Bake With Me (Christmas Cookies)


hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm gonna be making three really

easy Christmas cookie recipes these are

great for just baking if you want to

bake on your own for your family but

also if you're gonna do Christmas cookie

exchange or gift ideas I'll be honest

I'm not the world's best baker but I do

love to bake around Christmastime and

these are really easy recipes to make

and delicious I want to say a huge thank

you to the sponsor of this video Aldi

all the ingredients that I use for these

cookies are from Aldi a great spot to

find all your holiday necessities but I

also love to go there year-round for my

kids lunch snacks they have really

affordable and quality ingredients so

I'm gonna go ahead and just jump right

in first with gingerbread cookies I

definitely wanted to find a really good

gingerbread cookie recipe because I love

gingerbread cookies so I scoured

Pinterest and I usually experiment with

small batches first just to make sure

they have the right taste and flavor and

then I make larger batches so I'm

starting with a smaller batch now and I

tested them out and they turned out

amazing I just have brown sugar and

butter now if you want you can use an

alternative butter or a vegan butter if

you prefer but I'm just gonna go ahead

and turn this on in my mixer on medium

until it is nicely combined

in my local Aldi store they have all of

the cooking and baking items all in one

area so they're really really easy to

access like the powdered sugar the brown

sugar the molasses all of the spices

everything's in one area so it's really

quick and easy to grab and go you can

also make a flax egg if you are

interested in making vegan cookies I'm

actually just using eggs from my own

chickens but you can also find caged

free eggs at Aldi and then I'm going to

slowly incorporate the dry ingredients

now for the dry ingredients we have

flour we have baking soda a little bit

of salt and then we have our spices we

got nutmeg allspice we have a lot of

ginger and a good amount of cinnamon and

the ginger and cinnamon are equal parts

and the ginger really gives it that the

ginger and the molasses it really gives

that that gingerbread cookie taste that

we love in our gingerbread cookies I

used to bake cookies for Christmas time

at church and give them to like my

friends and family and again I've never

been the best Baker but Christmas

cookies are always a really fun and easy

way to gift and you can go as simple or

as crazy with them as you want right now

I'm just taking the dry ingredients and

I'm slowly adding them into the wet

ingredients and then creating my dough

and then I'm gonna bring that out and

then I'm gonna wrap it up and I'm gonna

put it in the refrigerator for an hour

and you can refrigerate it up to 24

hours so if you want to make this ahead

of time you want to make larger batches

you can do that as well so I'm like I

said I started with a little bit of a

smaller batch just to really test out

the recipe and make sure it worked

there's nothing I hate more than wasting

ingredients and then the recipe doesn't

turn out right but this one turned out

pretty good so then I can do larger

batches in the future and then you can

be creative with giving them as gifts

once the dough is chilled I'm gonna go

ahead and roll it out so my flour was a

little off I needed to add a little bit

more flour so as you can see here I'm

adding flour just so that I can get a

nice firm dough to roll out and then cut

so I adjusted the recipe in the

description but and also I cut this

recipe in half so I had to kind of

adjust the flour recipe so I'll have the

right ratios in the description but

these actually turned out really really

great and I got a nice firm dough that I

could cut into and I'm going very simple

just doing round circle cuts but if you

have a gingerbread cookie cutter or a

snowflake cookie cutter I mean there's

so many ways to do it and you can also

ice them if you want if you have the

time I like just plain gingerbread

cookies so I'm gonna make them really

really simple but of course go as crazy

with them as you prefer the recipe is

super solid so you can desk them with a

little powdered sugar or you could use

frosting on them it's totally your call

and then I'm just stacking them and then

I'm gonna wrap them with some cellophane

and also this really pretty ribbon that

I got from Aldi they also have wrapping

goodies so you think it's a one-stop

shop for all your Christmas goodies when

you're gonna be doing Christmas cookie

gift exchange or if you're gonna be

bringing cookies as a gift to a party or

an event there's just so many ways to be

creative with baking for the holidays

up next we have candy cane cookies which

have a really nice peppermint taste to

them in my mixer I'm adding butter and

powdered sugar and then I'm adding

powdered sugar I'm going to mix that

until it creates an icing consistency in

my mixer


I'm adding a portion of egg and then

vanilla extract and peppermint extract

and that's gonna give these cookies a

little bit of a peppermint flavor so if

you'd prefer you can omit peppermint but

I personally really like them in these

cookies I'm gonna slowly add in the

flour and salt and then once that's done

fully mixing I'm gonna pull the dough

out and divide it into two I'm gonna

have one side remain the same color and

then I'm gonna add some food coloring

some red food coloring to the other

portion of the dough


the dough then also needs to be chilled

for an hour - up to 24 hours so I'm

going to go ahead and chill wrap and

chill that and then when I bring it out

I'm going to start making the candy

canes so after an hour of this chilling

I'm gonna pull it out and then I'm going

to basically start rolling like long

almost like I'm rolling a snake I'm

gonna roll it into my hands and start

slowly creating the candy cane and then

I'm gonna take the red dough do the same

and then wrap it around the white dough

and you'll see what I'm doing here and

then just kind of form it into a candy

cane I preheated the oven to 375 degrees

once I'm done again I started with a

smaller batch to make sure these turned

out really well before I make a lot of

them you can also do them larger like

really large cookies or smaller versions

of these


I took one of the large cookies and I

wrapped it in cellophane and then I'm

gonna add a gift card and this is a nice

quick and simple and easy gift that you

can give to a friend or a teacher and if

they like peppermint cookies they'll

love it now if you like peanut butter

you're gonna love this next recipe this

is peanut butter truffles these are no

bake they're really easy to make all you

need is peanut butter and then I'm gonna

add some butter into the peanut butter

yes butter and peanut butter I'm gonna

mix that together and then I'm gonna add

powdered sugar I've been making these

for years they're a favorite I think a

babysitter I had like a teenage

babysitter who taught me this recipe

years of years ago I must have been like

nine or ten and I'm a huge peanut butter

fan I've loved it ever since I'm adding

powdered sugar of course it has a good

deal of sugar in this recipe but that's

baking and during the holidays so

there's lots of fun treats to be enjoyed

but these are really really yummy so I

have this peanut butter dough if you

will I'm again gonna wrap it refrigerate

it for about an hour and then I'm gonna

bring it out and I'm going to make

individual little balls or truffles with

the peanut butter dough and then I'm

gonna start to heat on a double boiler

or I just kind of do a makeshift double

boiler with dark chocolate chocolate

chips and also some coconut oil these

are really great because you can make

these completely vegan if you choose and

you want to do it that way and they're

just really delicious and easy because

you don't have to bake them so I'm

taking these dark chocolate morsels I

used all the Baker's Corners goodies

from Aldi again they're all like in one

spot so when you go to pick out all the

baking goodies everything's right there

to make it really easy I'm melting that

I'm adding a little bit of coconut oil

that's really gonna help the chocolate

to harden

once you're done dipping the balls into

the chocolate so once the chocolate is

completely melted I'm gonna go ahead and

start dipping each one and covering them

in chocolate and then I'm gonna stick

them in the refrigerator for a few hours

just so that they have a chance to

harden these are bests of course if

they're kept out of heat because they

are chocolate so they can melt so try to

keep them in a cool dark place

I'm gonna wrap them in cellophane and

gift them as well because they are just



I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope

you try at one of these recipes they're

really easy there's ways to customize

them to have you prefer and they make

great gifts so I want to say a huge

thank you to the sponsor of this video

Aldi go and check out their stores for

amazing quality ingredients and

unbeatable prices and yeah thanks again

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