AYAHUASCA DIET, best for connecting with mother aya, what to avoid and a few examples


so you're thinking about taking

ayahuasca but you're not too sure on a

process before it because there's lots

of mixed information different things

like that so I've actually had 10

ceremonies with ayahuasca now so I've

had a bit of experience before I was

following in quite a strict diet and

I've actually done a data with ayahuasca

the D etre I did was tobacco so the

process for that is you drink three

small glasses of tobacco and if you're

not too sure about what dear to is Oh

actually make a separate video on

theatre so you can better understand it

but in short basically all plants have

consciousness and intelligent being

behind them so if you agree that mother

ayahuasca is a plant teacher you can

also agree that San Pedro has a plant

teacher psilocybin mushroom has a plant

teacher but so does tobacco to--a

and all these different other plants so

when you combine when you combine

tobacco with ayahuasca you get are you


but you also get tobacco so in your

visions you'll meet two entities now

both work to heal you before I was

following a primarily a plant-based diet

anyway so red meats which you're meant

to avoid pork which you're meant to

avoid dark fish is you meant to avoid

like fatty fishes salmon tuna and

different fishes like that you mean to

avoid you meant to avoid extra sugars

extra salt oils you can use a bit of

coconut oh and a little bit of olive oil

but limit as much as possible grains are

fine potatoes of iron vegetables are

fine fruits are fine

apart from citrus fruits and pineapple

fruits the greener the better I suppose

because you want to try and keep your

sugar level low what this does is this

helps you connect more of the plants

because when you consume in

stimulants like sugar and caffeine and

all of these different things what that

does is that actually limits your

connection to the plant so what you want

to do is you want to strip all of this

much as possible and actually get

yourself to a point where you can eat

the food but your focus isn't on it

because you want your full time

attention to be on the plant because you

want to allow the messages to come

through salt is quite a grounding sort

of condiment so when you have salt

inside your system it keeps you planted

and you want to be you want to be quite

free and available to the spirits so

that's why they recommend kite now

chilly they recommend cutting out

because it's quite powerful and chilly

doesn't really agree with ayahuasca

because our us car can pass through

quite extensively and give you basically

explosive diarrhea so if you're having

that with chili it's not going to agree

because your stomachs are really upset

and these time to adjust on this trip

they have two types of diet they have

the normal diet and they also have a

dieter so with the deatta

all you'll be having is plain potatoes

no salt and no flavor

nothing just plain boiled potatoes

you'll have lentils plain nothing on

them or bins plain nothing on them or

I'll actually put some photos up of what

I've had and then with this you have a

plain white fish or plain chicken or

something with boiled eggs and then some

grain whether it's quinoa or white rice

so that is a very plain diet that's

going to help you connect with to--a or

tobacco or whatever plant base you

connect with ayahuasca people that were

just here for a short period and just

take in our us car itself they have a

different diet the diet involves minimal

minimal flavorings so a little bit of


little bit of garlic

involves a lot more variety so you have

broccoli carrots cauliflower beetroot

cinnamon flavor and you have banana

shakes with cacao so raw chocolate and

with the banana you also be able to have

red apples some grapes and you're

waiting with the meat still no pulse

still no red meat it's still plain

chicken or plain fish but the

differences between that and the D etre

is you actually have a lot of flavorings

there and you have a lot more fruits

there because the only fruit you can

consume is these green apples you can't

have red apple which might have oranges

kind of bananas pineapple mango melon

you can't have any of that on the other

diet you can people are still have been

absolutely amazing experiences on a

normal diet regardless but if you truly

want to connect and have the commitment

then Theatre is the way to go every

facility every shaman and everyone has

done theater that spo2 have said

basically it's intensified their

experience they've met this other entity

and it's just help them heal that bit

more so 100% recommend it when you

actually complete your data they will

close your diet and then you have the

opportunity to eat these other foods but

after you're completely done with why

you ask oh there's some recommendations

that you need to follow and these

recommendations are stay away from six

for a following two weeks just let help

your any energies balance out and heal

although here at the center they

actually they say it's fine once you

closed off once you have your finally to

Ross and they close you off then they

say it's fine blue cheese stay away from

for a month

these pulps tear open from a month I

think red meats will k after two weeks

normal Fisher's okay after two weeks you

can start adding in

my Chili's after two weeks hot Chili's

after a month in terms of actual so the

things you is avoiding before I'd

recommend just following for an extra

two weeks after because what this does

is this helped you connect with mother

ayahuasca because once you're out

ceremony you've still get messages

whether it's in your sleep in your rest

time in your meditation she'll still be

sending your messages and so will the

plant if you did a deer turn so the idea

is to keep that connection strong if

you're participating another drug use

this is when things get a bit more

difficult you could say because certain

drugs can completely cut the connection

with mother ayahuasca and you won't get

your messages no more and you've

completely cut the tire so marijuana can

completely cut the tire if you don't use

it in a medicine or form so if you smoke

it just casually with your pals if you

just want to eat a big pizza and watch a

movie and you smoke weed that can also

cut the connection and if you abuse

marijuana it cut the connection by

fusing the ceremonial form if you use it

connect as a medicine and help you heal

and use as a plant teacher then

marijuana will help you psilocybin

mushrooms are absolutely fine you can

use them whenever they're very syncretic

with it so is San Pedro and so is iboga

which is from Africa that's very

syncretic with it things like MDMA can

completely cut two-tire ecstasy and all

of these drugs that you use on a night

out can also cut the tire crack heroin

definitely cut the tire so basically the

hard drugs and the sort of commercial

drugs the ones that you just use to go

out and enjoy and party can cut the tire

by these medicinal drugs which have

teachers behind them give you a

psychedelic experience and teaching

these are fine so you can stick to them

if you do have any more questions

there's probably lots I have remembered

but forgot to say right now so just

comment down below and I'll reply to

your comments and let you know we've got

a documentary coming out soon and many

other people's experiences with

ayahuasca and more dear to information

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into it