hi guys welcome back to my channel Ava

had her 4 month checkup today she's

actually four and a half months old but

her 4 month checkup was today but this

is basically gonna be her first time

eating solids video so here in America

pediatricians recommend the earliest

that babies start solids is around 4

months but you can start anywhere

between like 4 to 6 months

but ava is showing signs that she is

ready to start eating solids so her

pediatrician recommended that we start

with baby rice cereal that you just mix

up with breast milk so you're basically

just thickening breast milk up a little

bit to make it a little bit more a

little bit more filling I suppose and

this stage of solids is basically them

learning to eat and not really actually

eating to get the nutrition from food

she's still gonna have the same amount

of bottles and the same amount of milk

as she does Ashlyn has previously but

yeah I kind of wanted to document this

experience and her high chair just came

in the mail and I got the IKEA high

chair I think it's called antelope

antelope I'll link it below that's ok


yeah but yes we did get the ikea high

chair and it just came in the mail but i

haven't got any foods or any solids that

i can give her

so dig that out so when she is ready for

her next knot we will take a little trip

to byebye baby and pick up some he has

in baby rice cereal some bowls and

spoons and maybe some stage-1 baby food

which is basically pureed fruits or

vegetables single fruits or vegetables

so it's very very very very easy on

their stomach do I tell everyone do your

4 and a half months old already I cannot

believe that we were already at the

stage of you know starting solids with

her I mean it's just gone so fast huh so

it's a little bit later in the day now

and I just got back from going to buy my


and I think I got quite a good amount of

stuff to start this process so the first

thing that I got was baby rice cereal

and this was the fussing that her

pediatrician said to start her on and

then I also got the whole grain oatmeal

cereal which says it's for babies ready

to move beyond the rice cereal so I can

start her on some oatmeal and then I saw

this one and this one is the multigrain

cereal which could also be used after

the rice cereal and the only reason I

got this one was because it was 50% off

so it was only like a dollar 50 or

something so I got a nice little

selection of rice cereals and oatmeal's

for her and then although she won't be

doing fruits and vegetables just yet

probably in a week week and a half

that's what her pediatrician recommended

is that we stick to rice cereal for

about a week and then pretty much move

on to fruits and vegetables stage 1 baby

foods basically and we can just really

go from there he said and you can sort

of do whatever you want so I got some

stuff that I didn't have to go back in a

week or so so I've been seeing this

company beach not going around so they

have their Naturals and their organic

lion so I got a mix of each so I got

some green beans sweet potatoes organic

pumpkin organic carrots organic pear

butternut squash I got some bananas and

then we didn't have peace so I got the

Earth's best brand' Peas

yeah and these are also just single

stage one products and stage one is

basically one fruit or vegetable food so

not mixed and yeah her doctor just said

this is kind of your way of knowing what

she's gonna like what she's not gonna

like or what she may have a reaction to

so by doing a single fruits or

vegetables if she has a reaction you'll

know exactly what causes it and then

basically if she's good with everything

else then you could start mixing and I

think that's then going on to stage two

so moving on to bowls and spoons I

picked up the Box etat sole enlarged

Bowl set it says it's just a six month

glass but but you know I figured I can

make her write cereal and

in these bowls and then I've got the

Munchkin soft tip infant spoons and

these are for three plus months so

basically perfect for feeding rice

cereal and pureed fruits and veggies and

then I picked up this fresh food feeder

I've seen this going around quite a bit

and you basically put like whole fruits

or veggies that are like squishy and

then they basically can like teeth on it

and squish on it and the juices just

sort of go into their mouth and it says

it reduces the risk of choking and this

is for six plus months so sure weren't

used to stress yet but I got this at I

think it was what's it called

Burlington's for only $2.99 and then

awhile back I picked up this oxy tart

transition soft spout cup for four plus

months basically I was just going

through by my baby and seeing what had

before plus months sort of sticker on it

to seeing what sort of things are

available for her to use now and just

bought some of that stuff I don't think

she's really ready for a cop to be able

to hold on to she's just started trying

to hold on to her bottles when I feed

her but I think soon when she's sitting

in her high chair when she starts eating

a little bit more I can put some water

or anything really in this and she can

learn how to drink the list but I

thought I would have it even I'm not

gonna use it right yeah and then I also

picked up some fresh baby food and

breakable cubes because I do want to

start making her baby food I didn't do

it right now I bought these ones just so

I know what she likes and then when I

know what she kind of likes then I can

go out and make her own baby food from

scratch was she really excited I am sad

at the same time because she is growing

up really fast

I like company for already like at the

stage but at the same time I am excited

and I want to see what she likes and

what she doesn't like and you know just

be able to interact with her more and

yeah so it's kind of like I'm sad but

I'm also really excited yeah but since

her hyeju I came this morning I think

I'm gonna put that together now while

she is still sleeping






oh my gosh look at you so this is the

kind of consistency


it's not these

nothing's very good one of it good girl

so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if

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next video bye guys