Babysitter Boss S1E5: What You Need to Ask Before Accepting a Babysitting Job


what to ask before accepting a

babysitting job you were offered a

babysitting job woohoo

I know it can be really tempting to

blurt out sure I can do that without

knowing much about the actual job

I mean hey it's a job and that's what

every babysitter once right but before

you say yes to avoid a bad case of FOMO

it's important to ask a few questions

okay first things first

you'll need to know the basics like what

date are you needed or exactly is the

job what time do you need to be there if

those work for you then it's on to the

most important detail the kids how many

adorable munchkins will you take care of

and how old are they

you'll want to find out because if

you're being asked to watch too many

kids by yourself that might be too hard

to do on your own if the number of kids

is something you can handle you'll need

to know about their routines and any

special issues here's an easy way to

remember what to ask about be es2 the

best babysitter's always find out this

info see what I did there if these

stands for bedtime routines e stands for

entertainment s for snacks and mealtime

and teeth for toileting ask the parents

if there's anything you must know about

caring for their kids when it comes to

these four things sometimes a

babysitting job means more than just

watching kids it might also mean a chore

here they're like feeding the family pet

or washing the dishes you'll want to ask

about any chores because a they add to

your workload and be parents will think

you're oh so responsible for asking

brownie points the last question you

should ask about is money

I know it can feel funny but don't be

afraid to discuss it remember as a

babysitter you provide an important

service for parents and you deserve to

be paid for it take a deep breath and

say so I charge nine dollars an hour and

I only take cash or checks is that okay

yeah that works awesome now pat yourself

on the back for being such an awesomely

confident and responsible babysitting

business owner

hey all you babysitter bosses if you

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