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In today's video I'm going to be sharing with you

how I baby proof my home.

Babies typically start crawling

at about seven to eight months.

So this is a really good time to start adapting your home

to make it safer before they start

pulling themselves up or walking around.

Now, I'm obviously not a professional.

I am just a mom, and this is what I've done

to make my home safer for my three boys.

I swear my boys could walk into a padded room

and find the one dangerous plug socket in that room

and try and play with it.

So before I get into any of the tips,

my biggest tip is to just never leave your baby unattended.

If you have a baby that is about two and a half and under,

just never leave them alone

because they will find that dangerous thing in a room

and potentially hurt themselves.

So I'm gonna start out with a few general tips

and products that we love to use.

These little plug protectors are brilliant

to have in the boy's bedrooms.

There is a plug socket really close to Jackson's cot,

so I make sure that these are in those plug sockets.

We also like using these little corner protectors.

They're clear, and I found them on Amazon.

I'll put the links down below.

I just literally put this on any corners

that are head height for the boys

and that could potentially hurt them.

So, yeah, these are brilliant.

And if your baby is like mine

and has an interest in chargers,

make sure you unplug them everyday.

And same goes for hair straighteners or hair curlers.

Make sure they are unplugged if you're not using them.

And also, when it comes to tall units,

if it's taller than it is wide

you need to fix it to the wall.

We used to have a leaning mirror,

which was an accident waiting to happen.

So we have now fixed it to the wall

so that no one can pull it over on themselves.

If you have more than one child as well,

make sure that tiny toys like Shopkins

are out of reach of your babies.

What I do is I make my eldest, Fraser,

keep those kind of small toys in his bedroom,

and then they are out of the way for Jackson.

As soon as Jackson started to roll over,

nappy changing became really challenging.

So what I tend to do now is just

change his nappy on the floor on a mat.

It's so much safer than him wiggling around

on the changing table.

One product that is definitely an essential is stair gates.

You will want to get this at the bottom

and top of your stairs.

And the ones that we have are really, really good.

I'll link them down below.

What I like about them is there is no bar along the bottom

that you or your children could trip over.

We also have a stair gate on Jackson's bedroom,

so that I can put him into his bedroom with his toys

when I'm getting ready in the morning,

and I know it's a very safe room.

When it comes to keeping your baby safe in the bath,

obviously, never leave them unattended.

And I tend to just put enough water into the bath

that goes over their legs.

And when they were really tiny

I did have a little temperature thing

to check that it was about 37 degrees in the bath.

But now that he's older I just test it with my arm.

Also, when Jackson hit about six months,

I got him this really cool seat to sit in in the bath

so that he couldn't fold over.

And now that he's older we have a non-slip mat in bath

so that he can't slide over and under the water.

I also got this little tap cover as well.

I will link it down below.

But this literally just goes over the tap,

because Jackson did hurt his back once

when he was standing up in the bath.

So this just protects him.

You could just put like a jug

or something else over the tap,

but obviously they could pull that off.

So, yeah, I think this is really cute as well.

Moving on to safety in the kitchen.

Your children will definitely want to get into the cupboards.

You can get cupboard locks,

but what I do is I just make sure that

anything that could be potentially dangerous,

like chemical cleaners, knives,

things like that are up very high.

And then I actually put things in the lower cupboards

that I would be happy for Jackson to go through.

So we have one cupboard that he loves

that just has cans in it,

and he'll just pull them out and roll them along the floor.

And we also have another cupboard

that is just full of their plastic cups.

So he is free to play in that cupboard.

And I think it's quite nice that he has that,

and that we haven't locked everything away.

To prevent burns, make sure that you

keep your tea up high and out of reach.

Tea can still burn your baby

up to 15 minutes after it's been made.

So it's really important that you keep it out of reach.

And when you're cooking with pots and pans,

just make sure that you turn the pot handles

away from the side of the kitchen counter.

Jackson is going through a really

clingy stage at the moment,

and he wants to be held even when I'm cooking dinner.

But that obviously could be potentially

dangerous because I'm making hot food.

So what I do is I put him into his highchair

with his strap on and give him a few snacks

to eat while I'm finishing off the dinner,

and that way he's out of harm's way.

When it comes to your baby's cot,

you probably already heard that lots and lots

of fluffy blankets could potentially be dangerous.

And babies under the age of two don't actually need pillows.

I don't think ours even used a pillow

till they were two and a half or three years old.

And as soon as my babies could roll

we lowered the cot so that it was at the lower setting

so they couldn't roll out or pull themselves up.

And as soon as they were sitting up as well,

we removed the cot mobile,

because this could potentially be dangerous as well.

And similarly to the kitchen,

what I said about moving things up high,

if you have any chemical cleaners,

or prescription drugs, things like that,

it's definitely worth putting them up high and out of reach,

especially those little tablets for detergent.

They can look like sweet stickers,

so it's really important that you get them up high.

And if your baby has an interest in the toilet,

you can get those toilet locks for the seat.

Jackson does not seem bothered in the slightest.

But obviously, if your baby is interested you can get those.

One other thing that we do in our house,

which I didn't even realize you could do

when Fraser was born,

is we have now got all cordless blinds upstairs

and shutters downstairs.

So we literally just have a little remote,

and it makes the blinds go up or down.

And I love that we actually have no cords upstairs.

Alright, so that is it for this video.

I really hope you liked my tips.

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