When does one get period after contraceptive pills? - Dr. Teena S Thomas

I am dr. Tina Thomas obstetrician and

gynaecologist Bangalore so if the

patient is on called oral contraceptive

pills then basically the pills is taking

21 days then seven-day pill fitted then

21 days seven-day pill free period so it

goes on like that this is in this seven

days when the pill free period is

anytime maybe the first day or the

seventh day or any time in between the

patient will get the period so basically

if you have taken the pill 21 7 21 7

then the period will happen in those 7

days but if it is a consecutive pill as

the question says so consecutive pill

means you have taken 2 or 3 or 4 packets

together without a gap so when you have

done that then there will be no period

in between unless you have missed a pill

so unless you have missed a pill there

is no period in between of the

consecrated two or three packets which

you have taken and the a period will

come resume only after you have stopped

the entire packets so if it is

consecutively taken the the period will

come only after stopping the consecutive

packets or missing the pill or if there

is intermittent then it will happen in

the seven days when there is briefly