How to grow bedding plants from seed

hello thanks for joining us today here

at Nikki garden center we we do our own

bedding we say our own seeds so what I

thought we'd do today is just give a

basic tutorial on how to grow bedding

plants from seed it's really quite easy

there's it's not too much to be involved

about all you really need is a few basic

things good compost plenty of light and

plenty of water and of course heat so

the first thing we need to do is we

choose the size of the tray or pot that

we're going to grow in so here we have a

full size standard see tray and a half

size if you want to go for something

smaller there are multicells you can put

into now these come in this one here is

in a six pack there are nine packs

twelve packs four pack so you can have

any confirmation or you similarly you

can just pot straight into our plant

tray so the first thing we're going to

do is fill the see tray up with some

compost be sure to get a decent compost

sometimes the cheapest is not

necessarily the best

so what we do is we just basically fill

up the seed tray and it might have knows

it there's some quite large clumps in

there what we want to do is just break

them up and crumb them down to a small

size if you propagate into this it just

makes it a little bit harder for the the

seedlings to root into and what we're

trying to produce here is the ideal

growing medium something that's light

and airy not too high in nutrients so

once we've got the compost in the tray

the next thing is just to give it a

really good watering and when I say good

watering I really made a good soak

because you may have a couple of weeks

from watering to the seeds propagating

so the next step is just to give it a

light tap down and the reason we give it

a light tap down is just to make it a

nice level surface in which to so that

the seeds in now we don't want to push

down too hard because we don't want to

squeeze a compost down by squeezing the

compost down you reduce the air which

makes it harder for the seedlings to

root into so we're ready to go really

the next thing we need to do is to label

what we're going to so now that in this

particular case I'm sowing some petunias

so what I do is I just write down the

name and the variety so there's no

mixing up later on when you got to prick

out and we put the the variety the name

and also the date and we just put that

in there so we can just trip keep a

track of them now the seedlings

depending on the variety will take

anything from a week to three weeks to

germinate what we're sewing here today

is petunias

they may take probably two to three

weeks so I just carefully open them out

and I put them in the cusp of my hand

now there's a couple of different ways

to propagate seed from here

you can either pick it up and broadcast

it or you can put it in the cusp of your

hand and just tap and just gently move

across making sure you're evenly spaced

the seedlings throughout the whole of

the seed tray and what you don't want to

do is clump them into one pocket so they

broadcast nicely over the entire see

tray now with petunias when you

propagate them they don't actually need

to be covered so it's best just to put a

plastic film over the top it can be a

polythene bag or maybe a bit of cling

film and just leave it over the top

because they need like to germinate but

the other thing is from this position

they need to have bottom heat so it's

bit hard to replicate that in your home

you may have a propagator in your

greenhouse if not then maybe a

windowsill or even an airing cupboard

somewhere where there's warmth keep an

eye on maybe not for the first week

certainly in the second or third weeks

and then you'll find the seedlings will

emerge you wait until they get the first

set of true leaves the first set of

leaves that will come through are not

the true leaves the second the second

set of leaves that come through are the

true leaves once they've established a

nice full set of true leaves then they

can get pricked out okay