When Should I Start My Birth Class?

people always want to know when they

should start birth boot camp classes and

while I think that 25 weeks is a perfect

time Sarah doesn't necessarily think so

why do you think do you feel like they

should start classes earlier I like I

don't mind people starting at 20 weeks

or before just because then they can we

have we cover so much nutrition in the

classes it's nice to get that earlier on

and we we cover a lot of relaxation so

the earlier you get that in your

pregnancy the more you can practice with

your partner and that really helps

prepare you for the birth why do you

like 25 I totally get that in there are

often times when people come to class

and they feel like they wish they would

have had some of that information

earlier including nutrition and some

relaxation things like that I probably

feel like that because when people

finish class too early where they've got

you know two or even three months left

oh I hate for them to do that sometimes

I'll let them come back to class unless

class is full yeah and then do and then

I run into a problem but it really pride

depends on the individual and what

you're comfortable with and probably

your own situation with you and your