Baby's First Food Reaction at 6 Months Old | How to Start Solids | Pediatric Nursing

hey everyone it's sarah and josiah and


is a very very big day because guess

what little man here is now trying

his first bite of solid food

so he has been exclusively breast fed

for the first six months

that is what the american academy of

pediatrics recommends

so what we're going to do is we're going

to start him on his solids today

and then we're going to continue with


over until he's about a year and that's

what they recommend doing now you can

breastfeed your baby however long you

want to until you and your baby decide

you don't want to breastfeed anymore

they recommend breastfeeding at least up

to a year

two years is great if you can do it that

long but really depends on what you all

want to do

now what are the signs that your baby is

ready for solids because there's some

things you need to look for

well first of all your baby you know can

set up

unassisted they have really good head


they also love putting things in their


like that they'll take their hands put

put them in their mouth

and he's really big about doing that

with his teeth so that's signaling to me

that he likes to do that

so what are we starting josiah on today

for his very first food

well we're gonna start with a single

grain baby cereal

rice and you know a lot of people wonder

what should i start my baby on the first

time i give them food and it really

depends it depends on who you talk to

i have read that there's really no

particular order

i've heard that you should do vegetables

before fruits because

your baby may like fruits over

vegetables you should do grains you

should do meats

it doesn't it doesn't matter it really

depends on what you want to do

what your pediatrician says so what i've

done is that i've

actually manually pumped some breast


so i'm going to use this breast milk and

i'm going to mix it with a little bit of

rice cereal you know he's not going to

down a huge amount of this because this

is his first time we'll be probably

lucky if he takes

you know two three spoons of this so

we're going to mix this together

okay are you ready you ready for your

first bite here we go

oh hold still

what'd you think about that say hmm that

tastes familiar

i've had that milk before you ready

isn't that good it's okay

what do you think

what do you think little man get some


with your milk in it your milk that you



yummy yummy yummy

i like it

i don't know what to think but i don't

know what to think

well i think you like it you're not

spitting it out or making weird faces



so we'll do this rice cereal over the

next three to five days

and see how he tolerates it you know

look for

any signs of a rash or like

diarrhea or extreme fussiness or

anything like that make sure he's just

tolerating it well and if he is then i

think we're gonna do

um some maybe like a vegetable next

maybe sweet potatoes or something like


but with my first son you know there's

different recommendations when you can

start them early

and we tried around five months with him

and he actually we did rice cereal too

and he actually got a rash so we backed

off and weighed in

let his gi system you know mature a

little bit let him mature a little bit


so we'll just see how josiah does whoops

with that

and those are things you definitely want

to watch out for whenever you're

starting your baby on new foods

so now i'm just going to let him just

really get familiar

with a bowl and touching the food

hopefully he'll touch his hand to it

bring it to his mouth and taste it so

it will be promoting you know like

self-feeding because that is where we

want to get

but some other things josiah's been

doing since he's um

hit his six-month mile stone is that he

is now really rolling over so we have to

watch him with that but that's really

cool he loves rolling over and

he is um also just so much more

aware and alert with things and

um is really just into everything like

he's wanting to explore like you know

in his mind that he wants to get up and

walk and move around

but he's limited because he's not there

yet but he's definitely

loving everything and we're we've been


his gums down the bottom where his lower

central incisors are going to come

through they're definitely

really swollen we've had some days that

have been really rough with him

with teething so he should be cutting

those pretty soon and that's definitely

going to expand our whole

food horizon as well so he's been doing

really well and as he continues to grow

i'll continue giving you guys

updates and um you know thank you so

much for watching and if you're


in following along with us you can

access the playlist in the youtube

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