What To Put On Baby Registry 2020 | simple checklist for first time moms

hey everyone it's Nancy and welcome to

my channel for today's video I'm gonna

share with you guys what's on my baby

registry list so I'm currently pregnant

with my first baby and we had our baby

shower earlier this year and it was so

exciting planning the baby shower

especially getting to work on the baby

registry but the same time it could be

very overwhelming because I had no idea

where to even start there's so much

information out there and it's such an

exciting time but there's just so many

options so in this video I'm going to

share with you guys I look on my baby

registry list and I'm gonna break it

down by category and different products

I'd go under each one some of the

products I have on hand because they

were gifted to me from my friends and

family at our shower and some I'm just

gonna tell you guys the basic category

and you guys can do your own research as

to which one works for you and I know it

could be so overwhelming because there's

so many options out there in terms of

products so I'm gonna keep it super

simple and to the point of like the main

essentials that I think you need and of

course there's always so many out there

and I don't know it all but this is just

what I put on my registry and the main

items that I think you need so hopefully

you guys will find it helpful

so for clothes I put a lot of onesies

and basics on my registry because I new

clothes are so simple and fun to buy

that show polyb getting a lot of outfits

but I really want to stick with some

basic simple items like a onesie so this

is just like a long-sleeved onesie and

it's super cute it's super simple I feel

like every baby needs this and so it's

good to have a lot of these on hand and

a lot of sizing that I chose were a few

newborn mostly 0 to 3 months and 3

months because I don't know how big baby

is gonna be after she's born so she

could automatically jump into the 0 to 3

month sizing and skip newborn completely

so just have a few on hand just in case

cuz you never know but these are awesome

and then another recommendation that I

heard from my friends aren't you get

footed pajamas so here is an example of

one and this is a zero to three month

sizing so these are so cute baby will

probably be living in this and I think

for the newborn in 0-3 months sizing

they always have like these little

mitten cuffs so you could just split the


and to protect their hands from

scratching their face

so obviously I'm super new to all these

baby clothes because I that's gonna be

my first time being a mom but I really

think these are so cute and so handy and

a great thing about these onesies are

the zipper goes from the bottom up so

when you're doing diaper changes you

don't have to like unbutton everything

or unzip from the top and baby will be

cold up top you can just zip it up to

like right here and you can change their

diaper so I thought that was super cool

I don't know of anyone else's nerding

out like me either but I thought that

was super awesome and super genius it's

like things you don't think about until

you have to change a diaper so I'm happy

my friends told me about this so this

one is by cloud island and it's a brand

they carry at Target so I think they

usually sell these in a pack of three so

definitely go and check them out I think

these are so cute

so another item to consider are these

mittens for baby look how cute they are

and they're just to protect their hands

from scratching their face so in case

baby is wearing an outfit where that

doesn't have like the mitten cuff you

can get one of these next we have sleep

sacks and swaddle and I didn't put too

many of these on my registry because I

don't know which one baby is gonna like

more because I hear some babies love

being swaddled like the traditional way

some prefer like sleep sacks like these

so I just thought I would put a few and

then test it out and see whatever baby

likes so that's something to consider

and there's just so many different ones

out there some styles that look like

this there's some that are the

traditional one where you'll wrap them

up I have no idea how to swaddle baby

yet so don't ask me I'll probably get

back to you soon but yeah there's just

so many options out there so definitely

do your research and ask around but

ultimately you won't know until your

baby is here and you try it out yourself

to see what your baby prefers so that's

just something to keep in mind so now

moving on to the transportation category

we're gonna talk about strollers and

this portion of the video is sponsored

by colugo I was so excited to partner

them to share more information about

their stroller I actually discovered

Kaluga when I was doing some research on

Instagram on different strollers out

there again there's so many brands I

came across their Instagram page and I

thought it was super cool what they're

trying to do create a new sleek and

stylish a functional stroller for a new

generation of parents that really spoke

to me because I'm gonna be a first-time

mom and all this is so new to me and I

just really love their style and their

brand and just their overall missions so

I'm so excited to share one of their

strollers with you the one that I have

is called the complete stroller and it's

in the color olive and I think it's so

beautiful stylish and functional so

let's dive in so this is the colugo

complete stroller in the color olive

it's such a beautiful color I've never

seen an olive green stroller before so I

really like that but if you guys are

interested in different colors I totally

have it they have a classic black a pink

floral design and a blue so the peekaboo

window on the canopy is magnetic so it's

really quiet and easy to use

also the canopy is a UPF 50 plus canopy

and it also has a shade extension so all

you have to do is just unzip it and

extend it out so something that is super

important to me in terms of a stroller

is having a large storage basket and I

really love this one because it has

three pockets and it can hold up to a 22

pound weight limit and so it's super

sleek you can fit a whole bunch of stuff

in there so let me know if this is also

a priority for you


so when it comes time to fold up the

stroller it was relatively easy it

definitely takes some practice and I

love that once you fold it it stands up

without falling over so that part's

really cool and then you just pop it

right open secure everything into place

with the bumper bar and you're good to

go another wonderful feature about the

stroller is that it is car seat

compatible in Kaluga sells different

adapters so you could turn this stroller

into a travel system so there are so

many cool features to the stroller and I

won't we show you guys just a few right

now but it also comes with really

awesome accessories like a rain cover

and infant kit if you want to use the

stroller right away with your infant and

as a soon-to-be first-time parent I've

never really used a stroller before

other than like pushing it when it's re

open from like my friends and family so

there's definitely a small learning

curve and trying to figure out where

things are and trying to figure out how

to fold and unfold but once I got the

hang of it I read the instructions it

was relatively easy so it definitely

takes some practice and I think that

goes for anything so one thing I didn't

get a chance to show you in the clips is

that the seat is a modular design which

means a seat can face forward or you can

like take it off and face it towards you

so when your baby is a lot smaller and

you want to see them you can turn it the

other way and your face baby or when the

baby wants to go out and see the world

you could turn the seat right around so

I thought that was really really cool if

you guys want to learn more about colugo

and their products and their mission

I'll be sure to list it all in the

description below for your reference and

I also have a promo code that you guys

can check out so thank you so much again

to colugo for sponsoring this portion of

the video so some other items to

consider in the transportation category

are car seats baby carriers I know

there's so many different variations of

baby carriers out there like the rat

carriers ring slings structure carriers

so definitely go ahead and do your

research for the ones that you guys like

the most diaper bags and then also a

portable changing pad so moving on to

bath time it definitely needs some

washcloths I might pick up a few more

off Gama's on like the really basic

white muslin

once I hear they're really really soft

and it's just good to have on hand so

washcloths for sure and next I have a

super-cute tub by angel care and it's

super soft so baby can lay right here

it's good for zero to six months and you

just put this in your bathtub and it

just contours right here to fit your

baby so they'll be really comfortable

while you pour water over like they'll

just drain automatically because you can

see the holes right here and I just

thought this was super sleek and super

simple and I heard great things about it

and I know there's a bunch of different

ones out there so definitely see which

one you guys like I didn't realize at

the time when I made my registry that

there are so many that can fit in your

sink as well so that's something to

consider too depending where you want to

give your baby a bath whether it's in

the bathtub and you put this in or over

the sink it's so cool people are

bringing to the market that are really

handy so yeah that's something else to

consider because I wish I put that on my

registry so after you wash your baby you

gotta have some towels to dry baby and

keep them nice and cozy so these are

super cute infant headed towels they

could get from Target again we have like

a lemon theme going on here there's so

many I'm probably gonna pick up a few

more towels like the basic muslin white

ones that are really good to have and of

course the hooded ones are adorable

there's so many out there with like cute

hoodies that look like unicorns and just

different styles so it's always good to

have a few of these so for the diaper

category I just kept it really simple

and I requested a few boxes of diapers

and baby wipes and the ones I went with

our Pampers Swaddlers for newborn and

then the Pampers pure-white so if we're

nursing I have a few items listed on my

phone so I don't forget any of them and

the first one are baby bottles if you're

planning to use them a baby bottle

drying rack when you're cleaning and

they need a space to dry

I hear the hakka a manual breast pump is

awesome actually got gifted it right

here so I look like this I hear it's

amazing um for when you're breastfeeding

on one side and then if milk comes out

on the other you have this attached

don't quote me a hundred percent I'm

pretty sure that's how it works but

obviously I haven't started

breastfeeding yet by here it's

amazing and simple to use and then the

next item is a breast pump but I would

go ahead and check your insurance first

to see if they cover a breast pump I

feel like a lot of insurances do or

they'll uncover a majority of the cost

before you put on your registry but it

doesn't hurt to at the same time unless

you have one in mind that is normally

not covered by insurance so that's

something to keep in mind also a

sterilizers to sterilize your bottles

and everything like that and then some

burp cloths so moving on to the nursery

or whatever room that baby's gonna be

sleeping in I would highly recommend

putting a crib on there and for this

just because it's such a high ticket

item that sometimes your friends and

family might pull together to purchase

that for you it doesn't hurt just having

it on there or if you need a bassinet

that's also good too depending on

whatever sleeping situation that you

want for your baby so a baby monitor a

changing pad if you don't want to do

like a traditional changing pad on top

of a dresser there's a lot of portable

ones out there as well so you have a

good space to give baby a diaper change

so some other items to consider adding

to your registry are baby pillow

loungers and I have two with me to show

you guys I registered for the Bakke and

it looks like this I got this in the

Barenaked a style because I want to pick

out my own cover for it I know a lot of

them come with covers already so

depending on whatever style you like you

have this option of buying a cover sent

separately the slipcover that I chose is

actually from Pottery Barn Kids and it

looks like this so I really like this

design where it's like a gray with

brushstrokes it kind of looks like polka

dots but it's not but you could totally

have a lot of fun with in by different

slipcovers for your Bobby so I think

that only goes with the bare naked

version otherwise they come with I guess

the cover design already so I have that

so the next one I have is the docket ah

and this was gifted to us from my cousin

you know super sweet of her to do so

I've heard so many wonderful things

about this this baby lounger so you just

put baby right here in the middle and

they'll be really safe and sound while

they loud

and hang out with you but I got you guys

so this is taking up the whole screen

but another baby essential to consider

adding to your registry is a baby

bouncer and the one I went with is by

BabyBjorn and this is their bouncer

balance soft and it's a manual bouncer

yeah I love how sleek it looked when I

was deciding which one to go with and

it's just a great place to put baby and

have them be occupied and they're safe

in there while you're doing errands or

somewhere around the house I just looked

really awesome when I was doing research

and it's a manual one so they'll just

kind of naturally bounce when they're

moving and also I love how sleek it is

and when you fold it up for storage

reasons and it just looked really soft

so here is the box and look like this so

I know there's so many out there there's

like ones that are electronic you could

plug in and they'll just kind of move on

their own but I really like this for

simplicity reasons and also that it just

looked really comfy and safe for baby so

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and

found it helpful while you're creating

your baby registry list I'm so excited

for all of you guys in this next chapter

if you have any questions at all please

feel free to leave it down the comments

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everything I talked about in the

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