10 Starter ASL Sign Language Signs To Help Parents Communicate With Babies

hey guys today I wanted to share with

you a fun parenting tip in my favorite

we're spending a lot of time right now

with our little guy using this tip and

it's highly effective it's been super

effective with all of our babies but

it's um it's fun right now getting to do

this with him and seeing how easy it is

for him and how much easier it is for us

to communicate with him so spoiler alert

yes it has to do with communication as

an interpreter for the deaf for a long

time one of my favorite things to do is

to teach babies sign language not baby

sign language but just a regular sign

language in the same way that you

wouldn't speak baby talk to your infants

there's no need to teach your babies

baby sign language just teaching them

the regular signs if you don't know if

those regular signs are I'm gonna give

you the top ten ones that we start off

with with our babies of course you can

choose your own but these are just the

ones that we teach our babies initially

because they're the ones that they want

initially at least that we understand

that they want okay so a few of the

signs that we really like to start off

with in our home are milk

we like to sign more with babies

especially as they're learning to eat

finger food or have a little sips of a

cup we can you can use more we'd like to

add in pleased with them you just take a

flat hand and you rub it on your chest

in a circular motion please now don't

close your hand because that's a

different sign just leave it open please

so you can even add two words together

and make a sentence more please do you

want to eat more please good or milk

please at the end of that when they're

finished to drinking you can say all

done done damn good job buddy you can

ask them if they're finished eating or

or drinking or having milk or ever you

can say are all done or you can say it's

also a fun way for the babies to be able

to communicate okay I've got this the

Lynx kissing all over my face I want

them out of my space all done that

really does

with communication in our home there's

lots of kisses around here so we have

milk more please all done

what is another one bath because

sometimes after eating we need bats

right dad say our babies love that and

so they tend to ask for them all the

time so they learn this sign early on

another one is maybe if you have a pet

in your home you can teach them this

sign for that pet whether it's a cat or

a dog you just hit your thigh and then

snap the course babies will not be able

to snap so it's okay just to teach them

just to hit their sign look eyes are

teaching these make sure you point to

whatever is you're teaching them so they

know what exactly it is when you give

them milk or you give them more you can

always teach them to say thank you you

can do it two hands or one hand either

way is fine

good another word that seems pretty

popular and at their early ages is bed

I'm so in bed just put your two hands

together and rest it your head on them

over here then close your eyes it's just

show they are getting ready to go to

sleep then sometimes movies are just

really tired and they're kind of over it

and their finish eating and they're just

ready to go lay down and go to sleep

it's really difficult if they can't

communicate that to you so if they can

say the head then it takes the guesswork

out of it ah don't touch a lot of times

we're telling our little guys don't

touch because we want them to be safe

and protected so this is the sign for

touch but if we don't want them to touch

something you shake your head no don't

touch you can also move it around so if

you touch the thing that you don't want

them to touch you can put it in

different places don't touch my earrings

don't touch my eyes touch my necklace or

whatever is one of hum necklace but if

you had a necklace you can say don't

touch the the light switch or something

like that that's fine too

and the last one is weight sometimes

they can't get what they really want in

that very moment maybe you're making

them more or you're making or you're

getting them milk then they need to wait

right so it's okay to teach them these

things they understand and they can tell

you well I'm waiting Oh

or sometimes you can tell them wait for

their turn or wait to go to sleep or

wait for the bath if they don't

understand later or something I thought

they can understand wait those are just

a top ten signs that we like to begin

with in our home they're relevant to us

for our family of course you can choose

your own but those are just are some of

our favorites we love teaching our

little guys sign language all of the

kids and our family have signed some

more fluently than others some have

really taken to it quickly some have I

don't know they continue to sign much

pastor verbal spoken language and some

drop it as soon as they develop spoken

language which is totally fine to just

whatever fits them and fits your family

all of them have continued to be really

great at receptive sign language skills

so they if I'm signing to them they

understand they pick it up and they can

respond in kind they may not assign back

to me anymore or they may so it's kind

of fun now our older ones are teaching

the littler guy Ryan now he is learning

a lot of sign language because all of

his siblings are have renewed interest

because they want him to learn words and

they want him to be able to communicate

with them so they're really into it

right now and they're really excited

about teaching him new words and he's

picking them up really fast and it's

just amazing to watch this process

you'll be amazed how quickly they learn

it and how clearly they're able to

communicate with you it really does cut

down on tantrums and frustration also

it's really great for situations where

you can't really communicate clearly if

you're in a situation where you have to

be quiet or there on the other side of a

window or glass or there in a car and

you're pumping gas or something like

that just the other day I was pumping

gas and my

five year old was talking to me and I

couldn't understand what he was saying

and so I signed him just wait wait and

and he was like okay yeah sure you

remembered right away what weight was so

it's just kind of fun to be able to

communicate in situations like that

where maybe there may be some barriers

to get your communication so the fun

continues well past those early years

when they're just learning to

communicate or they may lose it right

away since I develop spoken language

either way it's a great opportunity to

develop the skill of communication so

hope this helps you guys and you've

enjoyed it if you would like more then

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next time bye