Applying for PA Jobs |Sources|Interview|Contract|Salary

okay I'm so tired how hide oh my gosh

I can't talk today hey everyone and

welcome back to my channel so for

today's video we're gonna go over my

process that I go through when I'm

looking for a PA job a quick tip for new

grads who are applying I would say to

apply about two or three months before

you're going to graduate that's a good

time to start but if you're planning on

applying to a hospital I would call

ahead of time and see if they accept

applications that don't have a license

number yet so before you graduate you're

not going to have your PA license number

even if you get a temporary one some

hospitals don't accept that because

their credentialing process is a little

bit more strict so save yourself some

time and call beforehand so that you

have to waste your time doing an

application that's never going to be a

whole looked at but it comes to looking

for jobs I use pretty much the same five

resources so much or how many there are

but I really like indeed I use a super

corridor a zipper zipper cruder blasts

or doc cafe also fappa hub which is our

organization for florida its florida

paths florida ahem oh gosh Florida

Association of PJs in order to look at

the job boards for these associations

you usually have to do like a monthly

fee or a membership fee I'm not sure

which one indeed is a great search

engine we're looking for PA jobs so all

you want to do is go to the what bar and

type in physician assistant and then for

where you can type in whatever location

you want to be in

once it loads its gonna bring up all of

the job postings that are going on right

now if you want to further refine your

search you can search by a salary

estimate by the job type full-time

part-time and buy a little bit more

specific locations or other cities just

from the main page I like to just take

an overview at what fields the jobs are

in the salary if it's full-time or

part-time and then it can click on the

actual job itself to find out a little

bit more about the job but their

offering if they have any kind of

requirements or credentialing that they

require they'll usually list whether or

not they want you to have some kind of

experience or if they accept new grads

it all is really pretty self-explanatory

though and the site is really easy to

navigate if you're looking for a job in

a specific field you can actually type

that field into the search bar with

physician assistant and refine the jobs

like that for example here in South

Florida there aren't too many surgery

jobs so a lot of the postings that

you're going to see are going to be


another great search engine you can use

a zip recruiter it's the same concept it

is indeed but sometimes there are more

jobs on here so this little pop-up will

come up and you can enter your email

address and they will contact you if any

more new jobs show up in the area that

you're looking for it basically has all

the same functions as indeed a chest

sometimes you'll have more listings here

one pro tip I want to mention is when

you look at these ads you want to see

what day they posted so this one was

posted six days ago so it's most likely

still available the jobs that were

posted over 30 days ago you may not want

to waste your time applying or you might

want to call instead and see if the job

is actually still available another

great resources for jobs is

organizations made by our state so ours

is fappa Florida Association of PAS and

usually you need to log in and be a

member in order to access these jobs

so my last and favorite source for

finding jobs is referrals from friends

so friends in the PA field are going to

know a better about the doctor that's

looking for PA usually and they know

their style and know that they're going

to be a good supervising physician for

you but that being said networking is a

really a huge beneficial thing to do

meeting new PA s and just hanging out

with them because guys are the same a

career choice that you guys can talk

about all the crazy crap that happens

every day and you can refer each other

when you know if there are jobs open

once you're in your interview usually at

the end they ask you if you have any

questions and now is a perfect time to

be able to go over anything that you may

have jotted down while you're looking at

the job posting to begin with so for

example if it didn't say on the listing

whether it's part-time or a full-time

job whether it's a hospitalist job or an

office job if there is a call scheduled

and if there is what is the schedule is

it once a month is it once every three

weeks questions like that so that you

can get a good understanding of what the

job entails so the last most important

question that I like to ask is if I can

come over to their office one day or

even half-day to shadow and get a feel

for the office and for the dynamics of

the environment amazing just so that you

can go and see the dynamics of the

office see the environment and see

really if it's a good fit for you you'll

learn with time that not all jobs are

perfect for you you may hate sitting in

an office day but you may hate sitting

in an office all day and not

know it until you get there until you're

in the job you're like God or let's say

you're a hospitalist and you're going

around just so many hospital and you're

like why am I going everywhere I'd

rather just sit in on this all day and

see people in one location so it's

really good idea to shadow so you can

see what it is that you like and get an

idea for the three years that I've been

a PA I have gathered a list you can say

a warning signs that you want to look

out for or be aware of when you're

looking for a job if you want to look

for our one if they have a high turnover

rate of their stuff so if their stuff is

quitting or they're getting fired very

quickly and there's a turnover of new

people very often then there's something

there's something wrong really either in

the management is doing something wrong

this place just isn't for them be me

it's very unorganized I don't know but

it's never a good sign when people keep

quite another thing to look for is if

they're willing to train you or not so

if they say they are willing to train

you but they push you into the room and

make you go see people without any kind

of training then that's probably

somewhere you don't want to be the last

thing I like to look at and sometimes

don't really take into account is the

reviews on the doctor or the office that

you're looking to work for so of course

you know people are going to post either

really great reviews or really bad

reviews and usually there's never like

the in-between where they're just like

oh I had a decent experience great so

the doctor or an office has maybe a one

or two star overall review I don't

always take that to heart I really want

to go through the comments and see what

they're saying to see if they're valid

or not because usually people complain

about wait times which what can you do

about wait times

aside from scheduling your office

effectively the things that I am looking

for and their reviews is about you know

like the cleanliness of the office the

behavior on the staff

whether they're rude or not how they

interact and of course hygiene I said

cleanliness is the same thing okay in

the wait times and just their overall

experience so if it's a one or two star

review and they're only talking about a

weight I'm not really something you want

to take into consideration until you're

there and you see exactly why that's

happening so I just want to go over some

contract basics so I'm not gonna go too

much into contacts because I have a

friend and colleague named Leanne Hahn

and she has a business called the Vance

prize ooh she has a business called

advanced practice provider solutions and

she teams up with lawyers to review

contracts and help piays negotiate so

her link is down below in case you're

interested in her services the things

that I do look for on a contract

obviously are one do you have a contract

so if you don't have a contract then you

probably shouldn't work there or you

should ask for one hundred contract do

you want to make sure your name is on it

obviously the date of commencement is on

it and everything because this is your

reference point this is your hard copy

of what your job entails so that if you

ever have any questions there's never

any confusion you can always refer back

to your contract when looking at your

benefits you want to see do they pay for

your your medical insurance do they give

you paid time off do they give you CM

mean allowance which is the continuing

medical education do they give you money

for that do they give you days off for

it do you get paid time off do they

reimburse your malpractice do they

reimburse your licensure so all of these

things are things you want to think

about if they're not in your contract

now you want to think about negotiating


negotiating them into your contract

because are important parts of a career

are they

another thing to look out for is a

non-compete disclosure so not many

places have a non-compete usually it's

more in the field of aesthetics or a

very specialized field but basically

what a non-compete is that is is that

you're not allowed to practice in the

same field within a certain of mile

radius from the office that you're

currently working at so if that's

something that they want to include into

your contract try to see if you can get

it removed or if you can't try to think

about you know if this is something you

really want to do because it does keep

you from moving forward or moving on

from this company and doing your own

thing if that's something you want to do

or even just didn't work out with the

people there at that company and of

course the most important thing you want

to look at is your salary and how much

are you making how much are they

offering you so when it comes to salary

a really good resources that a APA

salary report they do one every single

year and they basically do a survey and

ask a whole bunch of PAS field do you

work in where do you work how much do

you make and all those great questions

so it's pretty accurate and by having

this report you have a really solid

argument for negotiating this is a

website that you're going to get the a

APA salary report so this report is done

by again the APA and it's done every

year I believe if you participated in

the survey it is free of cost but

otherwise it's going to cost you $200 in

order to access the report I just wanted

to give you guys a quick overview of the

salary of court from a APA this one is

from 2016 when you go the table of

contents it will show you you know what

page to go to to see salaries based on

specialty based on what state you're in

hospital versus outpatient it's very

thorough so if you want to know how much

people make in the specialty that you're

in and in the state that you're in this

is a great resource to look for that it

usually shows you the average and

actually it goes by percentiles so you

can see exactly what they're making and

you can use it as a competitive argument

when you're negotiating your contracts

as manaat' leads make sure your contract

is signed by both parties so you sign

your contract and your doctor or the

manager whoever that person is signs the

contract you date it and you get a hard

copy of it because you always mean it

you never know what's going to happen if

there is any question on like bonuses or

anything like that you can refer back to

your contract and there should never be

any confusion so that's all for today

thank you so much for watching my video

I hope you guys got some helpful tips

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