When To Start Bengkung Binding After a Vaginal Birth

having been a birth and postpartum doula

and in the world of belly binding for

years both with my clients and through

the postpartum times that I've had with

all five of my children one of the

questions that has come up the most is

when can I start binding after a normal

vaginal birth that's something that I

wanted to answer for you today at least

give you a little bit of guidance so

that you can make that decision for

yourself based on how your body feels

the type of labor and delivery that you

went through and what's going on in your

life how you're handling the change of

dynamics in your family with the new

baby I will start by answering the

question directly as soon as you

possibly can what I normally tell my

clients and my customers is as soon as

you peacefully can and what I mean by

that is there are so many things going

on so many different factors that come

into play after you have a vaginal birth

and you're adjusting to having this new

little person here who just needs you

all the time you're trying to balance

maybe other children you're trying to

balance your own health and wellness and

taking care of yourself while also

taking care of this new little person so

I know that there is a lot going on and

and you know some women handle it

differently than others and that's

perfectly fine but no matter how you

look at it it is a big change and there

is a certain amount of adjustment and

adding in a new practice during that

change can be a little daunting so like

I said as soon as you peacefully can now

that being said I would recommend you

trying to start binding the day you give

birth now there are lots of different

opinions on this and that's perfectly

fine but I'm telling you from my

experience with my own five children in

postpartum times as well as

helping other Mama's through their

postpartum times yes the day that you

give birth is a great time to start and

since you have so many other changes

going on it might be a smart move to

introduce this new practice this new

ritual at the same time and it then it

just integrates itself into this new

life that you're creating this new norm

now whether you give birth at home or

you give birth in a hospital or a birth

center you're going to end up taking a

shower probably within the first few

hours after giving birth that is a great

time to start this new ritual someone's

gonna be watching the baby and this is a

great time for you to shower clean

yourself up and start this new practice

the reason why I suggest starting the

day of is because first of all you are

taking advantage of the relaxin hormone

which is present in your body after


now this hormone was thought to only

last a few days but now they've done

studies to say that it can last in women

a few months so if you don't start

binding right away or if you don't have

a bind or just learn about it later

and and want to start then you're

perfectly fine to still utilize that

relaxing hormone week sometimes months

postpartum now that relaxed and hormone

and I've discussed this in other videos

it's not necessary in getting your

stomach down what it is necessary in

doing is making your ligaments and

joints and all of the connective tissue

like in your hips more malleable so that

you can kind of reshape your hips down

to size now most of the women that I've

dealt with are less concerned about

their hips and they're more concerned

about their belly area and the relaxin

really doesn't play that much of a part

with your belly area as it does your

hips so even if you're years postpartum

you can utilize a belly bind and still

get the benefits going back to immediate

after you have the baby after you take a

shower if you start binding you're

utilizing the relaxin hormone you're

also helping with postpartum bleeding

now a lot of moms experience when they

bind right after birth they will get

kind of a gush of blood from starting to

bind and starting to squeeze that belly

area down but then the bleeding kind of

subsides faster so everyone's different

everybody's going to experience

something different but that is also my

personal experience that the binding

actually helps the bleeding lesson in

severity and in length as well another

great benefit of binding right after

birth is that a lot of times our backs

are so out of place and our posture is

so different from when we had this belly

that required us to lean back and and

are the curvature of our spine is

different and then all of a sudden all

this weight is taken off our our sense

of balance is changed and with that

comes a very kind of distorted posture

for the first few days that can cause a

lot of back pain now you're having to

sit upright to nurse your baby and

that's a whole different kind of posture

that you're dealing with what I found

with Bank unbinding is that for myself

and for a lot of other women when they

bind it allows their posture to be more

upright it gives you a kind of framework

to help you with your posture when your

abs are not doing their job at keeping

you up right now your abs are in a

really weird stage right after you have

a baby

they've been stretched over and to the

side and so you can't really rely on

them to counteract your back muscles so

binding right after you have a baby is

just such a wonderful help in keeping

your posture good and in also keeping

your back from hurting while you're

nursing and walking around

after you have a baby one of the most

important aspects of binding immediately

after you have a baby is helping with

after birth pains so after birth pains

are the tightening down the kind of

contractions that happen to get your

uterus back down to its small size and

in order to do that there is a amount of

cramping that happens that a lot of

women like into - contractions some

women say they feel like PMS cramps and

they can range from that all the way up

to full contractions they normally get

worse at night and they generally happen

more when you're breastfeeding our

bodies are so incredible and they have

these neat symbiotic relationships that

happen after you have a baby and one of

those is when you nurse your baby it

stimulates those contractions to help

shrink your uterus down that's why part

of why a lot of women say that their

bellies go down a lot faster when

they're breastfeeding than if they

didn't breastfeed it's such a neat

process I mean it really is amazing but

I'll tell you what at the time when

you're going through it it can be very

painful and the more babies that you

have the more painful it becomes so

instead of reaching towards a pain

killer that of course can go through

your system into your breast milk I've

found that binding absolutely mitigates

those after birth pains it's incredible

after I had my fifth baby before I

started binding you know I put him to my

breast and I started having those

intense after birth pains and again

being my fifth they had gotten worse

every single time which is normal and I

could tell that this is going to be

something that could possibly keep me up

at night and a lot of women report that

that it's not necessarily the newborn

that's keeping them up at night

the afterbirth pains the cramps that

happen that keep them from sleeping

those first few nights however when I

started binding they completely went

away it mitigated all of the pain so I

definitely recommend binding that first

day after you give birth so that you can

take care of those after birth pains

that have a possibility of keeping you

up at night and not getting the rest

that you need to get better and to be

attentive to your newborn so the

benefits of binding the day you give

birth helps with bleeding helps with

your posture and back issues helps with

after birth pains these are all really

big things also a lot of women complain

about what they call jelly belly and it

is one of those things that after you

give birth you still kind of look like

you're five months pregnant and it's

just kind of this blob there and it's

might not be physically uncomfortable

but you know looking at it and and and

just feeling it there can be kind of

emotionally uncomfortable you really

start feeling more put together it

starts closing your body back up there

are a lot of beliefs and traditions

about how after you have a baby you're

leaving all these doors and windows open

in your body and you become more

susceptible to illnesses and fatigue and

things of that nature and and in order

to really close up your body and start

healing and becoming a whole person as

just you requires that kind of a

practice you need to listen to your body

your body is the best indicator if

something is very uncomfortable if it is

hurting you if it's pinching you if it's

putting a lot of pressure downwards and

and it's making it uncomfortable to sit

or nurse or lay down or anything like


then you should stop bindings should not

be uncomfortable that being said the

beauty of being

binding is that it is fully customizable

to your body with each rap that you go

around your body you can customize the

tightness so you can maybe be a little

less tight lower down where it might be

a little bit more tender right after

Labor and then get tighter and tighter

as you go up if during labor you had a

very long and extensive and intensive

pushing time then then it might be a

little bit more uncomfortable to put a

lot of pressure lower down that would be

an example of a time when you would want

to bind very loose lower down so that

you're not pushing and putting a lot of

pressure on that area so that you're

giving it time to get the swelling down

and and be less tender if you had an

episiotomy or you tore sometimes women

report that again when they bind tightly

those first few days it can put some

undue stress and pressure down there on

their tear or their stitches so again

another time when you can bind a little

bit looser lower down some women

unfortunately have to deal with

hemorrhoids through their pregnancy or

they get hemorrhoids through the pushing

process and again that is another

situation where you can bind looser to

put less pressure down below

always listen to your body that is my

best suggestion to you it will tell you

if it's not ready now if you bind

tightly and you find that again there's

too much pressure going down try

loosening it up if you're still feeling

discomfort then there's no problem in

putting the binder a day or two and then

trying it again you're not gonna lose

any ground on getting your pre-pregnancy

body back if you experienced some of

these discomforts binding the day that

you give birth you have a little bit of

help with the baby and a little bit of

patience with binding I'm sure you can

find a way

you can bind loosely in the areas that

are causing you the discomfort while

still getting a lot of the benefits that

we talked about before I hope this is

helped at least given you some sort of a

guideline to run with about binding

directly after a vaginal birth and if

you are a c-section mama and want to

know about how soon you should start

binding after your c-section I will link

a video below that I made about that and

I'll post it after this video but I hope

regardless that you had a magical birth

experience and a peaceful postpartum

time if you have any questions please

feel free to leave them below and until

next time be well