How do you get your baby on a sleep schedule?

besides being there for you when your

child gets sick or has a high fever or

progressing rash I think a good

pediatrician is there to handhold to

nurture and support you in quest such as

making sure they develop well and

getting into sleep it's important for us

to get a good sleep schedule so what

should we do in the newborn period I

just say just hang in there it's more

baby led there really is no schedule of

sleep in the newborn period we wait it's

developmentally let in about three or

four months we can start to play our

card follow the babies lead those first

couple of months but by three or four

months you can really read their cues

and learn them a baby who is not hungry

maybe shouldn't be fed and so a newborn

is feeding every two to three hours even

overnight because they need those

calories but the four-month-old isn't

always hungry yes they're teething and

they're yelling at you but you don't

have to feed them as much so I look at

it as getting that first stretch at

night establish your bedtime routine

read to them perhaps take a bath and

then let's try to get that bedtime go

and that first stretch whether it's four

to six hours is your starting point and

that sometimes does involve them waking

and saying hey I'm awake I need your

help and going back to bed but maybe

that's the time to say no we need to

have you self soothe and sleep learn if

not sleep trained yes they might play

their card and cry it's not simply the

cry out method that we promote but we'll

do it together we'll figure them out

we'll learn their cues and we'll try to

get that stretch so hopefully by six

nine months you're maybe even seeing

that 10 to 12 magical hours of sleep and

you can return to being a normal person

once again