Top 11 Questions To Ask When Touring an Apartment


finding a good apartment is dependent on

more than just looks there are a lot of

important questions to ask when you're

touring to make sure you choose the

right fit here are the things you'll

want to know about each apartment 1 how

do I pay rent one of the most basic

apartment tour questions is how to pay

rent some landlords may prefer that you

drop a handwritten check in today's

digital age most properties have a way

to log on and make online payments while

this is convenient

some systems charge a convenience fee

which is something to be aware of - what

if rents late make sure you know what

happens if rent is late typically a

landlord will charge a late fee a

certain number of days after failure to

pay find out in advance when the fee

will be assessed and how much it will be

3 what utility costs are there in many

apartments individual owners are

responsible for their electricity and

internet for items like water trash and

gas sometimes units are charged

individually and sometimes the costs are

combined into a monthly maintenance fee

to better create a budget this is one of

the best questions to ask

for how would I lose my security deposit

when you rent you'll have to put down a

security deposit this will be returned

to you assuming that no damage has done

to the apartment while landlords expect

there to be normal wear and tear the

security deposit will cover extreme

damage some landlords will keep your

security deposit if you move out and

don't clean the unit properly beforehand

ask to find out what will put your

security deposit at risk five can I go

month-to-month landlords have different

requirements for the length of their

leases with some mandating that tenants

must commit to at least a year pretended

to are uncertain about how long they'll

stay a month-to-month lease is ideal

talk to the landlord to see if they'll

entertain a month-to-month agreement

instead of a long-term lease six what

happens to tenants who break a lease

your lease agreement should clearly lay

out a what must be paid if you must

break the lease on your apartment if you

have any concerns this should be one of

the big questions to ask 7 what's the

parking situation lieutenants have

assigned parking park in a garage or do

they utilize street parking while this

may not fall on your list if you're

renting an acquired suburb in a large

city where parking comes at a premium

you need to know what to expect before

you sign a lease 8 what's the pet policy

you've got a pet

I'm a a pet-friendly apartment is unless

similarly if you have allergies or

unafraid of animals you may benefit from

looking for a property with pet

restrictions find out what pet fees must

be paid upfront and if there are any

additional pet fees that are assessed

monthly 9 do your require Richards

insurance lease agreements can differ

and some specified all tenants must have

renter's insurance this will cover your

possessions if they're ever lost or

damaged by a higher pests and other

disasters while most properties don't

require Richards insurance it's good to

have just in case 10 how can I contact

the property manager and maintenance

it's essential to have contact

information from someone who manages and

maintains the property during and after

business hours

also find out how the landlords are your

entices repairs and how long it should

take for most items to be addressed 11

are there any specific restrictions

finally make sure to find out about any

specific restrictions that may apply to

your apartment many landlords brown on

their tenants making permanent changes

to their units some limit the amount of

time guests are allowed to stay but

these on your list of apartment tour

questions to avoid unpleasant surprises

after you've moved in