hi guys today I want to address a

question that I get very often and that

I feel like it's too huge to be answered

in one sentence so I thought it made a

video about it and talked about my

experience and my opinion on it and the

question is is it too late for me to

start ballet so first of all let me tell

you that I'm no expert I'm not a

professional dancer I'm not a

professional teacher so I'm just

speaking from my personal experience and

my honest opinion on this topic so if

you want a professional and more

profound opinion on this please find

someone that is qualified to do so over

the last year's I got this question a

lot of times either in a comment or in a

message people keep asking me is it too

late for me to do ballet and they're

sometimes they are telling their age

sometimes they don't and their ages vary

from 16 to I don't know 40 something in

between or even older I always try to

give like a positive and motivating

answer because in my true opinion it

really is never too late but let me get

to that later so the first thing that I

wanted to address about this question is

what really is your goal with ballet or

what is your intent of this question

truly and because this question is so

unspecific so you need to break it down

is the question really is it too late

for me to do ballet as a career is it

too late for me to do ballet as a hobby

or am I not sure what I really want to

achieve with ballet so you have to think

of those things first before finding an

answer to your question if you want to

have a career in ballet it is advisable

to start at a very early age some

dancers got in there

childhood others who are maybe lucky or

very talented can start very late also

have a very successful career so

definitely like a manual you could

follow but in general you need a lot of

years of very good practice and

discipline to be able to have the level

that you need to have a chance in the

professional by the world I know of some

cases that have got very late like with

18 or something and still have gotten a

career in ballet so there's that but for

most of the dancers I'd say that you

need to start as a child or teen but if

you want to do ballet as a hobby or even

better as your passion then there really

aren't and rules to it basically in my

school there are dancers that are very

small children teens and we have twins

we have ladies in the thirties and we

have ladies in their 40s in their

fifties in their 16 they're really

loving it and they're enjoying

themselves and that's what I really love

about it there's this one lady in my

class I don't know how age and she won't

tell but I think she's at least 60 she

is so good I mean she doesn't jump

rondelay growth course because her body

won't allow it any longer

but she's so elegant and all of us agree

that when we get old we want to beat her

basically she has the most beautiful

part of brass and she always brings this

royal maybe a little French spark to it

so I really love watching her dance if

you don't know what you wanted at sheath

with ballet really and I guess you have

to figure out you just help to try I


if you've never done ballet before you

don't know what it is about and you have

this idea that you want to do it and

that you maybe see yourself on a stage

sometime in a pretty costume and you

enjoy that fantasy you should definitely

go and take class and see what the lay

is all about and see if it is what you

think it is and if you like it because

basically you can't know if it is

something for you maybe even as a career

if you don't know what it is so you just

have to dive into that water I guess

next I wanted to point out the

differences between starting as a child

starting as an adult and starting as a

mature adult because I think there is

quite a difference between those three

and you have to know how to look out for

itself and be careful and make wise

decisions so when you start up as a

child I think you need to have the

support of your parents and you need to

find a good school that has a proper

technique that won't allow you to

develop any told posture force movement

will turn out and I see this a lot of

times with dancers with young dancers

that have forced turnout that have very

badly it also is very important that

your teacher knows your body and sees

what you can do and what you can't do

and pushes you in the right way I also

think that it is very important that you

find a school that is a place where you

feel safe where you feel supportive when

you like to go maybe you'll find some

friends there too I find that it's very

helpful and make make friends in your

class talk to the other guys to the

other girl you don't want to go into the

school and feel like someone will pick

on you or even your teacher will make

pick on you you definitely don't want to

want to go into school feeling scared

because ballet is about building

strength but also being a

to let go and I promise you you won't be

able to let go if you feel scared your

body just won't so you need to find an

environment that allows you to unfold

yourself like a flower so to speak so if

you're standing below as an adult or

young adult you want to be careful of

certain things and first of all if

you've never done ballet before it's

different to if you have done ballet and

you're a child

you already know like the positions and

how to hold your body maybe so and also

you might know the rules of ballet class

but if you're absolutely new to it and

start at like 30 or 25 you want to make

sure also that you find a school that

you feel comfortable going to I find it

is even more important that you find a

community that shares the same passion

with you I'm celibate to hang out with

to share your worries and your problems

with about your ugly feet and your

non-existent turnout and your

flexibility girls and all of these

things because that's something you

might never be perfect at and that might

bother you but if you have like a good

crowd to chat about it and to feel like

you're not alone with it that's so much


I also feel like the Instagram community

the adult arena gang or adult ballet

gang community is all about that it's a

very good community I find that helps

and supports each other and if you

really like can't find anyone near that

you like to talk about in your class or

in your school and maybe Instagram is a

good way to find

people that are like-minded and share

the same experiences with you I tend to

compare myself to professional dancers

sometimes and it's really unhealthy

because I will never have their body and

I will never have their ability it will

only make me feel bad about myself so

it's really not a good idea to do that

you should always concentrate on what

makes you good what you want to work on

what you want to get better at in a like

realistic way because we'll feel like

I'm never going to be good at this and

that's not true so you have to remind

yourself of what you can do and what

you're good at and that's also something

that you validate can be there for to

help you remember that actually you have

a good balance or you're very good at

the small jump or you tondee's always

look so nice so find something that

you're good at and embrace it okay so if

you start as a mature adult and I mean

like 50 plus I don't have personal

experience of this of course but I have

watched some of the older dancers in

high school you want to be careful with

your body and because of course is older

so you don't have all the flexibility

and strength that you might have had

when you were younger or that the other

dances have and your class and of course

it might be hard at times but I had a

woman crush her ankle in class because

she's jump to jump that she wasn't able

to do and more and her foot broke so she

had to recover up for I don't know a

year or even longer and it was really

hard to go through

older person because you don't heal that

fast and you don't hear that well so I

really ask you to be careful and to take

care of your body because the only one

you got this also goes to anyone really

like also the young adults be careful

and caring of your body you don't want

to ruin it basically by forcing it to do

anything it can't do anymore like 180

turn out you don't want to hurt your

knees with that you don't want to have

your lower back by jumping jumps that

you can't do any longer so last but not

least I wanted to talk about the support

system and some of you guys wrote to me

that you don't have the support of your

parents or your family for this which is

really sad and I'm sorry to hear that

but you can always find ways to be

supported by other people people that

understand what you love and what you

want to do and also for that I find it's

very important to have a good school

have a good teacher have a nice

environment in your class and maybe even

make friends there go to Instagram and

find the adult ballet community because

these people are all over the globe and

they are really supportive and they are

caring and they will listen to your

questions and your problems and they've

all gone through not-so-nice tough and

difficult situations and connect with

them because that's why we have this

community which I'm very proud to be a

part of by the way why did you take this

opportunity to send a quick hello to

everyone in this community out there I'm

so excited to do these videos by the way

so much fun anyway

basically what I wanted to say with this

video after all my rambling and my

personal opinions on things I wanted to

say that I feel it really never is too

late to start ballet and I guess that's

my my main answer to this

questions all the specifics and detail

besides I think that is never too late

to follow your dreams and to do what

your heart tells you to do and to do

what you love and what you care about

deeply and if you do care about it that

much I almost feel like it doesn't

matter if it goes anywhere or if it like

develops into a career or something I

mean I guess it would be really nice to

have the opportunity to make a living of

this of being an adult ballerina and be

dancing with people around the globe or

even in my hometown but I'm grown up

enough and realistic enough to know that

that's unlikely but nevertheless it's

nice to have this dream and to have this

passion and to do what I can do about it

that's also why I started YouTube

because I think that this is an

opportunity to expand with this cream

even more and to maybe one day really

connect all the people on the globe so

if you're passionate about ballet or if

you have this idea that you want to do

ballet but don't really know what it is

about you should definitely go check it

out and try it and find a school where

you can take a lesson a trial lesson and

just take that and see what it's all

about and fall end up with it maybe yeah

so that's it for this video I hope that

you find it inspiring and that you like

to watch it and that is answered all

your questions about this topic if you

have any more questions about it please

leave a comment down below and I'll try

to answer them all and also let me know

what you want to see next from me and if

you want to be part of the audible a

community make sure you check out my

Instagram it's also linked down below

and to find all the other ballerinas


to share your experiences with so see

you guys next time bye