Bird and Gun Intro - Upland Bird Dog Training

hi cat withstanding stone kennels here

and rogue and today we're going to do a

birding gun introduction video with her

so with that we're gonna start with a

bird I'm gonna show you how that I'm

going to pull flight feathers on this

pigeon from one wing and then I'm going

to lock those wings together so that

this pigeon isn't flapping around too

much and startling rogue at the

beginning of this training session after

we throw a couple pigeons like that I

can gauge her reaction and decide you

know if I can add in the gunfire at that

point as well as I can unlock those

wings have it flap around a little bit

more but not be able to fly off part of

this training session is going to be

gauging her reaction to the bird to see

if I can continue using the bird as well

as gauging her reaction to see if I can

go ahead and introduce the gunfire if I


Ethan's actually going to do the

shooting for me because he's going to be

out of farther distance and I'll be able

to signal for those something to keep in

mind is you want to make sure you're

wearing hearing protection during this

because we will be shooting blankest oh

with a primer so I will let little rogue

here she's warm it's hot out we did wet

her down but we'll try and keep this

sessions fairly short so I'm going to

show you how to prep your pigeon I'm

gonna come a little bit closer you kind

of signal me when I'm too close but

right here okay so I'm just gonna pull

flight feathers on one wing I'm gonna

pull those feathers and I'm gonna put

them in my bag so that they're not

flying all over the ground being

distracting for rogues so pull a few

more feathers she's like I see that bird

got her focus for sure so let me show

you so this is one wing that's not cold

and then the wing bit is pulled do you

see that and then to lock them you'll

put one wing over the other and then

you'll bring the other wing back over

that wing and they lock together like

that and then you can see they don't

flap as much and hopefully the goal is

for this to

startled the puppy as much make them

more confident and bold about this

situation so I'm going to either get her

really excited we've laid a lot of

groundwork we've got her collar

conditioned to recall so we're gonna be

using that in this as well so ready Road

ready ready okay

had a girl good girl she picks it up she

feels vibrate runs away with it row row

row using a little more collar hiding

her back this way good girl

rogue right here right here I know you

did so good you did so good so she

picked that bird up and said this is

awesome this is mine and headed off the

other direction at that point I was

using vibrate with the collar and I just

switched to one on the stimulation level

and just started using continuous

stimulation until she turned around and

came back for me so I'm not gonna

encourage any sitting before I throw

this bird I want her to be standing

before I throw it get her excited throw

another one had a girl pick it up roll

good girl right here me here vibrate

vibrate till she gets to me good girl

good girl

I'm taking the bird fairly quickly from

her because I don't want to encourage a

lot of munching or chewing or biting and

now the wings are unclipped so it's

gonna do a little more flapping she

hasn't had any hesitation about running

out and picking up that bird at this

point so I'm gonna let it flap I think

that's just going to pump her up even

more after watching her reaction with

this bird the first time so it's gonna

be a little more active a little more

lively and that's when I'm gonna signal

for my gunfire so get her excited get

her excited toss it out there good girl

she had no hesitation with that gunfire

she didn't even stop chasing the bird or

look around she's feeling vibrate

feeling a little stem good girl

stimulation come on Rogue rogue come on


add a girl rogue right here come on to


rogue Rogue rogue Rogue rogue come on

tell me good girl right here good girl

good girl

so I don't want to use too much

stimulation with her and the bird but I

do want her to come back to me so I was

slowly turning it up until I got a

reaction from her instead of going up

too quickly and causing a negative

reaction with that bird because she's

got it in her mouth and she would have

felt too much stimulation so I will also

signal for another gunshot on this we

didn't see any hesitation or reaction on

that last one so petty okay good girl

rogue good girl so she's got the bird

she's feeling vibrate good girl good


that's so good that's so good okay throw

her another one she's really enjoying

this okay good girl here rogue here good

girl good girl good so we're gonna like

I said keep this pretty short she's

still really excited about this bird

that last retrieve was a lot less sloppy

than the other ones I'm gonna just hide

this bird here so it's out of sight out

of mind less distracting gonna just sit

her down here let her calm down like I

said it's getting hot and something to

keep in mind the hotter your puppy gets

she's panting her tongues hanging out of

her mouth so the hotter she gets the

harder it's gonna be for her to continue

retrieving really well and we want to

continue to always encourage that nice

not sloppy not mouthing retrieve and I

want her to come all the way back with

it not set it down halfway to me because

she's hot so we're gonna

stop playing with the bird right now she

was really pumped up about chasing it

she went out she picked it right up on

that last one came directly back to me

with the vibrate with the collar so we

we put all the pieces together the

gunfire was there she showed no

hesitation the bird flapping around was

there she was pumped up about the bird

and the retrieve and the recall was all

there so when you're doing a training

session everything might not click and

go together perfectly but it's always

important to try and end your training

session on a good note a successful note

and I really felt like we had that here

with this session with rogue so we're

gonna keep working on a few of these

things and then next week we'd like you

to stay tuned because we're gonna give

you a progress report on all of the

things that rogues been working on and

how much better she's been getting at

those things so she said that was

awesome she's hot and we're gonna call

that a day