Sowing brussel sprouts from seed indoors

all right another quick video this time

is how to spot so Brussels sprouts from

seed in Dorset all right we've got two

types of Brussels sprouts so we're gonna

saw these here are some Russian type

giant Russian tab these here some

Thompson & Morgan these ones are called

yeah Bedford these are a bit old to be

honest I should have sold Empire August

14 so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

source of extra uncle the germination

rates started law after the cell by a

day or best before and we've got these

these are called air cabbage Robin f1

mammoth these are they're supposed to be

jammed giant arm cabbages I'm just gonna

saw these I'm just doing four of each so

what I've done as you can see here is

I've put small holes in the see tray and

I'll just use the pin I'll just adjust a

sharpie pimp I said about sending me a

half a centimeter deep first off I'm

gonna go for these giant Russian veins

oh I would deans I'm gonna saw seeds

they look like they look like calm

cabbage seeds they're round balls really

wrong on that so what I'm gonna do with

these under the so like two in each hole

these are the giant Russians I've

already got the I've already got the

st. act as you can see I've got accent

so I'm gonna do I'm just gonna show that

to two or three in each hall just to

make sure they all come through because

I'm only there for plants you see and

I'm just gonna pick the best one or two

I though I'm not really gonna keep all

of my I'll just give him away so that's

that dot make sure your seeds go back

inside don't get them mixed up

make sure there's none on the table put

them away pretty simple now we're gonna

go for these the Thompson on Waltons

yeah yep Bedford same again sieves are

exactly the same obviously because

they're same type apartment I was gonna

sell two or three seeds per hole and

when they come through I'll just let

them grow to about an inch and a half

two inches whichever one's the best plan

I'll leave in a duress

next yeah these look the same as well

exactly the same as the brussel sprouts

with small round bolts put two or three

in each hole just to make sure they come

out I don't really want to waste my


so to see most Brassica seeds they look

the same like tiny rambles perfectly

round balls so what I'm gonna do now

it's just just manually just shut the

holes up about to say that

and that's it

for Felicity's wonder to do is remember

ward him in with seaweed liquid seaweed

one cap to a whole watering can for

which is usually about nine Lea's nine

to ten years that's what I do and then

slam them in the propagator he hit

propagate on about eighteen to twenty

degrees and that's it

wait for them to hatch and then take

them out and stray away as soon as they

come up

take them out all right I'm out