Pre-Eclampsia Prevention

hey guys so this is a video I promised

that I would do about what I did

differently with Drake's pregnancy

versus deacon to prevent preeclampsia um

or preeclampsia whatever you want to

call it I developed it at about 34 weeks

with him that's when things kind of

started getting a little crazy and I was

eventually adduced at 37 weeks for high

blood pressure and protein in my urine

and other things you know the headaches

spots just all the symptoms that come

along with it um yeah I think the

highest or what my blood pressure was

kind of staying around was 170 over 100

I did get blood pressure medicine but it

just it wasn't working so that was kind

of the the rundown on what happened at

the end of my first sense pregnancy so

with my second son obviously it was a

concern depending on who you ask they

say it's 50/50 80/20 I mean the chances

of getting it are I just would say 50/50

I don't even know the best way to

describe it because everybody who I

talked to said something different so

basically what I did do differently was

see a midwife

I also saw an OBGYN and just in case but

then that is the only reason I saw an OB

but I saw a midwife instead and from the

get-go things were much different she

suggested a book what every pregnant

woman should know and it talks about

diet and preeclampsia prevention that

type of thing all right sorry cannon

barked and I don't I'm trying not have

them bark in the videos because I know

that's got to be so obnoxious

she also from the very beginning had my

vitamin D levels checked to see where

they were at and surprisingly enough

they were under the normal mark so um

she had me on a vitamin D supplement as

it was kind of winter in the beginning

of my pregnancy so um it was winter at

the beginning of my pregnancy so the Sun

was scarce

and yeah I was on the vitamin D what

else diet

okay so diet was a big one she had me

keep a journal and monitor my protein so

my goal everyday was 100 grams of

protein she wanted to see me at 80 to

100 i had to over exceed and hit a

hundred every day and oh my gosh it was

so hard so just from that alone I know

that with deacons pregnancy I didn't get

enough D and I definitely did not eat

enough protein so I have my hair down

and now I know I always have my hair up

oh there's a reason why um you just need

to whack it all off let's see something

that my original or my first OB heads

had said was to not or to limit salt and

my midwife said salt to taste it's

different with pregnancy and that book

actually explains why it is so different

so really just my care was different

with the Midwife versus an OB my vitamin

D the protein salts I think that was

pretty much it

of course lots of water I mean all the

all the normal things are obviously

given but otherwise I think that's

pretty much it so I know it seems so

simple but they were big changes for my

first pregnancy in my second they worked

so um yeah my blood pressure the day I

went in the labor was super low I mean

not low I mean like normal I don't even

broke my blood pressure sore

hang on got my phone here in front of me

and I'll be able to look it up um okay

my blood pressure at 38 weeks in one day

was 118 over 68 so it was good I mean it

was really good and it definitely

whatever whatever one of those things it

was it definitely worked so I hope

whoever is watching this who's trying to

prevent it I wish you the best of luck

and you can definitely have another

pregnancy without developing it so I'll

talk to you later bye