Ask Admissions: When should I start applying to colleges?

Katie! The next question is, "When should I start applying to colleges?"

Great question. Really right away as senior

year starts, you'll start hearing a lot about

applying to colleges and making sure that you're meeting those deadlines.

And it's important to keep in mind what those deadlines are.

Keep in mind when an application opens

for a school that you're interested in applying to. When are

those application deadlines?

So you're not going in late, so you're getting all those materials that you need,

well ahead of time before those final deadlines.

So really, as soon as you can sit down and devote some time to

figuring out what schools are you interested in

applying to? What do those processes look like?

What essays do you need to write? What information do you need

from your high school counselor? You know, devoting some time to that process

is really important. But as soon as you are able to,

spend some time doing that. I would recommend doing so.