Birth Control Advice : How to Start Birth Control Pills After Childbirth

hi I'm Christina Kamali I'm a nurse

midwife with Planned Parenthood and I'd

like to talk to you about starting your

birth control pills after childbirth

after giving birth it's important for a

woman to have time between pregnancies

to allow her body to recover from the

pregnancy because a woman can become

pregnant very soon after childbirth it's

important to have a contraceptive plan

in place before you become sexually

active again if you've been prescribed

progesterone only birth control pills

you can start these at any time and they

will be effective 48 hours after you've

started them if you've been prescribed a

combined birth control pill you can

start these two weeks after delivery it

will take these pills seven days to

become effective so please use

abstinence or a backup method until you

know they're working also it's smart to

delay sexual intercourse until your

healthcare provider has recommended that

it's okay now sticking to a pill

schedule with a new baby can be

difficult think about ways you can

remind yourself to take your pill such

as setting an alarm on your watch or

cell phone or putting your pills by your

toothbrush if you find that it's not

working out remembering your pill every

day talk to your health care provider

about a birth control method you don't

have to think about every day and

whatever you do enjoy that new baby