How To Build Milk Stash | Increase Milk Production | Treat Clogged Ducts

so London is about one month old and I

have this - here this is this - I have

in the garage all in there and it's

organized by date each one has five

ounces of and then also have this - so

this is about two people so I know what

you guys are all wondering Jenny is that

necessary do you really need all that

breast milk yes yes I do

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

my name is Jenny I'm a third year family

medicine resident and a new mom of two

so in my last video you guys were asking

all about my pumps - and in the midst of

a breastfeeding week I thought this

would be the perfect video to film so

let's there's lots of talk about so

let's just jump into it so number one

thing that I want to talk about first

and foremost is building a milk stash so

all of you guys are asking me how I

built my milk stash London right now

it's only about one month old and I

already have a significant stash if you

guys have seen so what I used to build

up my milk stash are the Jaquez or the

Hakka doop I say the Duke because it's

not the same brand it's like bumble

something I don't know I'll link it in

the description box down below but the

reason why I bought it was because it's

half the price and it also comes with

like a little stopper and a little cap

and a little baggie for it what I do

with this is I nurse London on one side

and then I use the Hakka or the silicone

pump on the other side this is the most

passive way I found to collect the


and it actually also has gentle suction

so along with catching little letdown it

also stimulates some of the breast milk

so what you do is I flip it like this

and you squeeze it out

creating a suction yes it's hard to do

oh my arm because I actually don't it's

not the right shape but basically you

put it on like this it creates a section

and then it stimulates the milk of

letdown and then you pull it off and

then you have extra milk I get anywhere

from 2 to 4 ounces each time London

nurses so yeah that is actually

exclusively how I've been building my

stash I found that this way has been so

much more of a stress reliever for me

just because I feel like it's such a

passive way of building my breast milk

with Wyatt I had to pump and I hate

pumping I feel like it took me away from

my newborn it was so isolating and build

so much anxiety because I felt like I

wasn't getting enough and so I felt like

this was such like when I found this I

was like oh you know so very happy about

this so the easiest way to remember

storage of breast milk and all that

stuff it's the rules of four just to

keep it simple for you can leave a

breast milk for four hours at room

temperature four days in the fridge and

four months in the freezer longer most

of the time in the freezer and I like

also the hakka because when I have extra

extra milk I just leave it out for for

an hour and if London is still hungry

then I let either

Stan or my mom or whoever else feed them

with the bottle and that allows them to

bond with London as well and gives me a


so I've been using the comb Otomo

bottles I've used this with Wyatt to you

and there has

no nipple confusion and so I just like

it gives me a break

gives other people time to bond with the

baby so the second thing I want to talk

about and I had a lot of questions on is

how to increase your milk supply and

this is all about supply and demand so

the more baby is at the breast then the

more you're getting nipple stimulation

and the more your emptying the more milk

you will produce be producing there has

been a Stanford video slash research

that shows the closer the more you hold

baby it encourages stimulation the

second thing that that video talks about

is adequately expressing and adequately

emptying your breasts and the way you do

that is one with an electric pump and

two with hand expression so what the

hakka you're actually stimulating the

breasts as well and so you're kind of

tricking your body to tell it that oh

you have you're feeding two babies and

that's why you continue to build milk

but if you want to stimulate even more

than that you can use an electric pump

or if you have to be away from baby and

pump then you can use an electric pump

and hand stimulate at the same time the

same Stanford video talks about how

women who use hand expression along with

electric pump have doubled their supply

even though they pump the same amount of

time so along with hand compression

there's lots of other things that can

help like massage this company la vie

actually sent this to me it's a little

massager it comes apart you can use both

ends of it and basically you I do this

when I'm super engorged

it feels really good it helps with

preventing the clogged ducts so I just

massage it out on each side usually it's

like right here that have like a little

knot that's like a clogged duct or a

milk duct so I just massage it out

another thing that has been really

helping with them

is this these things these are vibrating

warming massagers and these things are

freaking awesome because all you do is

turn on the little light its vibrates it

pulls it or it can just be heat and I go

in there and I just leave this in and it

helps with the letdown

and it's so convenient and so small so

thank you love you for setting me these

I absolutely love them I use them almost

on a regular basis I think they're also

giving away free silicone pumps right


with any purchase so I'll link them in

the description box down below I also

got these from one of my friends these

are like warming pads that you can put

in the microwave or you can also use it

as coolant paps these are made of cloth

and flax seeds and lavender and they

smell really good they're from little

buds and what I like about these are

that they're much bigger so they cover a

lot more of your breasts and it also

helps with letdown so if you're having

trouble with the pump I definitely would

recommend getting one of these and

putting them in you're putting it in

your nursing bra or one of those hand

free bras I use one of the hand free

ones so then I can massage at the same

time so definitely invest in one of

those some supplements that the

lactation consultant actually

recommended for me when I was having

trouble with my supply with Wyatt is one

fenugreek I would take these three times

a day the only thing about this is that

it makes your sweat smell like maple

syrup so if you don't mind that go ahead

and take these some people have said

that it also makes baby kind of gassy I

didn't notice that with Wyatt but that's

one of the concerns the second thing

that I use that I really love is called

maxi milk

I also took this in combination with the

fenugreek three times

day and I just mixed it in with some

water it's super super concentrated and

basically it's everything that you would

find in like the milk stimulation tees

and the cookies so instead of having to

buy all that everything is in this SF

super concentrated without the sugar and

then you can it's like eating a thousand

cookies or something like that and I

haven't found that this causes gas and

the baby either so I can't talk about

increasing your milk supply without

talking about clogged ducts it's very

very common in the first buy one to six

weeks postpartum and so I think it's

important to talk about because if you

don't treat these things and it can

ultimately lead to mastitis or even

worse abscess and sepsis so the rule of

thumb is continue emptying your breasts

continue breastfeeding and continue

pumping if you were doing that I think

it's really important to do at least one

to twice a day to fully empty your

breasts and how do you do that is the

same way as you increasing your milk


so basically hand massage make sure you

get those little knots out that you were

able to feel you can do that with your

hands or use that roller use the heating

packs I use this one because it's like

super easy and then I can press down

when it gets really bad I remember using

and first using an ice pack to decrease

the inflammation and then then going

back in with a heat pack to open it open

up all the ducts to help with drainage

so a medication that you can use that's

over the counter for clogged ducts

it's called lecithin it is also used for

lowering bad cholesterol increasing good

cholesterol it's found in natural foods

like leafy greens legumes organ meats

eggs things like that

but you need a higher concentration so

you can find it over the

you should take it multiple times a day

and over one to two weeks then you

should see resolution of those block

ducts so yeah that's all the information

I have for you guys today I know that's

a lot of information to take in if you

guys have any questions at all please

leave in them in the comment section

below and I'd love to answer them or

maybe some other mama's out there would

love to answer them for you I love this

community and how we can learn from each

other so share your knowledge down below

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