuances that like that that

keep coming up so if you are deciding

that you are bringing a car I would

recommend you to look into if your

neighborhood requires a resident permit

if it requires you to have your car

inspected and what are the street

cleaning policies and when should you

part your car so that's about the

transportation part of it now for number

two which is how to go about right now

finding an apartment in Boston online so

the way I found my apartment I was in

Iowa and 2018 so I did it all remotely

so I was looking for apartments online

and the one website that I found my

apartment through it's called hot pads

comp I'm going to write it here and I'm

also going to link it down below so go

on hot baths comm and look at apartments

in Boston it's a really good resource

the other two websites that I'd really

recommend are

obviously and the third one is Zillow

now my thing with Zillow is that I've

only seen apartments there that are kind

of expensive I feel like hot baths will

one of those sites where I could find

apartments that are relatively cheaper

and not to say that they were gross or

something I love my apartment and that's

the website I found it through the

downside of going through these websites

is that you are probably going through a

realtor or a broker what I mean by that

is somebody's gonna help you find that

apartment and help you like do these

virtual showings with the current

situation they're probably gonna go

there for you they're probably gonna

record the video of the apartment if

they already have it they're gonna send

you those videos they can also do live

tours in which the realtor or the broker

will go there and they can FaceTime you

and they can show you what the apartment

looks like so things like that and they

usually charge you for that and the

charge for that it can be kind of steep

um when I move here my apartment rent

was 1,400 and I had to pay the broker

1,400 so equivalent of one month's rent

so you have to kind of think about money

like that there are also some other

websites that I can link down below I

can't really remember them right now but

there are websites that completely

prohibit brokers to be on there and

these websites are really good because

they these are people who are actual

people subletting their place or they're

looking for a roommate so there is no

broker involved I looked at some of

these things initially when I was

planning to move to Boston but at the

end I decided I didn't want to be

bothered with the roommate to begin with

so I decided to go through a broker and

his like things that you have to decide

for yourself now the third thing we're

gonna talk about that people don't

really talk about about moving to Boston

is the neighborhood's whenever you move

to a new city there's so many different

neighborhoods right for example for

Boston I'm gonna put a map right here

and you can see there's so many

different neighborhoods so where should

you move to right I did really didn't

have anybody to tell me where I should

move to so these are my tips for

depending on what school you're going to

or pending on what field you're gonna be

working in I'll tell you where you


think about moving the thing with Boston

is that there are a lot of schools I can

start naming them as MIT there's Harvard

there is Boston University this Boston

College does not Eastern the start so

like and the list goes on there's so

many different school schools here and I

get it that undergrads probably live in

dorms but you can be an undergrad who's

moving here and doesn't want to live in

dorms anymore this fall or you could be

a grad student right you can be a grad

student moving to one of these

neighborhoods and you want to look for

cheap housing obviously a grad student

is probably not living in the dorms and

then you could also be a working

professional who's working at the

University so it's really good to know

where around the school is located or

where your work is located and then

structure your search for an apartment

like that so let's start with a hardwood

and MIT

here you can see that there is all soon

and there's Charlestown you can see here

and the big gap here in the middle

that's Cambridge so that's where Harvard

and MIT are located so if you're going

to an undergrad at Harvard or you're

working at MIT or going to undergrad at

MIT this is the neighborhood you're

probably gonna wanna live in you're

gonna wanna live in Cambridge because

you don't want to live in any of these

other neighborhoods and have a long

commute Cambridge is a hub for a lot of

biotech places so if you're coming here

to work at a biotech start-up again

Cambridge is the place you're gonna want

to be living at now let's talk about

Alston and write and write just come a

little this way and talk about Austin

and Dryden so what's an alternate Brydon

the short answer is nothing but

Boston College is here so if you're a

grad student at Boston College or if

you're working in Boston College you're

gonna want to live in Austin and

frightened let's talk about Boston

University so for Boston University

where you're gonna want to be living at

is around the Fenway or the Kenmore area

this is the area that's closest to the

Boston University

again if you're a grad student this is

around where you want to live downside

with this area is that the prices can be

a little high but again you can probably

find a roommate now let's talk about

north eastern so north eastern is kind

of close to the Longwood Medical area or

the Harvard Medical School area a

difference between Harvard undergrad

campus and Harvard Medical School is

that the Harvard undergrad campus is

located in Cambridge that's where

Harvard University is but the Harvard

Medical School Harvard dental school and

a lot of these other like graduate

program school they're located in the

Longwood Medical area and that is also

where North Eastern is located so if

you're going to be a working

professional if you're coming into an

empty program if you're coming into a

ph.d program at Harvard Medical School

or at Harvard School of Public Health or

you're going to a grad program at North

Eastern you're going to want to live

close to the Longwood Medical area which

on this map is basically close to the

Jamaica Plain or the Mission Hill area

so don't get confused when you're coming

here if you're coming to Harvard

University don't think you're going to

Cambridge you could be coming to the

medical school or you could be coming to

this graduate program school and then

you know you don't want to find out

later that oh my god I found an

apartment at Cambridge but I'm

going to be working in Jamaica Plain or

Mission Hill that's what I mean by that

another school that I mentioned was tops

so tough so you wanna want to be living

in Cambridge or Somerville because

that's the closest to your University

Tufts is kind of like on the e a little

outside of costume and then they are not

of these other neighborhoods like Beacon

Hill back base out and these are really

fun neighborhoods to live in I can like

if you look up pictures online I can put

some pictures here these are like really

beautiful neighborhoods to live in but

like it just hasn't happened for me that

they're close to where I work so I even

though they are fun I really don't want

to live in an area

like it doesn't make sense for me to

live in right now but yeah if you're

going gonna be working close to downtown

I would recommend looking at South End

Back Bay Beacon Hill something like that

really pretty neighborhoods and I would

really recommend living there if you can

afford it for sure so now that we've

been talking about the neighborhoods in

Boston let's talk about the fourth and

the last point which is money right how

much money you should bring average

studio in Boston the ranges anywhere

from I would say around 1,500 which

would be probably be the lowest to about

like 2200 or some things who use it the

Brighton area they are around like 1500

that's one of the studios I have and

Studios in Cambridge can go for as much

as like 2200 or something so again

depending on what area you're going to

be living in you're going to be spending

a lot of money on a studio apartment and

if you're considering living with one

roommate or two roommates you can expect

to pay somewhere around again like from

at least $1,000 per month to like again

1500 per month maybe it's a big house or

it's a maybe it's a nice apartment that

you're building you're living in and the

rent is 3000 so you're gonna be paying

somewhere around 1000 to 1500 still so

my recommendation for you is if you know

you're moving to Boston save at least

the first month's rent the last month's

rent the broker fee and the security

deposit a lot of places will ask you at

least either all four of these or at

least three of the four so say let's for

example say you are moving in an

apartment with the monthly rental of

1200 to reserve that apartment there's

gonna be something like an application

fee which is gonna be like $25 and then

they're gonna tell you all we looked at

your credit we looked at blah blah blah

and you're approved now to put the

apartment on hold you have to give us

the first month's rent last month's rent

security deposit and if you went through

a broker that would be a broker fee so

1200 1200

1,200 so that's 40 4800 around $5,000

just for an apartment so if you're

moving here I would recommend saving at

least this much money and then with the

fact that you're gonna move here and

then you're gonna work a month and then

get paid I would say if you're moving to

Boston just have some money safe because

you will be spending money so those are

some of my tips really really really I

hope this video was helpful and then you

can find something of use in this video

and I yeah I just hope everyone staying

safe and happy and yeah I please

consider subscribing love you bye