How to German Shepherds mating video (Victor/Atina)

hello it's George with Watson German

shepherds we're here with Athena latina

as I call her and Victor I'm hoping they

mate right now in this video say getting

close getting close good boy Victor good

girl T not good girl yeah team is

definitely receptive as you can say

usually three four days the female is

receptive and the male kind of knows

when it's time and victories all all

about his business there so hopefully

they'll tie up very soon see they're

playing around sporting around a little

and this would be their first mating of

this particular heat the Tina's in

Victor when Tina had a litter previously

so Victor seems to dry dry dry and then

all the sudden he gets it that's just

this thing there I'm not quite sure what

his distraction is or whatever but just

when I think he's not gonna get it done

next thing you know wallah they're

towing up

so if you look at a Tina's tale there

you can see that she's let's see if I

get an angle there she's holding her

tail up I love Tina hello Tina she don't

look tail up

I said flagging her tail she'll put it

off to the side indicating oh she's

receptive and it's just a matter of

Victor getting in there getting

correctly positioned and again he does

seem to get a little distracted I'm not

sure why but we'll say stay with a few

minutes on the 30 over here well I think

we might have something right there

Victor you gotta get a little closer


yeah not quite close enough I'm not sure

but his whole thing is again for me it's

a little frustrating it seems like it's

there just happened

yeah the six of them in little too late

get get himself ready their dad a boy

Victor good boy good boy you can see

he's pretty big Victor's 90 pounds Tina

Tina's probably 65 pounds good girl Tina

stay stay stay stay

Tina Tina Tina state stay good girl

good good girl Tina good girl Tina good

good stay stay

I'm gonna intervene here and try to hold

her a little she's I think she's getting

kind of tired of waiting there honestly

I don't want to project but that's what

seems to be going on so I'll give them a

little break and we'll say and I'll

probably just get this video hooked up

with the other video already seeing a

few hi it's Georgia we're back with Tina

and Victor they've been tied up here for

about 20 minutes and I was able to just

calm Tina down I didn't want her pulling

away she's kind of settled into the

whole thing now but they never none of

the dogs whatever sand sell of course

all this stuff going on and so it's like

I said been 20 minutes so I think we'll

just conclude it there this is a little

Tina and Victor breeding video and very

thankful for this mating and till next

time thank you for subscribing liking

sharing comments questions welcome and

above all the Lord bless you as you

trust him today take care have a good