Modified Ashtanga Second Series For Everyone | 75 min Ashtanga Intermediate Led Yoga Class

morning everyone and welcome to Girona

yoga another day another practice we'll

try and do today a bit of a modified

second series a very modified don't

worry just to have a little fun see you

get a bit of a taste of it

okay so we'll just start with one home

together close your eyes


open your eyes release the hands we'll

do one round of kapalabhati to warm up

the core sharp exhales through the nose

belly comes in every time you exhale go

at your speed and as however many are

reasonable for you

exhale all the way

in half

release exhale just a couple of breath

awareness at the belly the heats the

power the Bundys I'm feeling the belly a

bit in a nap feel your pelvic floor lift

a bit of mula bandha in Ludhiana bandha

and let's meet in downward dog ahead and

take a few breaths in downward dog

walk the feet to the front of your mats

forward fold

Mendon is a lot roll up like a wave

let's do a few more times the wave just

to warm up a bit the spine and these

forward hips forward belly chest head

just do this a few times

it's meeting samastitihi inhale alaikum

Surya namaskara hey exhaled way forward

fold inhale three any are doubt an asana

Lenten exhale maybe step the first round

lower chaturanga inhale upward chest

forward shoulders back take a few extra

breaths here to really warm up the spine

into downward dog take note if your

activated awakens your oje breath

letting the breath flow through the nose

passing the slightly restricted back of

your throat creating a soft sound both

for control of breath and for awareness

look forward step or jump to the front

Landon exhale forward fold inhale rise

all the way up see your hands if you

want to enter the back bend exhale

samasthiti again yay come inhale

would've asked asana the way exhale

uttanasana Trini

inhale ardha uttanasana Chitauri exhale

chaturanga dandasana inhale would be

mukha svanasana shut exhale

ro mukha svanasana

can keep wrapping the arms around

towards the chest keeping space between

the shoulder blades

keep reaching the hips far back the

heels down look forward scepter jump

after Lewton asana pashto done asana now

inhale goodbye Astana samastitihi

here we go again here come in here

drei exhale three inhale

Chitauri exhale punch inhale exhale

look forward step or jump lengthen

maybe all with one inhale exhale forward

fold in the L rise all the way up

optional back then exhale close last one

inhale feel free to follow your own

breath exhale soft gaze right just look

up right way exhale we'll take a

modification here so we'll bring the

right foot forward left knee down for a

low lunge warming up or so as we'll need


hands can be in any variation that you

like on the knees hips towards the

ground clasp behind the back just keep

feeling heavy with the hips let them

sink down while at the same time

maintaining your Bundys maintaining the

heart lift hands down step back

chaturanga inhale exhale left foot right

knee down low lunge variations upon

journey asana

entiendes je breath maintained the

awareness of it and the awareness of

your Drishti soft steady gaze

beautiful with awareness hands to the

mat step the left foot back gaze a bit

forward exhale lower chaturanga inhale

upward facing dog or the mukha svanasana

exhale ID Homolka svanasana reconnect

with breath one more deep long exhale

and look forward jump exhale forward

full right into it cat asana inhale hold

chair pose hold woodcutter sauna for

just 3 exhale forward fold inhale

lengthen exhale chaturanga and upward

exhale downward and right foot here of

addressing slow and steady coming up

warrior exhale back down chaturanga


trying to move with your breath paying

attention see if every movement can be a

full breath left foot for your one one

long big inhale stretch it up and then

exhale back down I acted under than this

five exhale inhale jump lengthen exhale

bend the knees inhale utkatasana

shortcut way forward fold inhale so

twice punch shot sub the right foot

after chaturanga dandasan now inhale

- ah a car - a left foot

chaturanga try our chat or - our


exhale look forward punch of the shop

jump show the shop sub to the shop

randomness some sticky he last round

will come inhale bend the knees do way

exhale training to try puncture shut

right foot inhale come up and stay just

take a few breaths here

feel the warrior many little twists warm

up the spine a tiny bit little back bend

left arm up optional

back to the warrior into a lizard hands

to the inside of the right foot left

knee down sneaking in some drawn yoga

into Ashtanga that's cool

that's how drone yoga kind of started

evolving and adding a few of my favorite

little opening stretches to really

prepare for some of the intense poses

that come later again don't worry we'll

do a very modified version today still

can't harm to warm up the hips a bit

coming back up straightening the front

leg a little warm-up for the hamstrings

that and try to wrong them exhale down


left foot forward coming up to the

warrior hold sink the hips twist

my understudy theorem sukemasa

steady and with ease backbend optional

a warrior in the desert

it's to the inside of the left foot keep

the left foot more forward than the left

knee lower just to where it feels right

for you if you can find some ease in the

shoulders and eyes and jaw

go back up go for half Hyneman

straightening the left leg

chaturanga dandasana


go ahead and take the feet a little

wider bend the knees a lot you can even

bring the feet a bit closer go into your

shoulders warm up your shoulders

and into downward dog I don't mukha

svanasana last couple of breaths before

we come out exhale jump bunch of the

show exhale fold inhale bend the knees

some of the beautiful hop the feet

hip-width apart hands on the hips inhale

grow tall exhale peace everybody peace

sign fingers around the big toes if you

can't reach you can just hold the elbows

inhale lengthen exhale bottom gustas and

hamstrings are tight or if you have a

hamstring injury of course feel free

bend the knees

it's super easy work on straightening

the legs even shifting weight forward

towards the toes

inhale lengthen the spine except we're

gonna place the hands underneath the

feet padahastasana

I mean they let it be almost more of a

surrender than a fighting there's more

giving in to gravity

letting your bodyweight fall down

surrender two more breaths beautiful

everyone inhale lengthen the spine

exhale bring the hands to the hips come

halfway up inhale rise all the way up


treecko National will do a standard

style today so open the right foot

either to the back of the room and face

the back or if you're wanting to stay in

front of the screen you can stay facing

forward arms up then if you want to see

me you can face the front so you can be

the regular way reach forward and exhale

three gunas triangle pose if you're

doing your stander style and you have

the reach for the big toe great if it

collapses your whole form please doesn't

matter wherever you reach on the leg is

great try to come up and turn all with

one inhale up and turn or just switch

legs and exhale

second side keep the left kneecap lifted

keep the toes relaxed even the shoulders

are somewhat relaxed through stairs

towards the hand inhale coming up turn

left arm will face up reaching revolve

triangle para Britta trikonasana left

hand anywhere on the right leg right arm

to the sky so even if the hand then I

would keep it a little higher up on the

leg and straighten the leg a little more


inhale up rotate this thing right on up

and exhale right hand to the left leg or

eventually to the outside of the left


Drishti towards the left hand belly in

beautiful inhale coming back up and


therefore Tita parsvakonasana open long

you can again stay facing me the first

round then you can turn around arms up

is in warrior two exhale either elbow to

the thigh or if you have the hand all

the way to the ground go left arm over

the head try to look up towards the sky

if you want to do a standard style look

at your left hand opening your belly in

chest towards the sky

inhale up and rotate same pose on the

left side make sure you're not

collapsing in the back leg they're still

energy lifting the hip though the left

knee is moving towards 90 degrees and

have a turn we're gonna go for the

revolved so we're gonna start baby steps

left knee on the ground

go here and twist twist twist twist try

to get the armpit over left hands can

stay there hands to the heart

or hand to the heart the ground maybe

lifting the back knee maybe maybe

warrior one back foot right arm maybe

over the head please breathe

here we go inhale up and rotate exhale

coming across armpit as much as you can

you can set up with the back knee on the

ground arms of choice maybe lifting the

back heel breathe try to maintain the

space between the shoulder blades

inhale rise exhale samasthiti Oh

let's open for prasarita padottanasana

right foot opens feet parallel hands to

the hips inhale lengthen exhale forward

fold hands to the ground inhale and then

once more

exhale press Sarita a

inhale elongate the spine exhale bring

the hands to the hips inhale rise all

the way up inhale arms up to a tee going

to see clasp the hands behind the back

inhale create length exhale forward fold

keep breathing if the shoulders feel a

bit tight you can see down there and

straight in taking a strap between the

hands if you have a shoulder injury if

you have hamstrings injury crushers

doing the variation for that just being

the pose you'll stay a little longer

instead of C instead of B and D I'm just

gonna stay longer in this pose anything

really the legs warm up to the heads be

heavy to the ground eyes are steady and


when lastly breath here inhale coming

back up all the way to standing and

coming to the front of your mats

Rajputana sana we'll take the hands

behind the back if you can reverse

namaste otherwise hold the elbows you

can do a stander style and turnaround or

you can just put the black foot back and

the right foot back and keep looking

forward towards the screen inhale

lengthen and exhale forward fold

kasia's variation is to strengthen the

so as says she has a hamstring injury

and note you may find many videos where

Kasia is doing this this is normal

hamstrings injuries sometimes can last a

year or even longer and so the secret is

to never stop practicing but to modify

take other options even if they seem

somewhat unrelated that's fine it's

practice inhale coming up turn to the

other side or switch legs your choice

lengthen and exhale forward full

try to wiggle the hands a bit higher the

elbows a bit more towards the sky

I'm slowly coming back up and step to

the front of your max I'm Stevie cool

we're gonna make our way down to

downward dog through the other mascota

a inhale exhale inhale step or jump in

exhale I'm gonna cheat we're adding a

pose here so coming forward to plank and

lower slowly to the belly I'm going to

do a little store shoulder stretch which

will help with the binding of the first

pose of second series right arm to the

right side a little higher than your

shoulders roll onto the shoulder until

you can feel your shoulder going I to

our keep moving

maybe knees up maybe not maybe left

hands behind the back maybe not either

way breathing not too long just enough

to warm up the shoulders

you guys are all doing great take the

eyes sparkling the smiling face and

switch to the other side then I'm just

making sure that my hand is about nose

hike I roll should feel something in the

shoulder some people feel it a bit in

the elbow that's okay too it's too much

you can always move the arm a bit up or

down or bend a bit in the arm to see if

you can find a place where it gets a

little more - that feeling of oh yeah I

can go deeper into my bind creating

nice nice back to Center coming up

warming up the spine a tiny bit more

with a Cobra and to the downward dog

take two breaths

look between the hands jump to a squat

beautiful everybody so their first pose

we're gonna do is it's a twist and it's

kind of intense so we're gonna start

twisting towards the left and you may

want to just go ahead and my heels are

upright you can put a block or roll the

mat under to support you if you want or

you can try and balance without it try

to go as deeply as you can to the armpit

even if you just had cookies I mean kale

salad and then take the other arm under

and just half a twist is fine overtime

some of you will be able to take the

vine if you have the bind over time lift

the hips a bit and move the heels down

take your gaze to the left just a few

more breaths

let's switch sides so twisting to the

right side again really getting the

armpit and kill the belly and taking the

arm under using tons of Banda's

keep opening the right shoulder as much

as you can breathe

and you can lift up to half miniature

tammini hands down and cut around me so

just jump up the hips jump through to

your seat and if you use blocks you're

free feel free to use the blocks left

leg straight right foot to the in folded

just like three younger mukha actually

let us start with triangle Mooka so

coming forward and for many many of us

you'll be sitting on a block especially

if the right knee is getting too much

pressure maybe it's the right ankle your

hamstrings are injured too feel free to

bend in the left knee a lot now to the

second series opposed and you can stay

here in the primary series post-launch

asana taking the foot lifting the leg

point the toes and then over time lift

the chest and work on moving their leg

towards the head the head towards now

not the head so much towards the leg

more the leg to the head

beautiful good news vinyasa here we go

jump back chaturanga

second side jump through right leg

straight forward fold triangle mukha eka


paschimottanasana as this gets easier

for you you can bring the knees closer

to each other at first maybe it's too

much keep them a little apart remember

sitting on a block is super okay

asana or stay in the first version

remember not all sides are the same


Charlie Rangel and dolphin huh yummy

yummy I'm gonna come forward to plank

and in slow motion lower to the belly

beautiful everybody salabhasana arms

alongside the body palms facing up lift

the chest lift the legs keep their hands

on the ground straightening the legs as

much as possible four five bring the

hands alongside the body still on the

ground just a little bit alongside the

ribs maybe the lower ribs left a bit

more inhale upward dog exhale downward

job forward to plank slowly lower to the

belly Oh

bending the knee we'll try to do half

because on the first working on the

right foot maybe moving towards the

ground chest lifts breathing

switch legs

beautiful so some of you will just

switch legs again for two breaths or try

if you want we're going for the full

pose both foot both feet forward try

stop and breathe release down

upward dog and downward dog coming back

into plank lower to the belly bow pose

on your asana take the feet or if you

can the ankles legs up then chest up


now we're down inhale upward exhale

downward forward to plank lower to the

belly inhale lift up opus roll on to the

right side try to pull the legs far away

from you chest opens breathe

inhale up exhale roll to the opposite

side really press the legs away even

more now open the chest

and he'll rise back up hold

bring these down and have upward dog or

maybe even cheat then take a Cobra

mmm get it really open exhale down we're

done take one breath to relax everything

I'm gonna come forward to our knees one

more time for camera asana placing the

hands on the hips if you need to tuck

the toes under inhale lengthen exhale

back bend try to bring the hands to the

heels keep the hips moving forward the

chest up this is challenge like I said

tuck the toes if it's easy walk the

hands further down on the feet breathe

and they'll come up exhale chaturanga

second one coming forward you can repeat

exactly as we did before

perfect no problem if you have further

into leg over Tadasana take the hands to

the calf's or behind the knees or as

David Swensen does it to the knees and

work on the head going as far back as it

can while you can still make your way

back up eventually eventually head will

be on the ground

you have coming back up and exhale


last one here we go back to the knees

repeat the first version of stress Anna

or is the second leg of a jar asana well

you can work towards we're not gonna do

today folk up with us or not but chest

is up hands to the heart they don't even

need to reach the ground just go as far

as you can in the hole if they reach the

ground stay there try to work on

straightening the arms as much as

possible exhale as you go down the legs

are strong either hands at the heart

face over the head or maybe maybe some

of you take them to the ground

inhale coming back up exhale chaturanga

dandasan somewhat of a release for the

spine crow pose walk the feet hands on

to the armpits shift the weight forward

look forward hold lift their legs as

high as you can

five four three two one try to round

them and he'll upward downward are

beautiful will come through two sets

I'll jump through to your seat I'll take

two twists bend the left knee

bring the right foot if you can to have

Lotus otherwise to join us your shots on

to the inside we're gonna twist over to

the right side maybe your right hand

reaches the toes maybe a strap may be

fixed if it's fine

left hand either on the knee or one day

underneath the right leg lift tall and

twist to the right

twisting is healthy is good make sure

you're not compromising the need for the


Center chaturanga

and jump through for the second side

yeah half Lotus or not whatever works

for you

binds or not right and either to the

knee or under the knee grow tall that's

the most important thing and then twist

as this pose gets easier try to keep

both sit bones down on the ground a

little more challenge to have both the

sitting bones and the right palm down

not super crucial really just working

towards it for the fun of it

turn to the front jump back

so we're gonna return into the little

lizard Lizzy the lizard right foot

forward this time since the next post

would have been sitting with the leg

behind the head we're just gonna take

the hands under either like ear plate or

work on the right right head yeah


I'm the head towards going under the

right leg so just pull your head towards

the right as much as you can

should feel kind of juicy I'm gonna

place my hands on the ground if you're

not laying down chest down head down you

can work on even lifting the back knee

sometimes that helps give some extra



release the vinyasa

left leg

so again left for this forward of the

knee and work on the arms to the side

work on the head towards the leg yeah

one day it'll go under the leg

completely I'm going to keep it forward

and the side option and lift back knee

up breathing

chaturanga exhale down dog

we're gonna step or jump through to our

seats beautiful I'm gonna slowly lower

down to the back slowly with control

with control with control all the way


thread the needle bend the right knee

bring the left knee closer in towards

the chest we've got in a little bit of

knee injuries or such you can flex the

feet it does if he I'll show you the

other side for those of you that this is

intense please stay here feel the hip if

this is getting easy for anybody you can

place one foot on the ground and work on

the other foot towards the forehead

towards the third eye remember it's not

about lifting the head up it's about the

foot and that definitely I can feel it

increased intensity a lot if that is

easy and here I really have to urge you

to take caution all right you can go

almost like a baddha konasana here I do

lift the head and eventually the head

goes under over the leg they leg under

the head and if all that is still easy

you may need to hold the leg in place

you can straighten the right leg if it's

with strong resistance by all means

don't do it it's a really easy place to

get injured either in the knee or the

lower back so alright it's uh I call it

the patient's pose it takes practicing

over and over slowly slowly

it's good you don't need to have crazy

cardio or anything you really only need

patience and it happens

so go ahead and switch sides

I also recognize that not both sides

have to be the same right one side may

be more open than the other

like I said for me one side has an

injury so I'm taking the side very basic

very easy I can feel that I could feel a

bit of pinching in my right knee

and so as you can see even with injury I

practice it's not like I stop it's just

I take it's way way easier on certain

things and so instead of being though I

could I wish I would just returning to

breath returning to the present moment

I do remember days of injury where I

couldn't walk so hallelujah we came here

and we're doing it we're breathing just

a little more really warming up the

spine the hips

beautiful release can bring the knees to

the chest for a moment throw the bit on

the back we're gonna meet in downward

dog so you can either take the chalice

on either backward somersault or roll up

to sit take vinyasa you're taking the

backward somersault hands by the ears

you get to chaturanga walk the hands

forward and complete the vinyasa I'm

going to try and do a basic version of

the TT ba so now we won't do the whole

thing but let's just give it a try so

we're gonna hop the legs around the

hands or to the hands one day we'll be

able to hop them onto the arms and then

from here let's just stick it a little

more basic today hands behind the heels

try to have a seat and for me this is


right now here my toes are still on the

ground that's it maybe you can live what

lift one foot at a time

maybe both feet that's great too if you

have tight hamstrings or an injury you

won't be able to straighten the legs

otherwise just work right on lifting the

hips back chest forward straighten the

arm straighten the legs as much as you

can will not do all the different

variations of it just one some of you

can lift the hips move the legs back

into crow and shoot to chaturanga either

way take a vinyasa we'll meet in

downward dog good job remember trying

playing having a good time with it it's

what matters

my mom's 82 she never tried this she's

still happy it's not a requirement for a

good life Oh No

good times there we go pincha has

arrived not pinching pinchy we're gonna

take our feathered peacock forearms on

the ground I highly encourage you to use

your block between the hands Karam Dan

will oh I will I guess demonstrate how

it goes

really squeezing the block in I pressed

the elbows down elbows are a little too

close to each other so I can roll on the

skin and then I press and lift between

the shoulder blades option one dolphin

option to walk way forward dolphin

intents bring the hips as much as

possible over the shoulders option 27

splits one leg up option 684 both legs

up whatever you do please try to breathe

the first step it's much easier to do

banana it's perfectly okay to flip over

that's how we learn to get off the wall

I can tell you these two lovely students

of mine here regularly do it piece of

cake on the wall today thanks to the

camera they have to do it in the middle

of the room which is great because it

forced this Custer to be a supermodel

that was amazing Dan look a bit forward

good breathing so again you guys can use

the wall that's perfectly okay if you've

had enough reading rest in Child's Pose

if you have one more in you you can do

it either the back bend if these are

easy for you or the cut on device or not

the low dispersion breathing

I won't go all the way just part way

just for fun meeting in downward dog

there went the block take a couple of

breaths let everything settle cool

skipping a little more going into Perry

gas sauna

so come through to your seats right knee

bends we're gonna either take the right

knee and open it up to a 90 degree if

this is not working for you because of

the knee or the hips or the ankle you

can simply take jhana sheersh-asana

variation right the important part is

mostly the twisting of the body sideways

tucking the belly in option one right

arm behind the head

option 27 reaching towards the left foot

maybe with one arm one can be it there

or reaching for the foot over time

working on spinning opening the chest

taking the gaze up towards the sky and

are stronger both elbows are off the

ground I sometimes like to actually

press the left elbow down to help open

the chest because I really think it's

not about the elbows but about opening

the chest some people like to take the

left hands over to the right thigh that

helps them open up a little deeper

really so many variations it's all good

you're feeling an opening in the side of

the body beautiful you can simply switch

sides I'm gonna take a vinyasa join me

if you like

jumping through to sit left events

really tuck the belly and really turn

your shoulders sideways and as you go

down notice there's an option to curl

down or to really reach so try wherever

it is that your right hand is to reach

it as far as you can to create that leg

and then the left arm helps with that

lengthen top it off with some

strawberries I mean breathing

maybe every inhale I feel my chest

opening a tiny bit more a millimeter

towards the sky and that's amazing just

means I'm present I can see the movement

of the body the breath what I'm seeing

with my eyes my Trish T

coming out we'll take a vinyasa

so there are plenty more poses in the

second part of the second series but I

want to give us a chance to work on the

head stands and the back bends etc so

we'll flip the order a bit we'll just go

right to the finishing we'll start with

our back bends on the back forward fold

and then we'll play a bit with head

stance where they're regular or fancy so

let's make our way to our back one more

time one not last time there's always a

service or not and try to give it a go

give it three of your back bends

whatever they are whether you lift a


whether you lift to upward well doesn't

matter see what feels good for you today

no in second series we get double

intensity we do both the back bends on

the knees as well as on the back and

around yoga usually I choose one of the

two and give it a little extra time so

it's a beautiful thing it really opens

the back but it can get to be a little

more intense than normal so practice

with care with consciousness do five

breaths come down rest come up again or

do five breaths walk the hands a bit in

and then re come up for those of you

that do the drop backs abdomen

try to keep the heels moving out of it

you're slightly pigeon-toed keep tucking

the tailbone slightly under not a lot

just to protect the back

working on straightening the arms

cool hopefully you got to have three in

there did you do three one more and Dan

said one more that's the attitude right

let's try one last one two seconds five

seconds twenty seconds

lift up give it what you got advanced

students consider smiling that means you

everyone and release down bring the

knees to the chest give yourself a

loving hug roll a bit from side to side

I'm gonna roll up to sit forward fold

I'm gonna take a quickie one second

twist to each side and enough personally

for me it feels good before they're

going to the deep forward fold

ahead remember you can sit on a block

bend the knees a lot you can take better

callosum if you want

about a konasana is a nice option

because it opens the hips but it still

is a bit of a forward fold for the back

and that's the main thing we're working

on not necessarily that we are obviously

stretching the hamstrings but we just

want the flexion of the spine as opposed

to what we just did was was the

hyperextension of the spine in the back

bends and if you're like hyperextension

I thought that's an extension yeah come

to one of our teacher trainings I'll

explain it further we're almost there

just a few more breaths

cool moment we've all been waiting for

so in the second series traditionally we

would do seven types of head stands

apart from the last regular head stand

we're going to combine them here today

and do any headstand that you can we

said it's a modified second series it's

not the ultimate ninja show-off version

so if you can do a regular headstand or

you're working on the regular one

hallelujah even if you can go half way

and down one leg up that's great if you

can do too maybe you do the first one

and the tripod headstand hallelujah as

well I'm gonna start really quick with

showing you a third variation in case

you can do the third one otherwise again

anyone that you're doing is fine

the third one that I'm going to talk

about you do need to know how to come up

with straight legs arms are straight

palms flat palms facing up shifting the

weight pressing the tops of the tops of

the hand to the ground and lifting up

the exit from this pose is simply by

transitioning into the tripod heads that

lowering halfway into chaturanga so

again practice what you've got in your

practice as long as you're upside-down

as long as you've got the head pressing

on to the ground the crown of the head

the Fontanella area really the crown

chakra it's already kind of giving a

little bit of a call to an opening of

for enlightenment right let's do another

few moments if you've come down you can

take Child's Pose if you've got energy

for one more time up once more

nice take your time to come down to make

your way into Child's Pose if you like

knees apart

let's take a vinyasa into downward dog

jump through to your seats make our way

into shoulderstand salamba sarvangasana

in certain languages people call it in

three countries languages a candle post

cool - I'm trying to come into stillness

lifting up all the shoulders under

elbows come a bit closer to each other

straighten the legs as much as they're

willing and then steady your Drishti

your gaze at one point

remember the Drishti the focus is

focused but not intensity sometimes I've

seen since understand that people talk

about Drishti in the direction of the

nose people cross-eyed really adding

tension and stress so look in the

direction of the toes and then actually

relax the eyes so you can see through

the peripheral vision meaning you can

see much more than just your toes even

though you're looking straight at your

toes few more breaths

beautiful legs come over the head into

plow halasana if you can like you can

cross clasp the hands and lower them

towards the mat or onto the mat the legs

the feet don't reach the ground that's

totally fine if the toes are on the

ground and it's easy untuck the toes so

the toenails around the ground breathe

bend the knees towards the ears

keep breathing

Peg's back up to the sky shoulders down

if you have the Lotus please take the

Lotus otherwise you can either take

vatican on or just cross the leg anyway

that works for you doesn't really matter

and then for those of you that can bring

the hands under the knees try to balance

this doesn't work just keep the hands on

the back that's awesome - traditionally

it's under the knees if you've got long

arms like mine I'm putting them over or

up in the air it's otherwise that will

still being shoulder stand

they always have to take into

consideration that specific anatomy of

each and every human being how did the

knees towards the chest it would be

silly to pretend that we're all the same

but we all share the same energy and

influence each other dramatically body

wise were not the same body hands on to

the mat slowly rolling down take your

time once you reach down try to keep

your legs crossed or in Lotus lift the

belly lift the chest take the head down

to the mat

if you can hold the feet or the thighs

or the knees whatever you can

and then go ahead try to keep the head

chest hips as they are simply straighten

the legs up into the air straighten the

hands up into the air palms together

facing the toes breathe being

lower down knees to the chest let's roll

up to sit for a moment we won't do all

the closing sequence but let's still

take a moment seated before shavasana

she wants we can start with a moment of

forward folding you can hold the elbows

behind the back and a few of you may be

able to take the toes to bind like I

said I just have long arms it's not a

magic thing

oh it's both if you don't have that and

your head doesn't come to the ground I

just put two fists one on top of each

other and I rest my forehead onto it

it's really just a bit of grounding to

close up to connect with the earth I'm

coming back up to sit take the hands

into gnyana mudra jnana mudra thumb

index finger touching stretch lightly

the fingers close your eyes it's not a

deep meditation it's a more of a dhana

focus where you're aware of the breath

as it moves through your entire spine

through your main energy channel maybe

you can feel it go all the way up to the

head projecting onto the third eye

second series his balance things the

nadi shodhana feeling the great balance

of energy and softness maybe you feel

the breath coming in through both

nostrils simultaneously balancing the

left and right hemispheres of the brain

maybe it's simply a balance of not too

far excitement or too far depression but

a stable steady happiness what I like to

call a joy sustainable joy which is more

like an expansion of love everywhere so

it's not the crazy excitement for

usually when we go to crazy excitement

we end up in crazy depression anger or

sadness later learning to be a bit more

chill and both ends of the spectrum

and by practicing this here right now it

doesn't mean yes I am perfect you are

perfect it means yes I recognize my

shadows I recognize where I am out of

balance and I set the true sincere

intention to keep working on it

to keep improving this goes for all of

you whether your teachers or beginners

if you do the practice if you do the

work that's what really matters

taking this intention off the mats if

you haven't already bring the hands to

the heart maybe if you'd like share with

us your intentions in the comments below

how was this for you hopefully we'll do

a full second series soon we're gonna

stop here and chant a little chant to

end and allow you to take more shavasan

after we finish as long as feels

appropriate for you but please do take a

bit of a shavasana we'll do the closing

chant if you know it join us we'll type

it in the notes below inhale




thank you everyone for practicing with

us to subscribe to get some more until

next time namaste