How to Grow Blueberries from Seeds of Blueberry (Quick Method)

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videos there and we try to upload at

least one video a week but today we're

going to talk about growing blueberries

from seeds I'll show you an easy way to

grow your blueberries and just slice it

open here you're gonna see how small

these seeds are they're very very small

if you guys have watched the strawberry

video this is gonna be a similar video

to that just a little bit different you

can see how just tiny they those seeds

are the seeds are actually smaller than

a strawberry seed so we're dealing with

some very very fine seeds here let's get

a close-up try to see there you go you

can see how small they are there's some

seeds in there yeah they actually will

sprout most people keep their

blueberries in the fridge so I keep them

in the fridge they're staying chilled

and it causes them to go through what's

called cold stratification so once you

plant these into a nice warm spot

they're gonna start sprouting within a

couple days to a couple weeks so again

when you use a sharp knife you're just

gonna cut that blueberry right and 1/2

and here we go here's some more seeds

for you very fine very small the darker

red color a little bit bigger the seed

the the more ready they are those those

yellow ones though they will solve the

previous blueberry they'll be just fine

they'll be able to grow and sprout but

we're gonna we're gonna cut about four

of these open here slice them open just

kind of give you guys an idea of what

what we're dealing with here how small

the seeds are I like again to use if you

guys watch the strawberry video but the

blueberry seeds they are so small and I

like to use the cups you see the cups on

the grow bench there what that does is

allows us to water

without losing any seeds or moving

around too much so it gives us a little

bit more control with the little cups I

do put them in pots as well and this is

a good time to do it it's a winter for

us or we're ready for a spring we're

gonna start sprouting some blueberries

and strawberries and that was a really

good time to do that so let's let's grab

a couple cups let's get some soil in

those cups

you want to get the soil near the top of

the cup

all right now we're gonna start placing

our blueberries just right on top you

place the whole blueberry one per cup

these are some small cups here again I

just buy the cups in bulk they're so

cheap just given up a big box and it's

pretty much gonna last us quite a quite

a while depending on how much planting

you're doing and there we go here's a

close-up of the seeds close can we get

so yeah the darker seeds for sure are

going to they're going to grow you've

got some immature seeds in there that

may not sprout but again this is a small

cup those blueberries go a long way

all right we're gonna take some soil

we're just gonna cover the tops

I'm just going to cover the top with

some topsoil there we're going to use

about a quarter an inch to half an inch

on the blueberries

once we water we want to make sure that

we don't expose them pack it down a

little bit here give it a good pack on

on the soil there and once we've water

we're gonna make sure that we're not

exposing the top of the blueberries we

want to cover those up that looks good

a little bit more so there no we're

covered that's good good good

a little bit of water skin

get the soil a little bit wet here there

we go

blueberries um they like a little bit

higher pH levels you guys are really

into the science of it go ahead and look

that up on the Internet

blueberries require a lot of Sun you

want to get them at least 3/4 of the day

with full sunlight they can tolerate

partial shade

but you want to give them some sunlight

stop our blueberries out here we're

gonna do the same thing we're gonna use

a little bit larger pot Sealy space and

we're gonna we're gonna do the same

method where it's gonna cut these

blueberries right in half

blueberries like to be well-drained as

well when you're planting them when they

when they sprout you're ready to plant

those or Transplant them into the soil

you want to be about a foot foot above

the the rest of the soil and then you

want to plant them in rows if you're

gonna plan them in rows you want to go

three feet wide I'll tell you what

there's nothing better than going out

and picking fresh blueberries from your

from your garden here you can see some

of the seeds exposed here well that's a

good one there's a lot of darker red

brown brownish eat the seeds in that one

that was going to do really well

blueberries love organic matter you know

I'm just using a top soil right now here

some kale bit of perlite it's just a

potting mix go

I'm really happy with the seats inside

that blueberry we're gonna have some

we're gonna have some blueberry sprouts

here in a couple weeks so there it is

again we're going to cover with our

topsoil here you want to place it when a

quarter an inch at least on top to a

half inch

we don't want any any of the fruit

exposed make sure all the blueberries

are covered so those seeds can grow if

you expose the blueberries they're not

going to grow you got to keep them under

the soil

keep the soil moist put it in a warm

place you put these right on your

windowsill maybe even your kitchen if

you got a sunny area there we've got a

sunroom or wherever it gets a little bit

of sunlight and it's warm for sprouting

you don't need to you don't need a whole

lot of Sun but you just need of you have

a warm spot once they start sprouting

that's when you need a little bit of a

little bit of Sun so if we're gonna do

this in a winter right before spring

it's actually a good time to do it for

us right now it's January I'm smooth

that around make sure it's level

looks good let's look at some of the

results here well thank you again for

stopping by checking out our channel on

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