How To Start Breeding Your Dog

hi i'm jamie curott all from beach house

veterinary center in surrey and i'm here

to talk to you about dog breeding hi I

want to talk to you about dog breeding

how to go about it if you've got a [ __ ]

most of the time you will go and see a

stud dog and take your [ __ ] to the stud

dog owners house when she's ready to be

bred your vet can certainly help you

determine when the best time for that is

and we call that the e stress period and

when actually she's about to ovulate and

there are certain tests that you can do

can be run by your vet to determine the

best time and you go there and the most

important thing is to be relaxed your

[ __ ] will pick up on your nerves if

you're feeling anxious social so will


and as a result you're not going to end

up having a good successful mating when

you're there the stud dog will approach

your [ __ ] and if she is ready she'll

allow him to mount and he'll come up and

mount her and one of the processes is

that he will tie and then they will turn

around and they'll end up being tail to

tail and that tie will last anything

from 15 minutes to 30 minutes

occasionally it will last an hour if

it's your bitch's first mating this will

be a strange experience for her so again

it's really important to be as

encouraging and soothing with her so

that she feels relaxed and as a result

you will end up with hopefully a good

meeting and puppies at the end of the


so to recap really important that you to

be really really calmed lots of words of

encouragement and reassurance for your

[ __ ] and hopefully you'll end up with a

really successful mating and puppies at

the end of the day