Everything You Need To Start Raising Bottle Calves!

welcome back to farming hammer everyone

in today's video I'm gonna try to give

you guys an overview of all the things

you need before you can start raising

bottle caps first off as you guys can

tell we've had our first snow of the

year called first major snow we've had a

little dusting here and there but we

have like an inch inch and a half and

that was two days ago I guess and it's

still here which is bad cuz now it's

starting to melt and feeding with the

truck is getting more difficult more

difficult cuz all the rain and flooding

and everything is just way too wet so I

checked the weather this morning and I

think we're pretty much done with all

the snow and ice and rain and so I think

for the next week it's supposed to be

mid 40s to 50s and I think even a week

from now is supposed to be like almost

60 degrees so definitely won't be able

to complain about them to weather next

week but currently I have a kitten

trying to climb up my leg


oh hey that does not feel good so I've

had a lot of questions and comments

people kind of just wondering if I could

do a series on bottle calves for

beginners everything you need to know

things need to buy things you need to

have and basically just how to get

started and so since I'm getting more

bottle calves actually when you're

watching this video I'll be picking up

two that day I think and I'll have more

on that in the pre in the next video but

so yeah I just wanted to give you guys

kind of an overview of all the things

you will be needing before you can get

some bottle caps so this is not going to

be a course you have to buy this is just

gonna be a video series since I'm

getting bottle cow's already I thought

it might as well just show you guys all

the people that want to get started

everything you can do he's doing it


it's a bad habit to start doing so let's

get into it first thing you need before

you can even consider raising bottle

caps is number one you got to have some

kind of barn or some place to put them

honestly as you guys saw from last year

I put calves in this barn we have this

barn which is pretty big we used to

raise like 40 in here then I have this

little shed here which you guys have

also seen and that was where I put like

the group pens and all that so obviously

we have a series of sheds and barns here

I can use but you don't need this much

depending on how many you plan on

raising I could raise a total of thirty

some in one season just in this little

barn just because you can fit like six

on this side and six on that side and

you know when you rotate them out if you

get to here at wakeup waste get couple

more you can go through a cycle and end

up getting thirty in one season so yes

if you do a lot of research you all know

a lot of people they build these fancy

barns and all that for raising bottle

caps which normally those are great but

for the average person trying to get

started that's not what you're going to

be able to afford and honestly it's not

something you really need so

yes ventilation is important you do need

a way to cycle out some of that dirty

gross air and obviously in this barn

obviously in this bond that is not a

problem because it's an open end shut so

there's air coming right in here

obviously if you're gonna have really

cold weather this is not the bar to put

them in I'll have a whole different

video on bedding but I picked this up

last night this is just straw bales I

paid like four dollars and fifty cents

of bale which is a little high and as

you guys know in previous videos I used

to buy big round bales because they were

way cheaper but since I'm only getting

two calves I didn't find a good round

bale a cheap enough round bale so I just

got these from local feed store

and there are tons of different options

for bedding which I can make a whole

separate video on that if you guys would

like but for me I like straw it's pretty

basic you can find it it's not hard to

get and normal it's pretty relatively

cheap so next thing you will need is

milk powder of course so as you guys

have seen once again from last year I

have this little dwell house here and

that's where I keep the milk replacer

because you can see I'm trying to keep

all my cups just so I can you know know

exactly how many milk powder bags have

been through which it's as you can tell

it's quite a few but anyway I put it on

the styrofoam because humidity does tend

to get in here and sometimes wet on the

floor but it's pretty dirty messy it's

just is a nice dry place to keep this

and it also keeps away the varmint so

mice rats raccoons possums even your dog

or cat

they love to chew on the corners of this

thing and get into the milk powder spill

it everywhere and there goes your $75

bag of milk replacer so make sure you

have a good nice safe dry place for your

milk replacer you leave a sit now

something is guaranteed to get into it

make sure you find somewhere safe and


I pour your milk replacer and it doesn't

make any sense to have any milk replacer

if you don't have any way to feed it so

these are my four bottles here I think I

actually have five don't worry the last

one is here but you don't need that many

bottles and you don't need that many

nipples either even if you're feeding

ken I can get by refusing for just by

feeding while I'm washing the bottle

putting new milk on it washing the

nipple feeding the other so you can't

get by with minimal bottles it does make

it easier to have at least one bottle

per calf but once again you don't need

that many as long as you make sure you

clean the bottles between feeding

different calves so my nipples are

actually inside I think I have eight

nipples just because they've you know

I've collected them over time and so

this bottle this bottle is like 15 years

old we've been using this one for a long

long time and I don't know if you can

tell but it is a little discolored and

more dirty inside but these things last

you a long time if you keep them once

again in a dry place where they don't

get super cold or anything like that

definitely keep them out of the Sun as

well if you can and then some of those

nipples have also been 15 years old I

did buy quite a few new ones here a

couple new ones last year because some

of the old ones are dry and drying out

and cracking but anyway get you some

bottles and nipples normally they're

relatively cheap you won't be your most

expensive thing to get started with but

as you guys know I have kind of moved on

from using these things I will show you

what I'm up to now once again as you

guys have seen previous videos I have

bucket race and calves so if you want to

raise the bucket calves you can do so

it's just I would recommend getting a

bottle and nipple as well just to get

them started that's what I do and I'll

have more videos are not actually a

calves but if you get what some buckets

we've had these things for more than 15

years they've raised a lot of cash for

us some of them have not done so well

the bottoms have been pushed out of them

but these things I don't even know how

much you can buy these for these types

of buckets

but we used to have like six gem because

we used areas like six to some calves in

the season just make sure you have some

type of bucket the plastic ones tend to

break down pretty quick so that's why we

like these like I said I don't even know

if you can buy these anymore but we

still have so many left over it that's

what I use and these are surrounded by

gross stuff because the ceiling cause

the barn but these will all be washed up

and used again and yes this is another

good thing to show you here this is a

rubber rubber little bucket here this is

just what we use to feed grain you can

use the same kind there to feed grain

it's just these things I think around a

little bit cheaper and they will also

last you a long time these are the same

things we've had since I was a small

child we fed a lot of calves with them

still are in great shape obviously this

one's just dirty and has to be cleaned

up but anyway just make sure you have a

milk bucket if you're planning on

feeding in a bucket and then you also

need a grain bucket whether you're

feeding on the bottle or in a bucket but

as you guys know I have tried to kind of

move away from doing bottle calves as

well because because I've upgraded to

this thing here and this is a 10-10 calf

milk bar feeder and he saw these

compartments you fill them up actually

hey there's two of my nipples which

should not be out here and one way to

pierce but I haven't seen this stuff a

year haven't actually over here anyway

so yeah you can find these you don't

need one of these it just does make

things quicker if you're raising quite a

few of them so I can feed ten clean it


maybe another group of ten and I

actually gotten to do these them on

Craigslist actually I think it was

Facebook marketplace these are hard to

find used especially it was just my luck

that the one day I looked on Facebook

marketplace a guy was selling so I got

these for I think three hundred bucks

for two of them and a pretty good deal

because these things new are expensive I

do need to replace the nipples on these

this year

oh my god away with the old ones last

year but this year I'm have to put new

ones on and I think those nipples are on

like 60 bucks for a pack of ten so

anyway it just does to make life a whole

lot simpler when you're raising quite a

few and this is one of those things not

very many people think of when they

think they're gonna raise some calves if

you're going to raise probably five or

more you need an extra water heater from

one your house just because you're gonna

be using a lot of hot water and if you

have a larger family like me people used

to get mad whenever I use a little hot

water to feed baby calves and they have

a cold shower so this is just one we

have out the barn it's no good right now

because these pipes when we have them

installed they have cracked sins and

there's no water going to them so anyway

I was gonna try to get this one put a

new heating element in here I still may

do that but last year I just use the one

from the house we actually have a pretty

big water heater in the house so we

don't really have to worry about that

but if you have a small water heater

you're trying to feed a lot of calves

I'm guessing the rest of your family

would appreciate it if you could not use

a little hot water but you gotta feed

calves some hot / warm milk and so water

heater is another thing you gotta got to

make sure you have figured out so guys

that is my bare minimum list for things

you need start raising bottle caps

obviously there's going to be a lot more

stuff you can get as extras but that's

kind of stuff he need for sure obviously

the other things like medication you're

probably going to need some scour

boluses vaccines things like that but I

will do a whole separate video on

vaccines scour medication and

antibiotics so that's gonna be a whole

another video but you will have to have

some kind of Scour treatment because I

can pretty much guarantee if you're

gonna raise five or more you're gonna

have trouble with it eventually so so

anyway guys thank you for watching to

try to keep this guy under control here

keep him from climbing up my leg like I

said I will be getting two calves when

you're watching this video the same day

and so lots of more calves to come since

you're getting since I'm getting two for

my little get ten since I'm getting ten

I might as well get 50 so

I try to get quite a few at least as

many as I did last year and yeah it's

gonna start getting busy as well as you

know I'm getting pigs here in a couple I

guess two months now so anyway lots of

things going on and I hope you guys

enjoyed this video like I said I can do

I can keep doing stuff for the series of

people just getting into bottle caps but

I'm also gonna try to keep the like farm

vlogs going as well so anyway I hope you

guys enjoyed this one thank you for

watching and I will see you guys next