How to Start Bonsai Seeds - Scarification and Stratification

Hayatou from and here

on youtube you know me as epic fantasy

that's right and this is my latest video

this is a tutorial on bonsai I haven't

done a bonsai tutorial and maybe a ga

year if you've been with me that long

you remember my bonsai videos they used

to do it get a whole bunch of them

thank you sticker with me that long this

video particularly is on a subject

called Stu scarification and

stratification wood it's a mouthful I

understand you know you're like what the

heck does that mean that is how you

start from this a bonsai seed and you

get to this the little bonsai seedlings

so I'll talk about a little bit more

we'll launch it to that is a little bit

of a process but it's not that difficult

let's do the introductory video and then

we will get into scarification and

stratification of bonsai so you can

start with the seed and get into a

little seedling like that Thank You

dioramas origami catapults trebuchets

telescopes terrariums bonsai trees and

paper games swords and shields and real

blacksmithing model rockets animation i

teach the art of real creation lets make something

ok you're not 2 step process of

scarification and then stratification

let's start with the scarification that

is the process where you break down the

hard outer shell of the tree seed and

you do that usually by soaking them in

water for a determined period of time

what will happen is over 24 hours to 48

hours some of the seeds will sink and

some of them will float you're going to

check those out and remove the floaters

those seeds are no good then usually not


the sinking seeds are the ones you want

they're usually viable so just separate

those and when you get your seeds or

look it up you will get the instructions

for how long to soak them in water

that's the scarification then from there

you're going to stratify your seeds now

smoke sees a cold stratify but some are

warm stratified and I'll show you that

so you put them in a little bit of peat


or whatever is recommended with the

seeds and I have a whole list on my

website you can check that out different

types of tree seeds and hottest stratify

them you put them in some peat moss all

right and also I I typically will check

the floaters and and plant those too and

see if some of them any of them viably

sprout so make sure you label everything

clearly because it could be 30 60 90 180

days in the fridge so you want to know

what it is and when you planted it so

label everything with names and dates so

you remember it so you don't have to

remember it then we warm stratify some

of them are called to be warm stratified

I put them in the little greenhouse and

some of them a cold stratified and I put

them in the fridge so it's an easy

process but it does take time and isn't

that part of the art of bonsai is taking

your time there's no big hurry it's

going to be five to seven years before

they start looking like bonsai trees so

let's take a look at the instructions

that came with these try it at maples

scarification soak in tap water and let

it stand for 24 hours stratification to

break the dormancy during the water from

the seed and then put them with sterile

peat moss in a bag and cold stratify for

90 days simple as that so that's it look

at that that's going to be a beautiful

bonsai so that is the how you start a

tree seed depending on the type of seed

always look up the specific type you

start with the seed and you end up

hopefully with the little seedling just

like that look at all these wonderful

ones that I've got here it's beautiful

if you do this process you have sent me

some pictures so Sara asked me some

questions thank you here are some other

projects that you might like there's

some old bonsai in the upper left and

those and then on the upper right is

bonsai after they've sprouted down below

how about making a terrarium with moss

and they get those little Sun India in

there and then hey a bonsai tree out of

wire thank you