Music Together Babies Classes Video

as parents of infants and young children

you already know that your child's first

months and years go by quickly and are

irreplaceable studies show that the most

important connections between you and

your child begin at birth and that the

first three years are crucial for

building and foundation which helps your

child do well in school to encourage and

support all parents in the beginning of

this journey the horizon education

alliance of Elkhart County along with

its partner the Goshen College Music

Center is giving a free six-week session

of music together classes for all

Elkhart County parents of infants up to

eight months old during weekly 45 minute

classes parents learn tips and ideas for

stimulating babies healthy development

and through songs and movement that are

fun for both baby and parent train music

together specialists provide activities

to help parents playfully engage their

baby's natural inborn musicality when

they make those noises Oh dicta whatever

it is that they say say it right back

because they are communicating with you

they're telling you something important

pree music together baby's classes are

offered at many Elkhart County locations

near you with child care provided for

older siblings music together family

classes are also available for parents

and children up to age five with tuition

grants available join a class today to

learn useful tools for parenting to

realize the benefits of music in your

family and to find support from other

parents together building stronger

families and community for all who live

here register by phone at 574 535 6100

or by email at music together at Goshen

edu additional information online and GC

Music Center org /mt babies