Right age to start learning Bharatanatyam - Natyaabhyaasa Upaasanam


I would recommend the age of seven

however some teachers do accept students

who are a little younger or a little

older I believe that at the age of the

seven the child has enough muscular

strength to hold the difficult postures

of Bharathanatyam

at the age of seven the child does have

the ability to comprehend concepts such

as variation in speed and rhythm and at

this age the child's body can be

conditioned stretched and strengthened

through VI Yama's or exercises this is

very essential because bharata natyam is

a very physically demanding dance form

although I recommend the age of seven

several older students teenagers and

adults can also learn Bharata Natyam at

any age they would like to

there is really no age bar to learn

Bharata Natyam

however it does require a lot of hard

work and conditioning of the body

Bharata Natyam is also very ancient

dance form and elevates us at various

levels physical psychological emotional

and spiritual Bharata Natyam must not be

seen as just another cardio activity to

aid weight loss it is a serious pursuit

and requires years of patience and

dedication and definitely a lot of hard