How to Seed Start Asparagus Indoors - Save a Year by Starting Early! - TRG2016

welcome to the rustic garden today's

February 12 and I want to talk to you

about seed starting asparagus indoors

talking about how you do it it's pretty

straightforward and also talk about when

you can actually hire the harvest this

from your garden because most of the

plants that you plant you harvest same

year asparagus you really have to wait

two to four years before it's ready to

really be taken out of the ground or

when the spears come up you cut them

back and a reason for that is with

asparagus you really want a great root

system to establish in your asparagus

bed so if you remove the spears too

early they don't you know grow tall and

these are starting to flower like in a

front like way

so you're basically taking the asparagus

stalks away while the roots are still

immature in the ground and they're not

getting the energy that they need to

develop now because it's usually about a

three year period before you plant like

if you order asparagus and a bag of

asparagus crowns those are usually 1

year old plants put them in the ground

that's one year then you wait a second

year and then the third year you harvest

them so it's a three year process now if

you're starting from seeds it can be up

to four years because if I waited till

you know April are made to put my

asparagus seeds and they can take a

frost they come up early they come up in

a cold they don't mind cold weather but

if I started these from seeds right in

my garden in April May it's going to

take a while from them germinate and

look like this and it might be the

fourth year before I can harvest so

start them indoors start em early it's

February 12th I'm in Maryland zone seven

and I started these on January 16th so

this is almost four weeks worth of

growth I got my seeds from Baker Creek

heirloom x' two different varieties

that's all I need I have a lot of

asparagus already at my garden to plant

it you know start with your seed

starting mix I put three or four seeds

in each space you don't need to just put


is how I kind of just follow nature you

know it's bearing a seeds drop they're

kind of like a little out berry but

inside there's sometimes more than one

seed at least that's my belief

so you when they drop you don't just get

a single seed it's one or two in the pod

and even if that's not true I could be

wrong some of this pods will drop and

you'll be right next to each other

they're not going to over compete with

each other for space or anything like

that and plus when your seed starting

you don't just want to put in one plant

B one seed because if it doesn't come up

you're waiting around for nothing so put

in two three four asparagus seeds I mix

them in just like that get them down

about a quarter of an inch and then I

just pack it down and they went under my

grow legs four weeks later they look

like this

and in about four weeks when you look

under here you'll see that the roots are

starting to come up and or come out and

that's when you want to get them into

the next size tray you don't want the

roots to get to root bound you can see

that they're starting to twist it's not

going to matter if they look like this

at this point but you can see you know

the root systems are where the roots are

coming out through the sides down at the

bottom you also want to start feeding

these have strength fertilizer I just

fill up a cup this is an 8 ounce cup

make a circle with my finger drop this

in you're keeping the depth almost at

the same place press it in and I've

gently transplanted my asparagus you

don't want to break these up into single

plants just put the whole thing in here

and then label it I like to say when I

transplanted it so this is transplanted

on to 12 and it was started on 116 these

can stay in here for you know several

weeks but at this point when you go into

the bigger Cup you have to start feeding

them so that's when I give them a


a liquid fertilizer you don't have to do

it less is usually better for most of

your indoor plants because you

get rain that washes out the excess

water soluble fertilizer you don't have

a lot of soil life in here that's why I

use processed fertilizers instead of

organic fertilizers because organic

fertilizers often have to be broken down

by soil life so I do use a chemical

fertilizer or processed you know a

product to feed my indoor plants this is

how you can set up asparagus start it

really let's say it'll go can go out you

know March 1st April 1st somewhere

between there

let me just let's go with April 1st

March can be a little bit cold in here

so I'm in Maryland zone 7 I started

admit February

I'm sorry mid January mid February is

four weeks mid March is eight weeks and

it'll go out you know mid April so I can

start this really twelve weeks before

it's going to go outside and I'll have

nice healthy asparagus transplants to

put into my asparagus bed I hope this

gives you some idea of how you can start

as asparagus indoors and again I ordered

my seeds sometimes they're hard to find

at the stores but I wouldn't mind from

Baker Creek and I would or two varieties

please check out my blog at www.hsn