Signs your baby is ready to wean


hello I'm Louise Gibson I'm a pediatric

dietician I'm often asked by families

when they should start winning their

children or introducing solids into

their diet what I'd recommend is that

you start around about six months of age

this is when your baby's digestive

system and kidneys are able to cope with

food it's also important you look out

for signs of readiness to win so some of

these signs would include your baby

being able to set up and support

themselves keep their head in a stable

possession if they're showing an

interest and in you or your family

members eating food if they can lean

forward to take something from a spoon

and if they can reach out and grab for

things like toys bring them up to their

mouths and make chewing movements as if

they're practicing eatin it's important

to look for several of these things and

not just one saying before you start

weaning your child remember when your

baby first starts taking solid foods

they'll want to be taking very small

amounts so this shouldn't be a

replacement for the breast milk or

formula milk that they're taking should

continue to take that as they previously

we're starting winning foods is all

about all the earning to eat so your

baby may take some time to work through

different foods and textures winnings

meant to be fun it's all about your

child learning to eat and you're the

teacher so make it as relaxed as fun and

as messy as you can it's really

important that your child gets the

opportunity to feel the food and have

food on their face to experience new

textures so the main thing is make sure

it's fun