Best Yogurt for Babies - When Can Babies Have Yogurt? | How to Find the Best Baby Yogurt

hey everyone today we're talking about

when you can feed your baby yogurt and

what you should be looking for at the

grocery store when you buy it hi guys

it's Renee with new ways nutrition one

of the most common things that I hear is

when can I feed my baby yogurt now I

think one of the reasons that there is

this concern is a lot of parents have

heard that they should be avoiding cow's

milk before one year of age the reason

that we advise that is we don't want

your baby to replace the calories that

they're getting from their breast milk

or formula with cow's milk it doesn't

have the right nutrient profile in it so

that is why we advise not to drink milk

it has nothing to do with dairy or

allergies or anything like that so other

dairy products are perfectly fine and

can actually have a lot of benefit for

your baby they're full of great fats

that can help with brain development and

something like yogurt has probiotics

which can always be helpful for everyone

not just babies so yogurts are fine what

you should look for when you are at the

grocery store Greek yogurt plain yogurt

doesn't matter I would say that Greek

yogurt has a great nutrient profile it's

got higher protein in it it also if you

are feeding your baby from a baby led

weaning style self feeding style it

stays on the spoon a little bit better

from a practical standpoint so when

they're flipping all flipping it all

around they'll get it in their mouth

eventually that might be one reason to

go for Greek yogurt other than that it's

really up to your babies preference

whether you want pulling yogurts Greek

yogurt what brand of yogurt that's all

personal preference what is a

nutritional recommendation I would say

avoid any flavored yogurt that's vanilla

that's fruit that's anything like that

because it all has unnecessary

sweeteners that your baby just really

doesn't need especially before one year


so if you

cane sugar on it if you see agave if you

see aspartame anything like that those

are added sweeteners they're just not

necessary so that means unfortunately

plain is the only way to go let me give

you an example we have a leading baby

marketed yogurt organic all sorts of

healthy they claim if you look at the

difference between a half a cup of four

ounce the little the little cups that

they come in the four ounce portion has

an entire packet of sugar in a vanilla

or fruit flavored one a whole packet of

sugar more than is in just the plain so

we don't want to really be feeding our

baby an entire packet of sugar all the

time so I would recommend that you avoid

any type of sweetened flavored yogurt

just give them the plain

they'll be fine with it they'll get used

to it it's really not that bitter you

can add some things yourself into it

then you can control what goes in it so

a great idea is peanut butter it might

sound weird but it actually tastes

delicious when you put it into Greek

yogurt and then you're getting another

allergen in there to help them try and

boost their immunity and not get a

peanut allergy so that's a great option

you can also boil down some frozen

fruits into a kind of like a fruit sauce

without anything but the fruit in it and

that's a great flavored yogurt

substitute so that would be my

recommendation there so you can also be

looking forward full fat yogurt with

their babies anything under anyone under

two years old really should be having

full fat for their brain development so

full fat plain yogurt any kind the last

part that we're going to talk about is

organic versus regular

it really is not a deal-breaker organic

or not go with what your budget is if

you have the budget where Ganic never

hurt when it comes to dairy products

because there's lots of different things

that are in the dairy supply the milk

supply it's just safer when we're coming

to babies if you can't afford it to go

with organic

do you have to go with organic to get

your baby yogurt absolutely not giving

them the healthy fats and the calories

in a good way is way more important than

not feeding them playing conventional

yogurt but my recommendation would be a

whole fat organic Greek regular plain

yogurt a great example of the brand that

I love that we get just from our grocery

store around the corner is wallaby

yogurt it's an Australian style Greek

yogurt great nutrient profile

it's got great ingredients and you can

get it at your corner store so I get

whole milk plain yogurt I get it in the

tub and it's a little bit more expensive

than a regular conventional brand but

it's got everything that I want from a

nutrition standpoint so to me it's worth

it you have to make that choice for

yourself again the main things go with

plain don't do sweetened there's no

point and then make sure your whole fat

those are our big points that we want

you to remember all right so I hope you

learned a little bit and we will see you

back here next time have a good day