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haven't already I get asked this

question so so much it's one of the

number one questions I get asked on

Instagram is when to start applying for

your first nursing job so that is what

today's video is going to be about I do

have a video with interview tips which

you can find a link to up here so once

you start applying for jobs and you want

to interview for them check out that

video there is a plethora of really

helpful information in that video for

you guys I was offered all three jobs

that I applied for at that time so it

really works don't forget to check into

that in a few months after you you know

you start applying the first thing that

you're going to want to do is you're

going to want to check your area and see

whether or not facilities near you in

your area of interest are going to even

look at you if you don't have a license

there are some areas I think California

might be one of them but there are just

even like bigger areas won't even look

at you won't even look at your

application if you do not have a current

registered nurse license obviously if

your employer is going to require that

you have a license before you work there

you can basically just shut off this

video because it's not pertaining to you

and your biggest goal is going to be to

get your your license so the rest of

this video is for the rest of you once

you kind of ask around you can ask you

can ask your professors you can ask

friends that may have graduated before

you you can really easily get an idea of

whether or not you're gonna need your

license before you start applying for

jobs or not so that's it's really easy

to do word of mouth works pretty well

luckily for me in my area I got a

position even before I graduated so it

really just kind of depends on the area

that you're in so you just kind of have

to ask around to get that figured out

the next thing that you're gonna do is

probably about two months before you

start graduating you're gonna want to

kind of just

look at what's out there you're going to

want to see you know what positions are

available in your area or wherever

you're planning if you're gonna move or

let's say you went to school out of

state or out of town if you plan on you

know moving back to where you're from

you just kind of want to start looking

at what is what positions are available

in the area that you're interested in

and the reason I tell you to do this

about two months before graduation is

you can kind of get an idea what's out

there for one and for two it's kind of

nice to kind of see maybe like all of a

sudden you see a position this is just

I'm saying this because I'm an operating

room nurse so let's say you're like oh

there's a no art position available wow

I never really I never thought about

working in the o.r that actually sounds

kind of cool you know so that's kind of

somebody consider it's just nice to kind

of see what's out there and just kind of

get your you know mind thinking about

you know where you'd like to go so what

I personally think is that what I think

is a great time to start applying for

positions is if you're in one of those

areas like me you can work before you

have your license

I typically what I recommend is to start

applying about a month before graduation

because it's quite a long process the

hiring process is pretty long so it's

kind of nice to get it started I started

applying I think about a month before

and I accepted my pin my first nursing

position I think it was the week before

graduation is either them I think I'm

better than the Monday of graduation and

I graduated at the end of the week so it

took about a month to kind of get

through the whole process because they

do a background check on you you do some

sort of drug tests you'll also do like a

health assessment where you kind of had

like a physical type of situation so I

think one month before is a pretty good

time to start and like I said it was

really cool some people even get job

offers from their preceptorship so if

you're you know having a preceptorship

in your last month and you really like

the area the best thing you can do is

talk to your manager and say hey you

know I've really liked my experience

here are there any positions available

because I'd be interested in working

here that type of thing so that's just

kind of my two cents obviously you can

do whatever you feel like my buddy Joe

we did a Q&A together you can check out

up here he waited until he graduated

because he was

freaked out he was gonna jinx himself so

if that's you there's no rush some

people even take a month or two off

after graduation especially if you're

younger and you want to do a little bit

of traveling do it because once you

start working you're probably going to

want to continue working and I think

it's a little bit more acceptable to

take a break off you know between

graduation and starting your first

nursing job versus starting working as a

nurse and then deciding you want to take

an extended period of time off so I hope

you guys enjoy this video I hope this

answers a lot of your questions I get

this question all the time like I said

don't forget to check out that interview

video if you are beginning the interview

process because those tips are primo but

thank you guys so much for watching I

super appreciate it I will catch you

guys all in the next video bye guys