When to start the MBA admissions process – Timeline for a top 10 MBA application


hi I'm Cathy from a Ringo MBA and

mission consulting a Ringo specializes

in helping MBA candidates even with low

GMAT scores get into top MBA programs

today I would like to talk to you about

planning ahead what is the ideal time to

start the process for a top 10 MBA

application the foundation stage should

be initiated as early as possible and at

least two years before your MBA consider

what can be changed in your professional

career in order to strengthen your

candidacy do you have any interesting

extracurricular activities start your

GMAT preparation and plan to take the

exam the test score is valid for five

years set your sights on future

recommenders and forge good working

relationships with them visit campuses

if you plan to visit a certain area

anyways it's a good idea to visit the

business schools that interest you the

initiation stage visit school websites

to learn about programs registration

dates and the admissions requirements

contact students and alumni contact an

MBA admission consulting service like a

Ringo and BA emissions consulting to

initiate the process MBA applications

development stage if you haven't already

take the GMAT choose the MBA program you

will be applying to start writing your

CV and applications for each school

explain the process to your recommenders

and ask for them to assist after you

have submitted your application prepare

for interviews confirm recommendations

were sent interview at most schools if

you receive an invitation cross fingers

the decision stage decide where to study

and notify school submit scholarship

applications participate in a welcome

weekend if one is conducted on campus

celebrate your goodbyes get ready for a

once in

lifetime experience that's all for today

thanks for watching and please stay

tuned for more of our videos on how to

successfully apply to business school if

you have any questions or would like to

speak about your profile specifically

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