8-Year-Old Started His Own Baking Business, the Reason Why Will Make Your Heart Melt | Rachael Ray

okay I'm Jalen from Jillian's bakery I'm

from Fresno California and I am 8 years

old and I love to bake

Jalen's bakery is a full-service

bakery where my son j16 cookies cakes

banana bread brownies and he actually

delivered them locally to the customers

it's a pretty cool little business that

he has here his reasoning for starting

the bakery is to be able to buy a house

we live in a two-bedroom apartment it's

not a safe neighborhood at all so try to

raise 10 K 10,000 so I think that's

pretty big

no job is impossible it's something that

he wanted to do is his dream and I'm

just backing him supporting him to make

it successful as it can be who they're

good when I get that house I'm going to

get a cute little Golden Retriever the

cookies orders are going very well

he has online ordering as well as phone


she doesn't talks with chip that one

doesn't peanutbutter people can also

email orders as well so they're going

pretty good I started a GoFundMe account

for him because there were lots of

people that wanted to be able to help

them people I don't even know are giving

me money we're going to be using that

for him to be able to print his own

commercial kitchen so with the

commercial kitchen you'll be able to

ship his big suits to all of his

customers all across the world so he can

spread his smiles in love everyone I'm

very proud

you guys thank you for coming out today

it's hard to get you out of the house

without delivering cookies huh mm-hmm

hey you know your original goal was what

ten thousand dollars that's correct

how far are you so far halfway you're

about halfway there well that's amazing

I'm kind of heartbroken and bring me any

peanut butter cookies they're my

favorite I would have paid for them but

that's okay victory yeah next up did you

really bring it yes awesome whoo

mom you know so many parents want advice

about how to teach their kids

responsibility and how to teach them

humility and not me me me but us us us

or for you you you

I mean it's so adorable that his goal is

to make you happy what do you think were

some of the keys in your relationship to

make such a remarkable human year I

think the major thing was just to be

able to exemplify that and that might

everyday things that I was doing so I

just wanted to always show him that

other people matter right exactly so I

like to show him that's good

exactly I think you guys make a great

team you're doing pretty darn good let

me show you this

there to help you keep baking and then

I'll reach you what what my friends want

us to tell us Wow can you see all that

it's it's this really cool app and a

scale and all their equipment and stuff

listen here I got to put it way out here

because I ain't got my glasses this is

the new perfect baked smart scale and

recipe app it's a new way to bake that

eliminates measuring cups by pouring

ingredients right into the bowl

it ensures that every single thing you

make comes out perfectly delicious every

time so it makes it easier for you could

do it faster and it can cater to any

size order you need to make and all of

that is yours to keep it's super super

cool you're gonna love it but that's

actually not all the folks at perfect

company also heard about your GoFundMe

campaign and they thought they'd send

over just one more surprise they wanted

to complete your fundraising so they're

giving you $5,000