hi everyone and welcome back to my

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here on my channel so welcome so today

I'm gonna be showing you my newborn

son's nighttime routine this is

something I try to implement every night

just to help him wind down so this

routine kind of starts at around 9:30 10

o'clock my daughter who is two and a

half years old she's in bed by 7 to 8

o'clock at night so I'd like to do this

one it's just him and me so then I could

kind of give him all of my focus so once

he's had some happy time we will go and

start our bath time but usually I only

bathe him about every 2 or 3 days just

because he doesn't need to be bathed

every day and newborn baby's skin is

really sensitive


and I actually just use the Johnson's

cotton touch newborn wash and shampoo it

smells really great and it's really

sensitive for their skin which is great

also so I'll make sure the water

temperature of the bath is just a

lukewarm what I do I don't actually have

a newborn bathtub or a baby bathtub I

just use a towel and I just lay it down

in the tub and so he can just lay on

that comfortably in the tub so one thing

that I also do is I'll take a receiving

blanket and just put it in the tub as

well put that over him and it kind of

gives him a sense of security where he

doesn't feel like it's you know his arms

are completely out or there's nothing

kind of heavy on his body and it also

keeps him warm as well

so the first thing I do like to do when

I give him a bath is use a wet washcloth

to wipe his face I don't put any soap on

his face I just use water because I

don't want to get anything in his eyes


one thing you don't want to forget when

you're bathing your baby is to forget

his neck and to clean kind of the fold

within there because things like formula

or breast milk can get stuck in there

and he can get a bit of a rash so that's

just something that I always kind of

make a mental note of when I'm giving

him a bath

so once bath time is done then I'll go

ahead and just change him on our bed I

will use the same onesie Aziz before

because I actually just changed him out

of an outfit right before I felt this

video so this onesie is actually pretty

clean and so I'll just go ahead and

start drying him off I will put a diaper

on him he's still in size one diapers so

for the baby lotion I'm just actually

using the cotton touch a baby lotion

from Johnsons as well and I find it

works really well for his little skin

and it does a pretty good job of

moisturizing it and just making him

smell really yummy


then I'll go ahead and just brush his

hair I know he has a little bit of hair

but it's always nice when it gets a

little fluffy after a bath and it gets

nice and clean because newborns hair can

get pretty greasy pretty quick because I

know I love touching my son's head a lot

and I know other people do as well



we do every single night is I swaddle my

son Kellen a for sleep time because with

newborns they have something called a

startle reflex where they will actually

kind of jump in their sleep and that can

actually wake them up and I find to that

most do birds like to be swaddled in

tightly to kind of mimic the womb and so

it helps them sleep better at night

this swaddle is actually from swaddle me

I just got this one on Amazon it works

really well I use those also for my

daughter and she really enjoyed these as



I've been loving recently is this

essential oil called gentle baby from

young living this was actually actually

gifted to me I'm not a huge oil person

but this smells amazing and I find it

just creates this nice relaxing scent in

the room to kind of help us relax for

the night then next I'll just go ahead

and feed Kel on one more time before bed

that this usually relaxes him and makes

him feel really happy so that he's

relaxed and ready for the night

then I'll just rock in the rocking chair

for a little bit just so we can have a

little bit of cuddle time where he feels

like he is secure and ready for sleep

time now I actually put my son in the

rock and play that we have for him at

nighttime because he is dealing with

severe reflux and he does need to be

sleeping on an incline so this has been

really really helpful for us I will be

transitioning him to a crib in the

future for sure but right now we're just

dealing with his reflux and he claims so

this has been a lifesaver for us so I'll

just put it on the half an hour rock

setting and then it will rock him to

sleep and then it will stop rocking

after half an hour so I highly recommend

using a white noise machine or just some

white noise I actually used this app

called sound sleeper and I used the hair

drying option on there and it puts

calendar right to sleep every time so as

you can see our night didn't and after I

put him down to sleep I did have to have

a few more feedings in the nighttime and

that's kind of it for our newborn

nighttime routine I hope you guys did

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