How to Grow Basil from Seed

hello welcome to how to grow basil from seed

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the first step is to fill a propagator tray with compost and then moisten it with water

step 2: thinly sprinkle the seeds on top of the compost

step3: cover the seeds with about two or three millimeters of compost

then press it down firmly

step 4: cover the tray keep it in a warm place and keep it watered

step 5: transplant the small plants into pots

firstly water the compost to make the plants easier to extract

now fill your pots with compost water them and then make a hole in the center

carefully prick out the plants and then move them across to the pots

press them down being careful not to damage the roots

prick off the leaves as required

to harvest a larger number of leaves for drying or freezing

cut the plant down once or twice as this will encourage fresh young growth

thank you for watching the video I hope you found it informative

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