Day 29 - Switching over to bloom nutrients! - From Seed to Harvest - Autoflower - Advanced Nutrients







morning guys

mpk all the way here this is day 29 of

our c2 harbors row so we entered week 5

today so that's amazing as you can see I

put one of the humidifiers inside for

because I had to fix sealing on the top

so that it didn't have the leak anymore

however I might need to shorten my

contraption what I made here like the

this pipe it's I think it's too long I


it takes too much effort for the smoke

to go up and then it makes too much

droplets while becoming making the

droplets drop down so there might be a

possibility that I have to put those

higher to go there or otherwise I need

to put them higher and make them go

through my zipper right there so that

it's there's less distance that they

need to travel because there was not a

lot of mist coming out of it plus I

don't know if it's a bad thing if the

droplets go back inside here so I don't

know but yeah as you can see again they

grew they starting to stretch so that

one there is really starting to give

some so it's getting some height now so

we need to readjust our lighting today

we're also going to put the lighting on

75% today I'm going to up that in the

next coming days so that we're at 100% I

also downloaded like a lux meter on my

phone I know it's not the best thing or

it's not like the hardware up there but

you know it's something and it gives me

an idea of the intensity

my lights for example currently we are

at around 18 to 20,000 here at the sides

all the way at the sides I already

measured that all the way at the sides

is around 18 - yeah let's say 18,000 Lux

well in the middle I have around 20,000

mm and over there I have around in this

middle because of course there's two

bars pretty close to each other so

actually in the middle of the tent

there's 23,000 Lux and that's only at

50% so I'm really looking forward to

what it does whenever I get to the 100%

and when I dropped the lights to let's

say another 20 centimeters so now there

are at 60 centimeters that's like 24

inch yeah 60 centimeters is about 24

inch so if they were at 40 centimeters

it would be around I think around 17 to

18 inch I'm not 100% sure about that but

yeah I will drop these down low later in

Flour because what I've read online is

that you need around 5,000 to 8,000 Lux

for seedlings and then you can do

between 15,000 and 50,000 blocks or the

vegetative growth and then you can go

from 50,000 to 70,000 for a late flower

never go over 75,000 unless you're doing

a heavy co2 and whatever because over

675 thousand you are giving them too

much light you will get light burn you

will get all kinds of problems because

too much light is also not a good thing

so yeah these are the things that I've

read online about the lux so I was

always thinking that how much light

didn't eat how long does it how high

does it need to hang and what's the

intensity that they need so yeah now I

know so just download an app it's called

Lux meter or a light Lux meter doesn't

matter there's so many apps out there

that do the exact same thing they

use your phone so you can calculate the

lux keep in mind it's not a hundred

percent but it gives you a close idea of

where you're at and that makes it easy

for you to think look let me put my

phone right here on top of the canopy

and let's see what we're reading here

because here you will get a different

reading than if you're like here so yeah

that way you will always know if your

lights are in range of what they need to

be let's find out if we have some more

girls so as you can see we have still a

girl that walk I hopefully you grow that

was not showing dirt gender yesterday so

let's see what she does today nothing

here let's see the main stem here there

we go I'm sorry guys I'm just trying to

figure out yep we have a girl so right

over there I'm on focus

so as you can see there is the whiteness

there so yeah that's good news that

means that she's also a girl I can take

that away now now we only have that one

over there and we have that one over

there if those are showing pistols I can

start watering the blooms if they're not

showing pistols that I'm going to start

giving bloom nudes to all of these

except for those two they will get the

same feeling as they were getting

yesterday because I don't want to feed

them to bloom nudes just yet I will also

have to do as you can see a lot of LSD

again that one over there by the way is

the girl that we topped and as you can

see I don't see any difference I

actually think she's growing better than

her sisters so yeah this one in the

middle is the one with the nitrogen

toxicity which we solved by the way so

our new growth is looking very good so

yeah we already battled some deficiency

some toxicity I'm really happy that I

caught him early and I'm really happy

that we're finding out how to do it

today I hope also that I can put my

humidifier outside so that we can have

some more room in the tent

other than that I'm going to feed them

now going to Warren and now of course

I'm going to check the first the girls


hopefully girls so we don't know that

yet but probably they will be and I will

show you how I mix my bloom newts later

on so see you in a bit guys Oh guys

welcome back we're back at our mixing

station as you can see I have a little

bit more nutrients today so yeah so we

start by giving our Rhino skin our

silicon you want a good that at 1

milliliter per liter and we're going to

give our senses I'm our this will help

us with the growth with cleaning up the

root zone also at 1 milliliter per liter

now we're going to transition into our

bloom newts says he Coco blue as you can

see they advise you to use formula

liters per liter during the weeks 1/2

off the 1 through 6 of the bloom phase

I'm going to gradually do that I'm not

going to start by a full dose of formula

liter of course I'm going to start with

2 milliliters per liter because that's

where we were at with the grow and

basically the Part A and Part V are not

that much different than our growth

formula formula as you can see the Part

A consists out of 4% let me zoom in on

that 4 percent nitrogen between 1/2

percent of cow calcium and 0.9% of

magnesium and some iron in there so if

you remember that correctly our cocoa

grow was at 3% so only 1% less but we

have 1 percent extra in the Part B which

is not here as you can see there's no

extra nitrogen so the nitrogen basically

stays the same with the cockpit that

grow compared to the grow it's both 4%

the calcium I think also went up a

little bit I think it was 3 points to

let me check that what's up here is my

grow apart hey I'm Colby so these are so

these are Part A and Part B and these

are the same that's like that there we

go so this is our cook will grow and

this is the bloom so as I was saying the

nitrogen 3% pause another additional

percent here so 4 percent of nitrogen as

you can see it's the same in the bloom

so that's the same here we have three

and a half percent calcium and 0.85

magnesium there's nothing in here

there's nothing in there but here the

calcium is the same 3.5% but the

magnesium is 0.05 more so just slightly

touch of more magnesium and iron stays

the same one zero one seven five percent

so that's the same so basically these

Part A and Part B is the same except for

1% more nitrogen and 0.05 percent more


then Part B however they left out the

nitrogen because it's already present in

the part a but they upped the phosphorus

as you can see it's now at 4% here it

was at to post it up up the the

potassium as well or 5% here against 4%

there also the sulfur went up by 0.1% so

basically the difference between these

bottles from the grow and blooms the

only difference is that there's more

potassium and more phosphorus that's it

the other ones are neglectful I think

because they're so small the differences

but the potassium and the phosphorus

between the grow and the bloom of course

is a lot higher because your plant needs

more potassium and more phosphorus

during the bloom stage so yeah these

back on the side here there we go I'm

going to feed those at 2 milliliters per

liter these two then we have our Buddha

juice again our bacteria are beneficial

bacteria so I'm going to give that again

as 2 milliliters per liter this will

expand your root zone will make a lot

more beneficial bacteria in your root

zone and then we're going to introduce a

new product called tarantula these are

also microbes beneficial microbes I'm

going to add them ah one milliliter per

liter and I will build that up until 1.5

milliliter per liter so gonna add those

as well so these two combined both are

microbes and bacteria so combined they

will work great so one milliliter leader

for that guy then we have again our

piranha our pronto you also know that

guys this is our funghi also we'll add

that again at 1 milliliter liter and

we'll build that up to 1.5 million per

liter then we have our b-52 our vitamins

gonna keep that as well on 1 milliliter

per liter our Nirvana we're going to

keep at

to milliliters per liter as we were

doing in the grow our natural foods of

course seaweed and some kelp and we have

a new product but factor X I've heard

people say that this does wonders so

what it does this bottle it contains a

little bit of magnesium some willow bark

extract but actually what it does it

attacks your plant and weed attacking

your plant I mean in a beneficial way it

uh it tricks your plants immune system

that it's under attack without stressing

it and that's a big deal because you

don't have to stress your plant so you

will not stunt the growth but however

you will think that it's being attacked

so it will create something like it will

create a lot more enzymes it will make

the plant healthier it will make the

plant stronger but the most important

thing that it's doing it will increase

the resin production the essential oils

of your plants therefore making it more

resistant to pests to bucks to

everything in general actually because

because you're making your plant

stronger and healthier you're getting a

lot less risk of deficiencies and

toxicities because she can handle that a

lot better with this plus of course the

extra resin production will put up a lot

more weight to your plants and therefore

increasing your yields so they suggest

to users that 2 milliliters per liter

during weeks one off six so basically

the entire gluing face I will do that

but I will start at one milliliter and I

will gradually build that up so yeah I'm

gonna put that as well and as last but

not least of course our sugars are but

candy same those I was doing one

milliliter per liter everything so these

are the notes as you can see it's a lot

but that's okay these are these are the

strength nurse these are the base

these are the root expanders and these

are our additives basically like you

don't really need them because you can

do fine without them the root mass

expanders saying you don't really need

them you can do fine without them but if

you want explosive growth if you want

better root zone take those these ones

you definitely need the base nutrients

silica is also something you don't

really need them to sense the time

actually these are the only ones that

you really need a base nutrients all the

others help your plants they are not

needed but they help your plant a lot so

you can basically sailing through the

base nutrients and maybe some extra

calmac but other than that all of this

is optional if you want the best results

if you want the best possible chance to

get your plant to a stage where you want

it to be this is what you need to go for

I'm not saying you have to buy this

brand because again I'm not sponsored by

them but this is basically giving

everything your plant needs in cocoa

because in Seoul this is a lot different

of course you can also give the same you

choose but at different ratios because

otherwise you will burn her but in cocoa

this is what I would give so I'm going

to mix those now I'm going to give them

to my plants except for the two that are

not in showing their gender yet so those

are still getting the the yesterday

formula with the grow and stop and no

tarantula bla bla so yeah gonna give

those now and I will see you later guys

because I'm going to also do the LSD and

blah blah blah this one takes a lot of

time so seen a bit about so guys I just

mixed all the nutrients of the bloom

face going to test them now to see what

they are at so our pH is settling at 5.8

without me having to add pH down so

that's our pH perfect technology at work

here so that's amazing actually I don't

have to add pH down anymore

which is great like it close this bottle

I didn't add it yet so that's why I

measured it before I put it in so always

measure your stuff that way you know

let's measure do you see I'm expecting

this to be higher 1.3 that actually is

also not what I expected I expected it

to be at 1.4 1.5 so but I put in only

let me think yeah I put in only one

milliliter of the Nirvana instead of two

maybe that's because so the but factor X

is adding more than the Nirvana is doing

because our route expanders the Parana

the Buddha juice and tarantula they

don't add any ppm s and the other news I

kept the same except for of course are

you call it the cocoa bloom products but

I don't think they add a lot more than

the girl because they're basically the

same except for your capacity amande

your phosphorus of course and all the

other needs I did the same so the only

thing I changed is the Nirvana I put

from two milliliters to one and I had a

one milliliter per liter of that so the

but factor X I think is adding quite a

lot of EC because we have the same

amount of milliliters that we did

yesterday but it's coming out higher so

I will need to check that but that's

that's that's no problem is to be at one

point two for now because I'm going to

add some RO water there we go

that should be enough

no no if you can see that let me

highlight this place and there we go

always wash your meters

I do it every single watering I do it I

clean them in some water here then I go

clean them for then I clean them well in

the faucet and my top this pH is

dropping by the way so I don't know if

it's good I will have to check it look

that up I might need to add some pH up

later because I always want them to be

at around 5.8 but for now this is okay

so let's leave it at that I will soon

also have to recalibrate my meters keep

in mind guys always calibrate your

mediums your meter sorry not your medium

always calibrate your meters in time

usually they advise you to do it every

month I do it every two to three weeks

so don't forget that because if this is

off if you're measuring is off entire

plants will go back so see you later


I just Alice steep this girl and I also

did an extra experiment on this one I

did some super cropping on this one so

as you can see here I have two of these

branches they were all up and I worse

there was no way of tying them down so

what I did is I super cropped them which

means that you basically you pinch the

stem not what your nails but just

pinched it with your fingers like this

in all directions so that the stem

inside gets weak like as you can see

this is I can do whatever I want with

this this I can put this in any

direction that I want normally you don't

do this with all the flowers but I've

seen people do it and it didn't seem to

stress the plant out so I did it with

these three branches just to see what

effect that would get I'm gonna give her

two stakes

like these sticks like there so that we

know that this is the girl that we super

cropped today I mean we'll see what she

does by tomorrow I probably have to hold

her down to see what happens but it's an

experiment that's why we're doing this

that's why I have this many plans so I

can try things out so yeah just now

let's eat all of them

now there's back there's an even canopy

again as you can see it's all at the

same height so yeah I didn't have to

clip off any leaves I didn't have to do

anything about that so that's good so

we'll see what it gives tomorrow so guys

when I was picking up this pot out of

the tent I was amazed and when amazed I

mean blown away actually when I picked

her up I know there's something white

coming out at the bottom first I thought

it wasn't worm but no it's a root it's a

roots that's insane

I mean look at the root grow underneath

at day 28 the entire bottom of the pot

is already filled with Russe that's

insane for a 30 day old plant from from

from seeds that's amazing what these

pots do is these air pots

whenever roots like for example here for

example here you can see your root

coming up what happens is the root comes

into contact with air and therefore it

dies off it's called pruning and because

of that it dies here but it doesn't die

of course at the stem so this promotes

instead of the group of the root growing

like this this decision or turning up or

twisting whatever it dies off here and

then it starts promoting side branching

so instead of one root you get a lot of

roots coming out to sides but as you can

see with 30 days in the entire bottom of

the pot is already packed with roots

so yeah this is also why it's important

to get rid of runoff if you have runoff

don't let it sit for a day take it out

as fast as you can because roots will go

down there and they will pick up

everything that was run off again and

remember runoff you don't want in your

grow because usually it's build-up salts

it's high pH whatever this causes

problems so if you have runoff only use

it to measure get rid of it that's how

it works so see in a bit so I just

watered them all as you can see and I

also did Alice T on all these including

that one short and stubby as you can see

I got her to give him our LR a little

room because she was extremely dense so

I hope I fixed it a little bit this is

our girl that we topped by accident as

you can see there that one is our

biggest plant right now

this was our reference plant that we

were following from the beginning this

is the one that we did some super

cropping on with the pink shape and I

also did it on this one because I had

another stem that I couldn't Bend

anywhere else than here so yeah really

excited to see what it will do by day

tomorrow just to give you an idea on

time consumption to do all these nine

plants it took me about 1 hour to tie

them down again to like I treat some

leaves as you can see there's some

leaves that I had to cut away because

they were covering too much in the

process of course again let me find it

in the process of that of doing that I

again clipped a small top as you can see

here this one so not too bad it's just

one note that got clipped that's ok

other than that they're growing like I

this is how I want them to be like

filling the entire pot just like that

this one is still like it needs to come

this way this one needs to go that way

and that one as well up there so I want

them to fill the entire space which I

think will not be an issue I think we

will have not enough space to be exact

what I also did today is I upped the

intensity of the lighting as you can see

now they're at 75% there we go

what that did it changed the locks

inside a tent at the canopy level it was

first twenty thousand in the middle like

twenty twenty-one thousand now by

helping it by twenty five percent we're

at thirty thousand thirty two thousand

they're the highest part the highest Lux

excuse me is in the middle there's

thirty eight thousand because as you can

see these two let's are very close to

each other so the most light is in the

middle so I will probably arrange my

tent that the biggest girls are going to

the middle because there they get the

most lighting I still need to do that

entire side as you can see because

they're packing on a lot so I really

need to do those but that's gonna be

probably it for today's updates because

nothing else is gonna change today other

than Dallas teeing dot sides and

watering it again with the bloom notes

and watering at cal-mag at night so yeah

guys that's it for today's update if

there's anything you need to know don't

hesitate to ask me in the comments I try

to reply to every comment that I get

don't feel like it's a dumb question on

whatever there are no dumb questions

they're all only dumb answers so keep

that in mind guys I'm here to learn

together with you that's why I'm

documenting and detailing it as much as

I can

sorry for the long videos there's no way

to explain all this and show all this

within a

ten minute time frame it's it's it's

impossible I cannot do that so yeah

that's why these videos are between 15

and 20 minutes so again sorry for that

that's it I'm going to end the video

here guys thank you very much

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