Apple Seed Germination Step By Step with Time Lapse

Thanks for clicking on the video today. I'm going to show you how to grow in

germinate Apple seeds step by step but before we get growing can anyone guess

the four apples that I have in front of us actually there's only two varieties

these two are the same variety and the two on the right those two apples are

the same variety even though they all look similar they're actually different

this one the two on the left the two apples on the left are a little bit

smaller than the two apples on the right they're actually a little bit bigger go

ahead and leave your comments down below in the comment area also stay tuned to

the end of the video where I'm going to show you different stages of apple seed

growth from the seed to the apple seedling through a little mini


okay once you've got all your seeds collected out of the apples there and

harvest it out of the apples are ready to be moved down to the next step the

next step is simply gonna be our paper towel method to see germination for the

apple seeds and if everything has gone right and these have gone through some

sort of cold stratification basically you're gonna have these these apple

seeds gonna be sprouting within the seven to ten days so I'm gonna jump

right into that time-lapse next kind of give you the results of our process and

we really appreciate guys stopping by so make sure you stay tuned to the end and

again make sure you leave your comments down below to your guesses on the apples

here and we'll see you guys in the next video