HOW TO FIND AN APARTMENT IN CHICAGO - 5 Things to Know & 5 Steps To Start Your Apartment Hunt Vlog

in this video I'll be breaking down five

things you need to know and five steps

you need to take as you begin your

apartment hunt in Chicago what's good

youtube is luis gusto welcome back to my

channel this is the first video in a

multi-part series on how to find an

apartment in Chicago something I've done

myself many times twice in grad school

when I found places in Lakeview and

Streeterville and my last two places

right here in Lincoln Park

what makes this series even more special

is that I'm currently searching for a

new place with my girlfriend Nerissa so

in addition to giving you those sweet

apartment hunting tips I'll also be

taking you along for the apartment

journey most people in Chicago moved

during the warmer months so you're gonna

find the most vacancies during this time

but on the flip side if you choose to

find an apartment during the winter

months you may be able to save some

money just keep in mind that there may

be snow or ice on the ground while you

move let's begin with five things you

need to know as you begin your apartment

hunt in the Windy City when it comes to

picking a place to live there are

literally thousands of options starting

with the building's themselves you can

live in a unit that was built in the

1890s or find an apartment in a building

that was finished up last year in 2019

this topic is so deep and I made an

entire video on old apartment buildings

versus new apartment buildings and the

pros and cons of each the next thing you

need to know is that in almost all cases

you'll be able to view the actual unit

that's available for rent this is

different from smaller cities for

example in Gainesville I never actually

got to see my apartment until moving

days what would happen is I would go to

a community check out a model unit corny

decorations and all look over some floor

plans make my decision and then sign a

lease but in Chicago I've never actually

rented an apartment before I got to tour

it from front to back that said with the

current events of 2020 and new social

distancing guidelines it's not always

possible to view a unit in person

especially if it's currently occupied

when it's not landlords are now giving

virtual tours or at least sending you a

video in any case you'll still be able

to view the actual unit that's available

for rent procrastinators will be super

happy to hear the next thing to know

definitely start your apartment search

as early as possible but you'll probably

have the most luck finding a place

within 30 to 60 days of your move in my

case 2016 I found my apartment in June

signed the lease and moved in in July in

2018 same exact story found

in June moved in the next month I also

have a friend that found an apartment in

River North within one week which brings

us to our next thing to know if you view

a unit that you really love act quickly

because like any big city amazing

apartments don't last long it's

definitely nothing like New York City or

San Francisco but Chicago is still

pretty competitive when it comes to the

apartment market and finally I've never

had to pay a security deposit when

moving into an apartment in Chicago very

different from Gainesville where I

always had to pay a security deposit

equivalent to one month's rent in

Chicago you usually pay an application

fee and a moving fee of two to three

hundred dollars which covers painting

and cleaning and then you also have to

cover the first month's rent

I know searching for an apartment

especially in a major city like Chicago

can seem overwhelming but if you break

things down into smaller steps you'll be

able to navigate the process much

simpler and find a place that truly

meets your needs

on that note unless you sign a

multimillion-dollar contract with the

White Sox you're probably not gonna be

able to find that perfect place most

likely you'll have to prioritize what's

most important to you in an apartment

we'll get into more that as the video

goes along and now let's get into the

five steps to begin your apartment hunt

I would say the first step in your

apartment search is to make a wish list

of the things you're looking for in a

residence here's an example one to two

bedrooms gas stove hardwood floors lots

of natural light dogs allowed maximum

rent two thousand dollars once you have

your wish list

you should prioritize the items in the

order of what's most important to you

and also don't forget to identify which

ones are deal-breakers my current

deal-breakers are gas stove and natural

light if the unit doesn't have those two

things I am out of there like last year

it's also important to narrow down your

list of potential neighborhoods I'm in

an entire video to help you out with

that one by picking from just a few

potential areas to live in you could

speed up your search and be more

productive before we move on to the next

step I want to note that these lists can

and will change as you go through the

apartment search but even with that

knowledge I still think it's crucial to

come up with the first versions of these

lists because they'll be so helpful

during the decision making process once

you're ready the next step is actually

seeing what's out there available for

rent you can go through websites like

domu hot pads or even Craigslist which

is what I utilize for my last two

apartments you can also go through

Realtors or leasing companies who own

multiple properties throughout the city

also an underrated step is just

walking around the neighborhood and

looking for for rent signs whenever you

see a listing that matches up with your

initial requirements set up a viewing

usually by email or text note that

sometimes the pictures and a listing

don't actually match up with the actual

unit but this brings us to the main

reasons why you want to view the actual

apartment available for rent you'll be

able to get a better sense of the

building's location and surrounding area

the layout and function of a unit

especially if it's furnished and you'll

be able to see things that aren't

readily visible in photos or via text

now for the actual apartment viewing

which is the fifth step I want you to

keep these three things in mind take

lots of pictures and videos of the

building the entryway the hallway every

room the doors ceilings etc ask lots of

questions the move-in date what the

neighbors are like what's included in

the rent if you spot something that

needs fixing make a list of all the

questions you can't forget to ask and

either during or immediately after the

apartment viewing take notes and make a

pro cons list according to your wish

list this is going to come in handy

especially after you viewed multiple

units because they all start to blend

together let me know in the comments if

I missed anything when it comes to

things to know or steps to take in the

apartment search in a major city like

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like it was Big Ben thank you guys so

much for watching in the next part we'll

actually view apartments for rent in

Chicago that'll be fun and exciting see

you then peace and blessings